Being gay makes you ungodly, sacked Kentucky woman told

Being gay makes you ungodly, sacked Kentucky woman told May 15, 2017

A credit union in Kentucky has been hit with a lawsuit following its sacking last year of long-serving staff member Penelope Hudson, above, who was judged to be ‘too butch’ to serve customers.
She was also told that, as a lesbian, she couldn’t possibly believe in God.
Hudson worked for Park Community Credit Union offices in Louisville and Southern Indiana for 15 years and received positive performance reviews. But last year she was sacked because of her sexual orientation.
Hudson’s lawsuit, filed last Friday, alleges she was:

Passed over for promotions due to her supervisor’s animus toward lesbians.

She was told to change her appearance because she was “too butch” to deal with customers and

Was called ‘unprofessional’ because she wore her hair short.

The court filing says that:

Her sexual orientation was discussed with other employees and customers overheard those conversations.

It also says her supervisors and co-workers gossiped about her sexual orientation and would “belittle” her for not being a “typical woman”.
One of her supervisors asked that employees at her branch pray for good result, but noted that Hudson, the doesn’t believe in God since she is gay. She was told:

Because you’re gay, you don’t believe in God.

Hudson’s lawsuit also says that when a client at a business event sexually harassed her by flirting, trying to kiss her, and repeatedly asking for her phone number despite her turning him down, she complained to the Vice President of Human Resources.
Shockingly, the VP’s response was:

If the gay thing doesn’t work out you can also go the other way.

After being cleared to take time off via the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), a federal law, for in-vitro fertilization, she was asked why. When she challenged the question, she was told that the credit union needed:

To insure it wasn’t for something related to her being gay.

Hudson says she is “heartbroken” over he sacking:

I loved my job and I was good at my job, and I loved the members that I dealt with every day. I gave my heart and soul to this company, and then I was fired for no other reason than that I am gay. That is hard to believe, and I’m filing this case because I want this company to know that this is not OK.
I never want any other LGBT person to be treated the way I was treated.

After being passed over for promotions and even being demoted, Park Community Credit Union ultimately fired Penelope in September 2016.
Months before she was fired, she received a positive performance review and she still gets questions from longtime credit union members about why they don’t see her at work anymore.

According to this report, Jim Spradlin, above, the credit union’s CEO, said the financial institution:

Vehemently denies the allegations made against us and will defend our position through all legal means.

Spradlin also said:

We take great pride in the diversity of our workforce and embrace each employee as a part of our family. We look forward to the public learning the truth about our organization, which is that our incredible employees are a treasure that we value.

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  • L.Long

    This is in KenTuck, one place trying hard to make taxus look intelligent! The xtian bigotry with them is strong! So good luck to her in getting any real justice! Hopefully you will win and hurt the xtian bigots where it hurts the most…in their Wallets!!!

  • barriejohn

    God forbid (and he probably does) that Kentucky children should grow up with the idea that anything but stoning to death is suitable for gay and lesbian people:
    A bill introduced early this month, penned by Republican Reps. DJ Johnson of Owensboro and Wesley Morgan of Richmond, would create state regulations for public high schools wanting to offer elective social studies courses on Hebrew scriptures and the Bible. Doing so would familiarize students with biblical characters and narratives that are “prerequisites to understanding contemporary society and culture,” the bill reads.
    I can’t see anything going wrong there, can you?
    (PS Do they use KY Jelly in Kentucky, I wonder?)

  • Paul Cook

    I have to agree with this entirely:
    [Offer study of the babble etc.] “Doing so would familiarize students with biblical characters and narratives that are “prerequisites to understanding contemporary society and culture,” the bill reads.
    Yes indeed and then it might explain not just contemporarily how society would NOT want to be like that, and historically, how the indigenous population was exterminated by the then society and culture.

  • remigius

    ‘(PS Do they use KY Jelly in Kentucky, I wonder?)’
    Yes, barriejohn. A PB & KYJ sandwich was Charlton Heston’s favourite snack.

  • gedediah

    Note the CEO didn’t actually say that the company doesn’t discriminate against people on the basis of their sexuality.

