Right-wing Mormons yearn for a return to the cult's racist past

Right-wing Mormons yearn for a return to the cult's racist past March 26, 2017

Back in December last year, Mormon Ayla ‘Purpose’, above, announced on her Nordic Sunrise blog – (motto: “In Search of the Christian Culture That Made Our Countries Great”) – that she had created a free ‘pro-white children’s book’.
Then, on March 19, she reinforced her racist, anti-immigration sentiments on Red Ice TV, a far-right channel, which said in its introduction to an interview with the imbecile:

Ayla, known as Wife With a Purpose on Twitter, issued a White baby challenge in response to Steve King’s statement, ‘We can’t restore civilization with other people’s babies‘.  She talks about her tweet, the hate she received from anti-White bigots and why Steve King is right.

Ayla has “made six” white babies, and Republican King is an Ohio congressman who is only slightly to the left of Adolf Hitler.
Yesterday, under the headline “Meet The (Alt-Right) Mormons: Inside The Church’s Vocal White Nationalist Wing”, Buzzfeed News took a closer look at Ayla and the resurgence of racism within the cult. It quoted her as saying on her blog:

Mormonism and Utah are the next target for cultural destruction,

The culprit, she asserted, is:

Black, ghetto culture.

Writing for Buzzfeed, Jim Dalrymple II, said:

Her comment came in a post titled ‘Mormon “Rap” and the Destruction of White, Western, Mormon Culture’. It was jarring; Mormons are known for their moderate positions on issues like immigration and diversity, famously putting them at odds with now-President Trump. Extreme movements such as the alt-right – which catapulted into the public consciousness on a wave of support for Trump, Pepe memes, and white nationalism – are anathema to many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS).
And while Mormons have rejected Trump’s brand of conservatism, thanks in large part to the president’s more controversial positions, Ayla’s comments represent a growing Mormon subculture that embraces the alt-right, at times openly cheering white nationalism, and intertwining ultra-conservative ideology with Mormon history, culture, and scripture.
Much of Ayla’s content fuses Mormon concepts with alt-right themes. On Twitter, she retweets David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan leader, and uses the #whiteculture hashtag. On her blog, she describes herself as ‘a white-majority nationalist for America’.
She cites Mormon scripture as evidence that races should be separate, recently issued a ‘white baby challenge’, and has argued that long-dead Mormon leader Brigham Young ‘predicted Cultural Marxism’.
Ayla did not respond to BuzzFeed News requests for comment for this story.

David Duke (no relation) shares the same views as Donald Trump.
Ayla isn’t alone in her appreciation of David Duke’s racist remarks. Members of the Mormon alt-right have Twitter timelines peppered with tweets about “white genocide,” nationalism, and white supremacist slogans.
Dalrymple added:

Members of this community aren’t joining the alt-right in spite of their Mormonism, they’re doing so because of their Mormonism.

Crystal Young-Otterstrom, a national co-chair of LDS Democrats, was “shocked” when she recently read one of Ayla’s blog posts circulating on the web. Racism has “no place in Mormonism,” she said, and the church needs to do more to clarify and disavow racist elements of its past.

It’s going to take more than one talk to get it out of our culture. It’s going to take more examples of leadership embracing differences and talking about how differences make us great. We need leadership saying things like, ‘this is racist talk and that is not okay’.

But not every Mormon sees the alt-right as fundamentally racist, or necessarily wrong.
One man, who identified himself by his twitter handle @JRuebenClark (the name of a now-dead Mormon leader, and the namesake of Brigham Young University’s law school), said in an email that he is an active Mormon and “simpatico” with the alt-right. He described the “unifying principle of the alt-right” as being against political correctness, adding that his:

Mormon beliefs are certainly a huge reason why I find Leftist sexual politics so horrifying. I wholeheartedly believe that the trans movement is literally diabolical. By ‘literally diabolical’, I don’t mean ‘really bad,’ I mean Satanic.

Clark said Mormonism is “not compatible with the ‘Hitler Did Nothing Wrong’ contingent of the alt-right.” But when people like Ayla:

Cite The Book of Mormon or the Bible to support nationalist ideas, they aren’t wrong.

Clark added that in his view the biggest gulf between Mormonism and the alt-right was merely one of style.

Mormons are nice people, and the alt-right largely isn’t nice, and so it seems antithetical to Mormonism.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has condemned racism, but it’s not entirely clear where it stands on nationalist comments made by its members.
The church declined to comment on individual members’ online activity. Spokesman Eric Hawkins instead pointed BuzzFeed News to a series of essays the church has published condemning racism, taking a moderate stance on immigration, and embracing political neutrality, among other things. He said in an email:

We believe we are all children of God.

