'Jesus' takes a tumble on a narrow Hastings sidewalk

'Jesus' takes a tumble on a narrow Hastings sidewalk April 18, 2017

It ain’t easy being Jesus for crowds of gawkers who get a buzz out seeing Christian crazies re-enacting the crucifixion, as the picture above shows.
According to this report,  an actor playing Jesus was stumbling under the weight of the cross in character, when, about halfway through the procession, he reached a “quite a narrow pavement” when he stumbled and broke a window with his cross.
The man who took the picture – James Taylor, 37, from Brighton – said:

As he fell, the cross was too large for the thin pavement and one end went through the window. There was a gasp across the crowd.

For a moment he was worried that the actor has been injured. But, seemingly unharmed, Jesus and the Romans stayed in character and continued on their way.
Taylor, who had come with his wife and son to visit his sister and her fiancé in Hastings, added:

It was quite amusing.

The annual procession re-enacts the Stations of the Cross and passes through the Old Town, back to the High Street and to St Mary Star of the Sea, before finishing at All Saints Church.
Kevin Boorman, who played a Roman soldier said:

We were quite concerned at the time when it happened. This was totally unexpected. The cross had been dropped on the ground as it’s supposed to be but it bounced off the ground so one of its arms went through the window.

Speaking of crosses, the Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta expressed his distaste after one of his readers sent him a photo of a kids pretending to be crucified at The Loft, a church in Tennessee:

He wrote:

Isn’t that adorable? Two crucified children flanking Adult Jesus with a couple of young spear-holding centurions for good measure. It’s like an elementary school version of The Passion of the Christ for the benefit of strangers driving on the street.
What a weird way to sell a religion. Come to The Loft! We’ve got death, torture porn, and weaponry!
And a basketball hoop. Can’t forget that. Then again, maybe I’m misjudging the whole situation and those kids on the end were just really bad during Sunday School.

Hat tip: Angela_K and BarrieJohn (Friendly Atheist report)

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  • Angela_K

    There is something very wrong with the photograph of children: they aren’t using nails to get the real crucifixion experience.

  • Marcus

    Yeah, Angela, shame about the absence of nails, which would have taught the little tykes that Christianity is nothing but a nasty little death cult. Punctured hands and feet can be fixed but it’s a darn side harder to repair the damage inflicted on young brains by religion.

  • 1859

    I wonder if people driving by were encouraged to beep their car horns to show support? Also there’s no refreshment stall selling candy floss and toffee apples – gotta make money somehow in the Land of the Free. Agree wholeheartedly with Marcus, the mental damage done to these young people is appalling.

  • Brian Jordan

    It’s a good job those railings didn’t have spikes on them, or the re-enaction could have been even more “authentic”.

  • Gui

    Marcus and Brian: actually in the Philippines the Passion’s Encenations envolve flagelations and even persons being nailed in crosses.