Texas Mayor Ivy R Taylor needs to learn more about atheism

Texas Mayor Ivy R Taylor needs to learn more about atheism April 25, 2017

Earlier this month, the Mayor of San Antonio sparked outrage when she linked systemic poverty to a lack of a ‘relationship with [a] creator’, adding that those without such a relationship did not have good relationships with their families and communities and were ‘not being productive members of society’.
Taylor immediately responded to widespread criticism by claiming in a Facebook post that a video of her speech deliberately “misrepresented” her views.

American Atheists aren’t buying it.
According AA’s National Programme Director Nick Fish Taylor’s follow-up does nothing to resolve the core problem of her statement: that people are ‘broken’ until they forge a relationship with a god. There is nothing that could have ‘clarified’ that statement, he said.
Yesterday Fish sent an open letter to the Taylor, challenging her to meet with members of the atheist community to dispel negative preconceptions that she seems to have about atheists their our role within her community.

At an event earlier this month, you were asked your thoughts about the root causes of generational poverty. In your response, you said: ‘…to me, it’s broken people. People not being in a relationship with their creator and therefore not being in a good relationship with their families and their communities and not being productive members of society’.
I can’t begin to tell you how disappointing – and frankly hurtful– comments like these are to the more than 40% of your city’s residents who are atheists and non-religious.
Let me be clear: Atheists are not ‘broken people’. Having a relationship with a creator or being religious have nothing to do with the relationships people have with their families, their communities, or their contributions to society.

He added:

Atheists are your doctors, your police officers, members of your staff, your friends and family. If you think you don’t know any atheists, you’re wrong. It may simply be that the atheists in your life are uncomfortable telling you that they don’t share your religious convictions because they worry about your reaction.
Thankfully, these comments present an opportunity. I challenge you to meet some of your atheist constituents. American Atheists has a vibrant affiliate group, the Freethinkers Association of Center Texas, located right there in San Antonio. I will be more than happy to make the introductions.
Learn about our community. Learn about us as people. And, most importantly, learn why your statements hurt us. Atheists in America face bigotry, distrust, and intolerance daily. Your state’s senator, Ted Cruz, said during the 2016 presidential campaign that atheists are unfit to serve as President.
I urge you, Mayor Taylor, to take this opportunity to connect with hundreds of thousands of your constituents. You represent all San Antonians, including atheists. So please, let us show you why we care about the direction of San Antonio, of Texas, and of our nation.

Meanwhile it’s reported from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, that homeless transgender woman, Isabella Red Cloud, right, was turned away from a Christian-run soup kitchen for being “disruptive” by wearing a dress.
The Director of Union Gospel Mission Fran Stenberg said:
I don’t know a thing about a woman being turned away. It was a man that was turned away. What I know about, simply, is that it was a decision that was made, and occasionally we have to refuse service to somebody because they’re disruptive, or whatever. That’s as much as I know about it.”
When asked what was disruptive about this woman seeking food, Stenberg replied that this wasn’t the first time Red Cloud has done this, meaning presenting herself as the woman she is, and that it was her gender expression that caused her ejection:

We try to keep a safe place and if there’s any disruptive action of anybody, no matter what it is about, we ask them to leave and come back at some other time. [Being out as a trans woman] creates an animosity and we try to keep a safe place for others.

Stenberg said his mission was acting according to the Bible.

Christianity is dependent on our obedience to God.

Hat tip: Trevor Blake (Mayor report)

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  • Johan

    Religion Poisons Everything.
    E V E R Y T H I N G

  • L.Long

    So this religious bigot thinks poor are poor for lack of jesus and not because of the education system there or the lack of good jobs there!
    And you can’t have a relationship with imaginary creatures, delusional dimwit!
    I would find it interesting to know her background to see how many jesus moments led to her success or was it something else??

  • Steve

    There are of course NO poorand or starving Christians.

  • Paul

    Can one of our US friends answer this for me please?
    Within your living memory, have you always had reports (newspapers tv radio word of mouth) of people like this Mayor who are so backward or is this a function of the profligate reports and info available on the web.
    Reason I ask, is that I used to have admiration for the US, but no longer as I just cannot believe there appear to be so many truly deluded, idiotic and backward people like her over there. It astonishes me she is an elected official making such statements.

  • John the Drunkard

    The American poor, and the descendants of slaves in particular, are among the most intensely religious/superstitious populations on the whole Earth.
    So naturally, the only solution is to double down on what’s kept them under the heel so far.

  • L.Long

    Yes JD and I find it strange that their ahole omni-everything gawd treats the people kissing his ass as sheeple/slaves, and does nothing to help them, and then the con men who get what little money they have say it is their own fault for being poor.

  • Angela_K

    Even the Independent has reported this, fortunately most of the comments would not be out of place here. Check out the religious nut “Tolpuddle”

  • barriejohn

    I, too, am puzzled by some Americans. This woman is highly intelligent, and has created a career for herself, but seems to be the strangest Democratic politician that one could imagine:
    In 2013, while on the city council, Taylor voted against a nondiscrimination ordinance approved by the council that would expand the city’s then current nondiscrimination policy to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and veteran status. Upon taking office as mayor in 2014, Taylor developed and created the city’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion to handle complaints under the city’s non-discrimination regulations and to facilitate resolution of these disputes. She also helped to kill a streetcar system for downtown San Antonio, which many fiscal conservatives had opposed.
    Though she considers herself an independent politician, Taylor is a registered Democrat because she votes in party primaries. Taylor has described herself as both “fiscally conservative and socially conservative.” United States Senator John Cornyn accompanied Taylor to the 2016 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade in San Antonio and has urged her to join the GOP and to consider a later run for governor.

    As Paul says, maybe some American friends can enlighten us!

  • Vanity Unfair

    Re Sioux Falls: would they serve a woman wearing trousers?
    That is, after all, so disruptive that Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for such behaviour.

  • John

    I cannot believe this bigot used the term “not being productive members of society” to describe people.
    The last time something similar was used was when the Nazis talked about people they regarded as sub-human being what they described as “useless eaters”.
    See http://www.worldofinclusion.com/res/qca/Lest_We_Forget.pdf.
    This crazy woman is highly dangerous.
    She should be impeached and removed as mayor.

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  • Cali Ron

    As an American and a friend on this site I could prattle on about the intricacies and contradictions of American culture, but it would be boring and opinionated. I think this woman’s actions and the fact that she got elected is the direct result of the high percentage of Americans who are Christian, especially the evangelicals. Although this and Trump’s election make a lot of Americans seem logically challenged and/or delusional Brexit makes England seen to be suffering from the same condition.
    I think it’s less about the country and more about religious and political delusions.