Dalrymple concluded:

For now, the Mormon alt-right looks like it’s here to stay, along with the larger movement that continues to influence American politics via media outlets like Breitbart.

Ayla, the de facto queen of alt-right Mormons, has more than 20,000 followers on Twitter, and her blog continues to generate discussion in Mormon circles. On her YouTube channel, she touches on her conversion to both Mormonism and conservatism, gardening, and making “more white babies.”
Ayla’s most-watched video — published in September 2015 and praised on a white nationalist forum — has been viewed more than 100,000 times. In it, Ayla blasts the ‘Muslim invasion of Europe’ and blames feminism for the refugee crisis.

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  • CoastalMaineBird

    known as Wife With a Purpose on Twitter
    is that “known as Wife With a Purpose on Twitter”
    or “known as Wife With a Purpose on Twitter

  • Steve

    With respect, Buzzfeed is basically the online equivelant of The Mirror or The Sun. It’s a trash tabloid which very often does no actual research and writes articles based on assumptions and bias. Basing anything based in one of their articles immediately raises alarms of accuracy in my head.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    A story as old as the hills:
    1… Invent an enemy (“them”).
    2… Invent a community (“us”).
    3… Preach about how “they” aren’t as good as “us”.
    4… Talk “us” into shunning / taxing / banning / attacking / killing “them”.
    5… Feel good about yourselves.
    The very thing religions of all sorts do.

  • L.Long

    The only good thing about any country is the amount it has told gawd to go to hell and ignore religion! The more the country is religious the bigger hell hole it becomes.
    And since all religions treat women as shit, this dimwit is saying things would be great if everyone treated her like shit!!!!

  • Barry Duke

    That may well be, Steve, which I why is verified the accuracy of the report with all the relevant links which indicate that the woman is a racist moron.

  • barriejohn

    There’s a lot of weird stuff on her Twitter page. She certainly goes in for nostalgia in a big way:
    She is very fond of the Mormon doctrine that “every nation is the gathering place for its own people” (BTW when she talks about “saints” she is referring to faithful believers), but is she also in favour of women being multiple partners of the same husband? Maybe I’ve missed that bit!

  • barriejohn

    “Katt” says: Finally a Non-porn website!!!
    What is wrong with these people?
    Hello, I am a stay at home mom of 4, and I am just learning about how submission is actually good for me. Growing up in this modern age we often hear submission as a dirty 4 letter word. I often reacted that way myself, then I kinda stumbled into this a few weeks ago almost by a couple of keystrokes. Yes I beleive that Black women can be submissive. I am new to practicing it daily, but I love my new life, I love my new self. Instead of struggling with my husband, I feel he genuinely cares for me and looks out to protect me now. No longer a battle, but a blessing. Submission is the best kept secret. The love is amazing, has changed my world. It is really amazing what the enemy has kept us in bondage about is actually there to set us free to have fulfilling and red hot marriages.

  • Prior

    Spot On. Dead Right.

  • barriejohn

    CMB: It’s what nationalists do as well, unfortunately. I see that she argues passionately that she can’t be a fascist, as she isn’t a socialist and they were “National Socialists”. She’s really mixed up there, as she doesn’t seem to understand what totalitarianism is, and how it can apply to both right and left wing factions.

  • remigius

    Those buildings in the background of the David Duke photo are the Norman Shaw Buildings in Westminster – the original location of New Scotland Yard Police HQ – and part of the Parliamentary Estate/Palace of Westminster.
    Standing there in full KKK regalia – I’m surprised (disappointed) the bastard wasn’t lynched.

  • barriejohn

    Remigius: Well spotted – I can even see Commander Gideon’s office. Can no one give us architecture to match the solid elegance of the Norman Shaw Buildings today? Portcullis House is a monstrosity!

  • StephenJP

    Remigius – is it conceivable that the photo might (gasp) have been faked? Surely no reputable organisation would do that?
    Regarding the OP, this might be good news, if it tars the LDC lot with the alt-right brush. I can’t see the latter as having much of a long-term future, since they haven’t got a single coherent policy to offer. If they bring (some of) the Morons down with them, it’s a win all round.

  • remigius

    “Remigius – is it conceivable that the photo might (gasp) have been faked?”
    Nope.I’ve just checked and it’s kkkosher…

  • Peterat

    “Mormonism and Utah are the next target for cultural destruction”
    Imagine that, culture in Mormonism and Utah! Who knew?

  • Robster

    This church’s past is less than 200 years! Racist from the word go.

  • Geoffrey J. Edevane

    Ya, I can really see David Duke and all the other good ol’ boys singing Oh Zion of Israel with us at the ward. I’m sure they can’t wait to turn in their burning crosses and robes for garments and CTR rings. You retards…