Play featuring biblical figures as gay branded 'blasphemous'

Play featuring biblical figures as gay branded 'blasphemous' April 19, 2017

America Needs Fatima, a conservative Catholic group, has slammed an Atlanta theatre for planning to stage The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, a play  that re-imagines biblical figures as queer.
According to this report, the Out Front Theatre Company’s production the play doesn’t officially open until April 27, but has already been slammed as “blasphemous” by ANF, which is particularly outraged that it portrays the Virgin Mary as a lesbian.
The group, which is based in Pennsylvania, launched an online petition asking Out Front Theatre’s Artistic Director Paul Conroy to cancel the production. The petition, which has so far attracted more than 43,000 signatures says:

I vehemently protest your showing the blasphemous play ‘The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told,’ which, among other blasphemies, refers to the Virgin Mary as a lesbian. The Holy Mother of God is most pure and holy. To refer to her as a lesbian, or even to insinuate it, is an unspeakable blasphemy, which I reject with all my soul. I fear God’s wrath will fall upon us if reparation is not made.

The group then threatens to oppose the play “loudly, peacefully, and legally in as large a protest as we can help make possible” if Conroy chooses to stage the play.
Paul Rudnick’s 1998 comedy follows Adam and Steve, a gay couple who navigate the centuries with Jane and Mabel, who are lesbians. Along the way, they encounter Noah’s ark, the first Christmas and other well-known Bible stories before traveling to present day New York.
Even though the theatre company had been planning to mount the play for over a year, Conroy told The New York Times that the pushback didn’t begin until March 27, possibly in response to America Needs Fatima’s petition.
Since then, he said he and his team have been inundated with letters, emails, phone calls and Facebook messages condemning the production. Still, he vowed not to bow down to the criticism.

I think everyone has their individual beliefs and they are entitled to that. If that’s what they believe, they don’t have to come and see our production, but to disrupt a production is where I don’t think it’s okay.

In a Tuesday Facebook post, he thanked the theater’s patrons for their support, but acknowledged that the controversy had “taken its toll” on the play’s cast and creative team.
To put it bluntly, our creative expression is under attack. People who have never seen or read ‘The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told’ are telling us what is wrong with the show, and people who have never met us are telling us what they think is wrong with us … I can promise that you will laugh, cry and think – all the things theatre should do.
Conroy has three words for those opposing the play:

You are wrong. We are not freaks. We are not awful. We are not going to hell because of this show.

Meanwhile, the Out Front Theatre Company cited a statement it had received from Rudnick himself on its official Facebook page. The playwright, who is best known for 1993’s Jeffrey, praised the theatre for its decision to move forward with his show in spite of the complaints it had thus far received.
He said:

The play has always attracted a certain amount of controversy, mostly from people who haven’t read or seen the play, like the Fatima organization. Blessedly, all sorts of people, gay and straight, and everyone from atheists to the most devout, most often end up truly enjoying themselves once they’re in the audience.

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  • Newspaniard

    Where is Malcolm Muggerage when you need him? Remember Life of Brian? I do hope they make a movie. Are these critics for real? They sound that they could do with being locked up and having plenty of cold showers. They can’t all be repressed gays can they?

  • Daz

    “The Most Fabulosa Story Ever Told”
    Caption for the top picture: Two baskets of figs, please.
    Here ya go.

  • Newspaniard

    @Daz. I needed that. Thanks.

  • Oh Really!

    Muggeridge was a philandering bigot. Like many of those in danger of being exposed or actually exposed a grossly overdone “I’ve seen the Light” conversion seems to be de riguer. Muggeridge was conceited and arrogant and an incontinent groper. Not a nice man.

  • Oh Really!

    Well done for taking the piss out one of the abrahamic religions. But I suggest you don’t take on the muslims … the spittle flecked verminous fatwah declaring imams will incite every pious jihad loving thug, and there are hundreds living close to you, to shut you up terminally.

  • Newspaniard

    @Oh Really! I get my daily death cult fix from and am under no illusion that any and all who follow islam are to be treated with the greatest of suspicion and contempt.

  • L.Long

    So a story (play) is deemed blasphemous because they make it sound and look as silly as the original story!? Sounds like religious aholes to me.

  • sailor1031

    “…I fear God’s wrath will fall upon us if reparation is not made.”
    Because they know their deity is an insane psychopath with incredible anger issues who is given to lashing out without taking aim and creating immense collateral damage while leaving the target undamaged. Kind of like Donald Trump with thunderbolts.
    One wonders who needs a deity like that?

  • Cali Ron

    Daz: Fabulosa indeed! Really enjoyed the link. Life of Brian is still my favorite Python movie.

  • Daz

    Oops! Should’ve been “fantabulosa.”

  • Cali Ron

    Estupendo y fantastico!

  • tonye

    Remember the upset over Jerry Springer – The Opera followed a few years later with the Book of Mormon – The Musical.
    At the time of their release the religious threatened all sorts of nonsense on the creators of these works.
    To my knowledge they are all happy and still living, so much for smiting them.

  • 1859

    Open the play in North Korea – give Trump a real reason to nuke ’em! Communist Blasphemers!

  • Robster

    “Gawds wrath”, nothing to worry about then.

  • Laura Roberts

    I love it! I really hope I get a chance to see it. One of the funniest things I’ve seen on stage was the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s “The Bible (abridged)”. I don’t recall, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the same cadre of humourless nitwits hadn’t protested that show as well. As long as they don’t turn violent, it should make great advertising.

  • Jobrag

    Blasphemy is taking the name of the Lord in vain, mocking biblical characters or stories is not blasphemy.

  • Paul

    Book of Mormon is hilarious for sure, but it contains a very dark message about how bloody evil are the mormons. How they exploit third world countries and their people and how utterly ridiculous it is to make an 18 year old an ‘elder’ who are illequipped with the necessary maturity or humanity to understand the people or the places they are sent to bolster their silly religious ranks.

  • lonbo

    I am strongly if favor of “unspeakable” blasphemy in any form and definition.

  • Peter Sykes

    A caption, the one on the left with a thought bubble
    “I’m gonna need a bigger fig leaf any minute now.”