'Gay cure' charlatan Joseph Nicolosi is dead aged 70

'Gay cure' charlatan Joseph Nicolosi is dead aged 70 March 21, 2017

When news broke earlier this month that Nicolosi, above – known as ‘the father of gay reparative therapy’ – had died, LifeSiteNews ran a grossly inaccurate headline: ‘Joseph Nicolosi helped thousands coping with unwanted homosexual desires’.
He most certainly did not.
In fact, the devout Catholic quack, according to Christian writer Jonathan Merritt, wrecked “countless” gay lives.
Beneath the headline “Ex-gay pioneer Joseph Nicolosi is dead. That’s good news for LGBT people he hurt”, Merritt wrote:

When I learned that ‘ex-gay therapy’ pioneer Joseph Nicolosi had died, my first response was, ‘Thank God’. And not like, ‘Thank God, he’s in a better place’. More like, ‘Thank God he isn’t around to destroy any more gay and lesbian lives’.

Merritt went on to point out that, as numerous studies have shown, “ex-gay therapy” simply doesn’t work.

It’s so terribly ineffective that the largest ex-gay ministry, Exodus International, shuttered after admitting that 99.9 percent of participants did not experience a shift in orientation. And other ministries who were active in promoting ex-gay therapy, like Focus on the Family, have shifted their attention to other matters.
The real problem with Nicolosi’s “therapy” is not its ineffectiveness but its harmfulness.
Among patients, it has been shown to create heightened levels of anxiety, distress, depression, and suicidal tendencies. Every major medical association has repudiated the practice, and some states have outlawed it for minors. The horror stories told by former patients are numerous and are so sad that they are difficult to read at length. (For a milder account, there’s the story of how Nicolosi drove one teen to ‘the brink of suicide’.)

He added:

Still, I cannot rejoice over Nicolosi’s death. Instead, I wish he had lived long enough to shut down his clinic, repudiate his work, and apologise to the countless people he harmed.
I’m sorry for all the family members and friends who doubtlessly miss their departed loved one. I know they must be grieving, and I pray God meets them in their mourning.
But I’m not sorry Joseph Nicolosi will no longer profit from peddling debunked pseudoscience.
I’m not sorry he won’t be able to spread a false hope that people can cleanse same-sex attractions through a special kind of counseling.
And I’m not sorry that he will no longer be able to sow hopelessness and despair among LGBT youth, contributing to their disproportionate depression and suicide rates.
Christians believe that upon death, we end up in an eternal place surrounded by our faithful ancestors and immersed in God’s presence. Christians refer to this place as heaven. I imagine that when Nicolosi died on Wednesday (March 8) and entered eternity, he was shocked to find LGBT people there, too. Many of them, I imagine, entered that eternal realm prematurely because of his messages. He’ll have plenty of time to apologise to them now.
I do not believe Nicolosi was an evil man, but it seems undeniable that he perpetuated one of the greatest evils to come from the Christian community in the last half century. On Facebook, his wife said, ‘Dr. Nicolosi had always hoped for his legacy as the creator of Reparative Therapy to go on’.
Well, I hope it does not. I hope it too will also pass from this earth.
May it be so.

In 2015, Nicolosi, founder of The National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) and author of A Parents Guide to Preventing Homosexuality explained why he refused to be interviewed on a British television network because the interviewer was a gay man.

I declined the invitation, stating that the host’s gay identity would disqualify him from a fair evaluation of the ex-gay experience.
To refuse participation because the host is gay may seem unreasonable, until we recognise that the adoption of a gay identity typically prevents someone from honestly assessing the experience of the other man who has taken a different developmental route – ie, the ex-gay person.
Why would this be true? Let me explain.
According to the literature, the “coming out of the closet” process begins in early adolescence with the discovery of same-sex attraction. The teenager then usually rejects his homosexual feelings because of the negative social values around him. His painful and lonely efforts to suppress, repress and deny his feelings result in guilt and shame, which eventually culminates in self-loathing.
But shortly thereafter, this teenager discovers that there are others like him, and often through the support and encouragement of a gay counselor, coach, teacher or religious leader, he decides that gay is ‘who he is’. The adoption of this gay identity necessitates the abandonment of any hope that he could ever modify his unwanted feelings and develop his heterosexual potential.

After Nicolosi died from complications arising out of influenza, his wife and professional partner Linda Ames Nicolosi wrote:

Joe worked in a profession that has lost its intellectual integrity. Gay activists have such a stranglehold on psychology that no one dares defy them. Joe, however, did defy them. And I thank him for his courage.

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  • Cali Ron

    If God existed and he was truly just and loving Nicolosi would surely be gnashing his teeth and burning in hell. The world became a slightly better place with his passing.

