Romania's Mother of all Bells 'will not be used recklessly'

Romania's Mother of all Bells 'will not be used recklessly' April 17, 2017

Next year, the People’s Redemption Cathedral – the largest church ever to be built in Romania – is due to be completed at a cost of over 80-million euros (£68-m) and will not only feature one of the biggest bells in Europe but six underground shelters in the event of someone dropping an atom bomb on it.
According to this report, the Romanian Patriarchy’s spokesman Vasile Banescuat said that the 25-ton bell, which cost 425,000 euros (£360.000):

Won’t bother anyone as it will not be rung recklessly. The cathedral’s biggest bell is one of the biggest in Europe, if not the biggest, and its size is justified by the cathedral’s dimension. It’s a powerful bell, but nobody will ever be bothered by it. Its ringing will be electronically adjusted.

The bell, one of six due to be installed in cathedral at a total cost of 550,000 euro (£425,000), has the portrait of Patriarch Daniel, the head of the Romanian Orthodox Church, and the Patriarchal Cross and Star engraved on it.

Patriarch Daniel
It was manufactured in Innsbruck, Austria, at the Grassmayr plant, where a delegation of the Patriarchy went to bless it while it was being cast. It will reach the country in mid-May, according to Trinitas TV, the news channel of the Romanian Patriarchy.
Representatives of the Romanian Orthodox Church say that the imprint of Patriarch Daniel’s portrait is a tradition, motivated by the importance of his gesture as the cathedral’s spiritual maker.
The Patriarchy’s spokesperson said:

It is not a gesture of pride, as some people are trying to suggest. It is a hidden mark where no gaze can ever reach.

The cathedral is located near the Parliament’s Palace and is due to be consecrated on November 30, 2018, one day before Romania celebrates 100 years since the Great Union. November 30 is the day of Saint Andrew, Romania’s patron-saint.
The cathedral is currently 70 percent done and should be completed in 2024. When finalised, it will be 120-meters tall. It has been projected to last for 500 years and to withstand earthquakes as powerful as 8.5 degrees on the Richter scale.  The six atomic bunkers at its underground level are each capable of taking in some 300 people.
It is 120 meters long and 67 meters wide and it will be able to accommodate some 5,000 people. So far 65-million euros (£55-m) has been spent on it. The money came from the Romanian Orthodox Church’s own coffers and from donations. Some 25 million euros (£21-m) is still needed to complete the construction,

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  • Steve

    The church in a nutshell. Too much time, money and effort being spent in something nobody will ever be allowed to see.

  • Alan Crowe

    I can’t help but think £68,000000 could have been better spent in Romania, and boy oh boy don’t these spokesmen for ‘god’ like their(expensive) fancy frocks and suchlike, is it a competition to see who can look silliest?

  • Stuart H.

    Pity that bell can’t be programmed to ring every time a Romanian Orthodox priest sexually assaults a woman. It would be going non-stop, but actually doing something useful.
    As an annual visitor to one part of Romania I’d also have to comment that the mania there for building new, heavily publicly subsidised (and tasteless) churches is getting right out of control. The regional airport where we land for our annual visit used to have one fairly modest chapel in the adjoining village. About 10 years back we could see a second as we circled to land. By last year there must have been six within a mile of the airport alone.
    Meanwhile, the 70’s tower blocks thrown up by the Ceaucescu regime to house most workers are falling apart and there’s no new housing going up. As if to rub salt in, the local fire services are so poorly equipped that they can’t reach beyond the first two storeys of such apartments (when or if they can even get an engine along there).
    Object lesson in the sick list of priorities when faith-heads get undue influence in government.

  • Daz

    So: church invests in Very Large Bongs…
    This explains so much.

  • Gui

    Stuart H:
    Nah, that’s all trivial. Why worry about such eartlhy necessities when the important is a supposed afterlife?

  • ray metcalfe

    You build a huge expensive building with a great big bell in one of the poorest countries in Europe in praise of the one true god (they all say they have the true god) but just to be on the safe side you put a nuclear shelter underneath it. If the shelter is ever needed who is going to get to use it I wonder.

  • Brian Jordan

    The potential harmfulness of the bell reminds me of the episode of ‘Allo ‘Allo, where a church bell falls down over von Smallhausen. That monster would be enough to hold the patriarch and all his assemblage.
    I wonder whether they have a suitably built equivalent of Herr Flick to hammer on the bell while they’e inside?

  • Walt

    Why does a church need a bomb shelter lest it be that there is no god to show his might in deflecting the bomb blast? I once asked the vicar when I met him whilst walking the footpath through the churchyard why the church needed a lightning conductor if his god was so powerful and caring. His specious reply was that they could not get insurance cover for the building without one. I then asked why insurance cover was needed in the first place if his god is so powerful and caring. “Surely godly protection of the building is enough or have you lost your faith in what you preach to your flock or is it that you know the whole christian story is a total fabrication”.For once the vicar was lost for words.

  • Brian Jordan

    It sounds like some sort of protection racket: buy insurance, and I won’t smite your church.

  • Walt

    And Patriarch Daniel is the personification of the Hitchens “Overdressed Ponce”. Gargantuan Conceit in clear view.

  • Newspaniard

    “…cost 425,000 euros (£360.00)…” The pound has been erratic recently. This looks as if it was a good week to change some of my sterling and I missed it.

  • Barry Duke

    Whoops, NS, I left off a zero. Corrected now. I’m rubbish with figures.

  • What a comfort to know there is not a single child needing adoption or medical care, not one homeless or hungry person, in all of Romania – and thus the Church’s money can be spent in celebration by buying a big old bell. Hooray!
    Or perhaps the Church is more concerned with its own self-congratulation than lessening human suffering. What do you think?

  • Cali Ron

    Daz: LOL, it’s the Mother of All Bongs. They will need the Mother of All Lighters to toke those holy sacraments.

  • 1859

    Re Patriarch Daniel: if Christ himself could see what he has spawned he would vomit holy puke from the clouds all over this glitzy god-fairy! What an ego this dick head must have.