Devout Michigan Muslim sues pizza company for $100-million

Devout Michigan Muslim sues pizza company for $100-million May 27, 2017

Mohamad Bazzi’s enormous claim for damages on the eve of Ramadan yesterday came after he was allegedly served pizza containing pork on two occasions by a branch of the fast food chain Little Caesars in Dearborn.
According to this report, Bazzi’s lawyer, Majed Moughni, says that his client had been the victim of misrepresentation and fraud, and, after eating the pizza, had been made:

Sick to their stomach.

He pointed out that The Little Caesar outlet on Schaefer Road, Dearborn, is in a district that’s 99 percent Muslim and that it has a ‘Halal’ sign in the window.
The lawyer reckons he has two theories regarding the matter:

One, either they are careless, reckless disregard for people’s religious belief and whenever it gets busy they can’t keep up with the workload and hand them the non-halal pork telling them it’s halal.
Two, they’ve contaminated the entire production line, making it not halal.

The lawsuit, filed in Wayne County Circuit Court, says the first incident happened March 20. Bazzi had ordered a large halal pepperoni pizza, and the receipt noted halal. After a few bites back at home, however, he and his wife realized they were eating pork. Bazzi’s wife had converted to Islam and knew what pork tasted like.
The complaint states:

“[The] plaintiff and his wife became sick to their stomach, knowing what they had consumed was pork. That plaintiff could not believe that he was defrauded and wondered how many other people may have been unknowingly eating pork that defendants sold as Halal.

Bazzi filed a police report on March 23, knowing it was a crime under local and state law to defraud the consumer and mislabel meat as halal when it is not.
On May 24, Bazzi went back to the pizza restaurant and made another order, specifically asking for halal pepperoni pizza. He says the same thing happened – a pizza labeled as halal, but containing pork.
Bazzi went back to the store and confronted the manager. In a private recording from that encounter, the manager changed her story four times before admitting that she gave Bazzi pork, according to the complaint.
Moughni  said:

I think they do have halal there but it is a very busy pizza place and when they get overwhelmed with orders they just put it in the halal box and ship it out. The way my client explained it was there was another Muslim waiting for her order and they did the same thing to her.

Moughni said in order for the pizza joint to claim it is halal, there would have to be separate ovens, separate pans, separate refrigerators, and separate equipment – otherwise it is contaminated.

You can’t advertise as ‘Halal’ and not abide by the rules, and the rules say you can’t have pork products in your pizza, it becomes non-halal.

The lawsuit is seeking class action status as the plaintiffs legal team think there are others:

Who have been similarly affected…[and] relied on Defendants representation that they purchased Halal pepperoni when in fact they were sold pork pepperoni or non-Halal pizza.

This report quotes Moughni as saying:

It’s really upsetting. My clients want the public to know. Especially during Ramadan, it would be a travesty if Muslims … in Dearborn bought pizza from Little Caesars and discovered they were eating pork.

He added that, for observant Muslims

Eating pork is one of the worst sins you can do.

Little Caesars, which is headquartered in Michigan, issued the following statement regarding the lawsuit, according to WXYZ, Detroit:

Little Caesars cherishes our customers from all religions and cultures, and the communities we serve are very important to us. While we can’t comment on pending litigation, we take this claim very seriously. At this time, we believe it is without merit.

The lawsuit claims breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation, unjust enrichment and fraud. The case is against Little Caesars Pizza, Little Caesars Enterprises and the employees of the shop.
This is not the first time an American fast food chain has become embroiled in allegations of non-halal food labeling.
In 2011, McDonald’s was sued in Dearborn over claims that it was selling non-halal chicken that it claimed was halal. The case was settled for $700,000.
McDonald’s stopped selling halal products after the settlement.

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  • barriejohn

    “Render unto Little Caesar the things that are Little Caesar’s.”
    According to Colemanballs 11, David Beckham said: “I definitely want Brooklyn to be christened, but I don’t know into what religion yet.” Well, I am definitely maybe considering converting to a religion, but I don’t know which one yet either. $700,000 for being served the wrong type of chicken seems nice work if you can get it, so why shouldn’t this poor guy, whose sensibilities were so cruelly trampled upon, get his 200 million? Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

  • Rob Andrews

    This is the new version of slip-and-fall. They sold food in good faith, with reasonable assurance that it was Halal.
    It just wasn’t Halal enough for one person.Nice try…, but I don’t think our American courts will buy it!
    Like you say “Nice work if you can get it”.