  • John the Drunkard

    Waiting for men like this to repent isn’t really a good strategy. A century from now, should anyone be living, there will still be creationists and biblically inspired homophobes wreaking as much havoc as they can.
    And claiming that Obama was born in Kenya and rode on a dinosaur.

  • Foggy

    Pity there is no hell for him to go to.
    And inst it great that there is no heavenly destination for him to go either.
    Now I am eagerly awaiting the death report for the excremental Bill Donohue … let’s hope he has sufficient death bed interlude to reflect on his nasty life with enough time to conclude that the existence of god and his celestial playground is highly unlikely.

  • Foggy

    But wouldn’t it be wonderful if Bill Dungohue spent his last hours in mortal dread of being greeted in hell by Christopher Hitchens armed with a flaming trident to prod Bill’s fat arse towards a small dungeon with shelves laden with all the books and articles written by the great Hitch.

  • Foggy

    Sorry. Both the above are very unworthy and uncharitable.
    Let’s hope that Bill Dungohue just drops dead … say tomorrow.

  • barriejohn

    Yes, let’s be more charitable, and look for the day when at least some of these morons see the error of their ways, even though it does seem very rare. The following (from yesterday) is almost comical again:

  • L.Long

    Nice that this idiot is gone but not gawdly enough to wish him to hell. Eternal punishment is a decree of a psychopathic gawd, stoopid is bad but he now knows just how stoopid he was.

  • Newspaniard

    Now for a piece of excellent news, not altogether totally OT as the word “died” applies to both cases. That IRA scumbag filth multiple murderer, Martin McGuinness kicked the bucket. 69 and died in pain (I hope). I see a lot of the media are saying what a wonderful person he was and forget that he was responsible for the torture and murder of many of our soldiers, most of which he was not prosecuted for. One item on Sky News said that he was gaoled on a technicality and omitted to mention that he was found guilty of 2 murders. I feel a really happy person this morning, at least I would, if I could find one who would allow me.

  • remigius

    Why do people waste their time and money on these so-called therapies when the gays can be cured by simply eating a slice of Jesus Cake?

  • Cali Ron

    Newspaniard: There’s plenty of blood on the hands of both the Irish and the English in Northern Ireland that has gone unpunished.

  • barriejohn

    At least Martin McGuinness was fairly honest about his terrorist background, even if he didn’t admit to everything, unlike the saintly Dr Paisley, who, of course, never supported paramilitary violence:
    I have a newspaper clipping which I saved from years ago, telling how the Rev Ian Paisley took blindfolded reporters to a secret location where a large number of masked and, I believe, armed, men paraded before them, and threatened that if Catholics were given power in the province people knew what to expect. On top of that, his inflammatory rhetoric (always more to do with religion than politics, of course) was a constant recruiting tool for the Protestant paramilitaries. I despised the man, as I knew his type well, but then even he came to see some sense eventually!

  • Newspaniard

    Hang on. How does the death of this dead drug dealing slimeball link to Ian Paisley who, if memory serves, died some time ago. Is someone going to start a collection for this “freedom fighter” so that a statue can be erected outside Stormont? Cheeses! Paisley and his lot didn’t go around torturing and murdering soldiers. His mission was to crush the IRA.

  • barriejohn

    No; Paisley’s mission was to promote Fundamentalist Protestantism in Northern Ireland by any means at his disposal, and the IRA were a gift to him and his sort. The way that Catholics were treated in the province was appalling, involving isolation, intimidation, murder and terrorism. At one time, not only did Catholics not have political power, but they couldn’t get decent jobs either.The militant protestants really wanted to purge Northern Ireland of Catholics, which explains why the IRA were so popular; i.e. Paisley was a gift to the IRA!

  • Cali Ron

    I heard recently that there is a movement started in Northern Ireland to leave the UK. Will Orange finally get his comeuppance? Will Ireland ever be united?
    Newspaniard; Do you really want to revisit England’s treatment of the Irish? Not exactly a shining moment for England. Shall we have a contest to see who treated who worse, the English treatment of the Irish vs the American’s treatment of the Native American’s? Or….
    The history of mankind is filled with man’s inhumanity to man and it continues today. Man has advanced technologically, but hasn’t changed much when it comes to humanity and compassion.

  • Newspaniard

    Why is it, with some people that the supporters of terrorists always feel the need to mis-direct the conversation? The islamists, for example, always point to the crusaders when someone mentions muslim atrocities, and here, for example, when I criticize a sadistic killer, others say, “Yes, but what about Ian Paisley?”

  • barriejohn

    Newspaniard: You were the one who introduced Northern Ireland into the conversation. Like many others, I have mixed feelings about Martin McGuinness, and was pointing out that to many people the man was a hero. He’s not the first terrorist to have been rehabilitated in British history!