  • remigius

    ‘She was also told that, as a lesbian, she couldn’t possibly believe in God.’
    Sexual orientation has absolutely no relation to belief in the absurd. Neither does looking ‘butch’.
    Perhaps they should read their history books. One of the most famous women in American history, Martha Jane Cannary – better known as Calamity Jane, was very religious. She was also a lesbian/bisexual transvestite. She would dress up in men’s clothes and have sex with prostitutes using a dildo**, (although I don’t remember that scene in the Doris Day film!).
    (**Calamity Jane’s dildo, given to her by Mary Todd Lincoln from her private collection, is housed in the Smithsonian Institute. It is not on public display – but they will show it to anyone who asks, in person, to see it.)

  • barriejohn

    Remigius: Are you unaware of that great gay anthem “Once I had a Secret Love”, from the film Calamity Jane?
    And which woman in all of history looked more “butch” than Joan of Arc ?,_gender_identity,_and_sexuality_of_Joan_of_Arc
    The “holy transvestite” – i.e., transvestite female saint – was a common medieval archetype, and one of the grounds used to defend Joan’s attire. St. Margaret, followed the classic story: fearing for her virginity on her wedding night, she cut off her hair, donned male attire, left her husband, joined a monastery, passing herself off as “Brother Pelagius”. The devil tested her by framing her for the pregnancy of one of the nuns, and she was driven into exile. She clung to her identity until her deathbed, where she confessed and was absolved of guilt.

  • remigius

    ‘Are you unaware of that great gay anthem “Once I had a Secret Love”, from the film Calamity Jane?’
    barriejohn. No, she only mentioned it to the daffodils.

  • remigius

    ‘And which woman in all of history looked more “butch” than Joan of Arc ?’
    I disagree, barriejohn. I’ve seen pictures of her execution – I think she looked really hot.

  • Vanity Unfair

    To remigius:
    I’m not going to look this up but didn’t she shout it from the highest hills? There might not have been anyone within hailing distance, of course.
    I definitely know what I’m going to do if I ever go to Washington.

  • remigius

    You are correct, Vanity Unfair, she did shout it from the highest hills. However the highest hills in question would refer to those around Black Elk Peak in the Black Hills of, what is now, South Dakota – where Calamity Jane lived and died.
    The surrounding area was inhabited by Lakota Indians. They would not have understood what she was saying, even if they had heard her. It is unlikely the daffodils would have understood either.
    With regards the Smithsonian – don’t call, or email, with a request to see the ‘relic’. They’ll probably deny such a thing exists. It is best to ask in person when you arrive. Tell them you’ve come a long way just to see it.

  • barriejohn

    A dildo? Shove it up your arse!

  • 1859

    Ms Penelope Hudson, whether you are gay or straight or whatever, you are gorgeous and I wish you every success in your love life and lawsuit. If reason and common decency can’t change people’s minds then the law will.

  • Jenna

    Disgusting distasteful comment. Unworthy of this site which is slowly degenerating into the lewd and boorish.

  • remigius

    Jenna, I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately this site has long been that way, and I blame barriejohn entirely. I have tried to temper his foul comments – but it was the way he was raised.

  • barriejohn

    Only slowly? We have work to do!
    “Cutting”, “abrasive”, “sarcastic”, “offensive” … These are just some of the words used to describe the Freethinker magazine, which was launched in Britain in 1881 and has continued publishing without a break until May 2014, when it became an Internet only publication.

  • John

    Historically, credit unions were established to help working class people, families and communities to manage their personal finances without having to resort to loan sharks and so-called pay-day lenders, who charge usurious rates of interest on any loans they make.
    Credit unions – therefore – have an honourable and creditable past.
    It is – therefore – regrettable to see Penelope Hudson being forced into suing such a good institution.
    It seems to me that she should be suing not the credit union but CEO Jim Spradlin for permitting – possibly encouraging – the discrimination practiced against her by himself and other employees at the credit union.
    It is not the institution which is at fault but the individuals employed by it.
    They – not the credit union – should bear the cost of legal fees and compensatory damages.
    If you can – and if you have the time to do it – Barry, could you communicate this to Penelope Hudson, while – at the same time – assuring her that freethinkers across the world are supporting her personal cause?