  • gedediah

    So technically the pizza place is at fault. The customer should get their money back and maybe there’s grounds for a small claim for hurt feelings. But nothing more than that.
    Lots of times, I’ve been served food in restaurants advertised as veggie but that’s turned out to have meat in. Sometimes I’ve eaten a bit before realising. So I complain and if I don’t get a satisfactory response I don’t go there again. I don’t think I’d get far trying to sue. Why should religious conviction trump my wish to be a veggie?

  • Ratty

    Halal meat is offensive to me because of the cruelty involved in the slaughter. And I don’t even have to eat the stuff. Just knowing that animals suffer because of the absurd sensitivities of some groups of humans offends me every time I think about it … I think my hurt feelings are worth maybe a billion. I think I will find the biggest Muslim imam cheese in the USA and sue him for cruelty to animals.maybe bring a class action against all imams in the USA. Ka Ching.

  • David Anderson

    What the ever loving fuck is halal pepperoni?
    Why is a muslim eating pizza, isn’t it western haram?
    Only Balli’s convert wife’s (stupid woman) word that it was pork. Tell them to fuck off.

  • Angela_K

    $100M, they do try it on. Give the whinging pratt a free bacon sandwich and tell him Foxtrot Oscar.

  • Paul

    Why are these place s panderng to these loons?
    Don’t serve halal any thing.
    As to him he’s a fraud / he goes in March gets pork – what is pepperoni made out of ? pork! and then I would guess just to bolster his litigation he goes again and orders again pepperoni. Shameless but saying they are serving halal and then not, they are lining themselves up and seemingly have.

  • Brian Jordan

    I’d have thought that sort of money would require a DNA analysis to prove the point. As it is, all they can really say is that maybe someone’s finally managed to produce good imitation bacon.

  • If one knew one would not get halal food and one went to the same place suspected or known to not have it twice, and if one had many other options suspected or known to have halal food, one might be looking for a fight more than looking for halal food.
    If someone is looking for a fight and they find it, less sympathy is offered by me.
    If the fight is over making someone else practice one’s own superstition, no sympathy at all.

  • barriejohn

    Don’t tell them about this or they’ll be demanding the death penalty:

  • Barry Duke

    Brian you can get imitation, meat-free bacon. And mortadella. And pepperoni.

  • barriejohn

    Twenty years ago, my mate Bill died of leukaemia, but the silver lining to that tragedy was that I became friendly with his mother’s great-niece, who did a lot for them. Her daughter was about four at the time, and used to have a little play kitchen in their living room. This is the sort of thing that she used to dish up, and I think that any self-respecting Muslim would be delighted to be served such inoffensive fare:×1000/040ec09b1e35df139433887a97daa66f/h/a/hamburg1.jpg

  • L.Long

    Put me on the jury, the muslin can piss up a rope! If they can’t prove the pizza was POISON then tough shit! Their BS religious feelings are THEIR problem…Let the buyer beware!!! Take some responsibility for your bad judgement….Oh! Wait! These are religious aholes, so everyone is suppose to cater to them!

  • Stephen Mynett

    Barry, you can get vegetarian haggis as well.

  • Brian Jordan

    Interesting. I’ve had Quorn occasionally when it’s been on the reduced shelf and it’s fine – though I wouldn’t think of it as imitation chicken. So I’ll look out for some of their “bacon” to try. I’m not too optimistic about imitation pork though – I once bought some chicken sausages by mistake and thought they were vile.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Quorn is good to cook with as it is basically tasteless but has quite a nice texture, so is an easy way of adding a protein to vegetarian to dishes. I know a few veggies but none bother with the ersatz sausage, bacon etc on the grounds they are vile.

  • andym

    Caudron sausages aren’t bad. Sainsbury’s used to do a decent veggie burger. They withdrew it because of quality concerns, then two years later produced an inedible replacement.