Homeschooling will fill America with God-besotted millionaires

Homeschooling will fill America with God-besotted millionaires May 14, 2017

The last piece I posted about American evangelist Dave Daubenmire exposed his misogyny.
Back in October 2016, Daubenmire, listed #607 in The Encyclopedia of American Loons, ranted:

Women and men may be equal but I think it’s pretty clear that the Bible teaches us that women should not be in authority over a man.

Well, the former football coach has been mouthing off again – this time about the benefits of Christian homeschooling.
Right Wing Watch reports that “Coach” Daubenmire, as he likes to be called, dedicated his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast to trashing the public education system and telling Christian parents that their children will be millionaires if they were willing to remove them from public school and homeschool them instead.
Daubenmire said that the original purpose of public education was to teach children to read the Bible but warned that the main goal today is to turn all the students into communists, which is why Christian parents must homeschool their children.

The devil has got a great game plan. If you really love your kids – I’m just going to tell you the truth, if you really love your kids, if you were to personally educate your children, you’re going to create a millionaire because he’s going to be so much smarter than the average person he runs into.
He will be a boss at 18 years old if you will homeschool him and teach him the fear and admonition of the Lord.

He. He. Him …  Girls, of course, are left out of the picture, because godly imbeciles like Daubenmire see females as nothing more chattels.
Commenting on Patheos, David G McAfee wrote:

You won’t be surprised to learn that Daubenmire provided no evidence that homeschooled children are more likely to be rich. Or, for that matter, that public school is the domain of the devil.
This type of blatantly false narrative isn’t exactly surprising coming from Daubenmire, considering he previously said he was worried then-President Barack Obama’s administration would arrest him for his outspoken love for Jesus, but it is still concerning.
After all, studies suggest about 64 percent of parents who homeschool their children say it’s primarily because of ‘a desire to provide religious instruction’.”

And that’s what he is really trying to do: promote religious indoctrination above real education.
By circumventing public education, religious fundamentalists can teach their children anything they want … without regard to its veracity.
This isn’t always the case with homeschooled children, and there are numerous secular and quality Christian homeschool programs that promote real education, but if you don’t see this as a problem, or if you see it as an advantage only because it might make you rich (somehow), that might say something about the validity of your own beliefs.

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  • Ate Berga
    Yes, there are rational/secular homeschoolers.

  • S P Ewdaburger

    God help the Yewessovay.

  • Lucy

    Extraordinary to me the way many people equate money with righteousness.

  • Paul

    it’s pretty clear that the Bible teaches us that women should not be in authority over a man.
    Yes he’s absolutely right. He must be it’s in the babble.

  • John

    Yet another step along the road to dumbing down America.
    A certain amount takes place here in the UK too.
    Has anyone done any UK research into this topic?
    It is usually the ignorant who are impressed by claims of so-called prosperity theology, i.e. religious devotion can make you not only spiritually rich but also materially rich.
    The poor uneducated masses of America have always been preyed upon by snake oil men. This is the latest version.

  • Brian Jordan

    If religious home schooling makes children grow up rich, think what full-blown faith schooling must do. There must surely be a demonstrable number of rich alumni pushing religion by now.( Probably with some of them running the BBC.)

  • Cali Ron

    S P Ewdaburger : America doesn’t need god’s help, it needs protection from the deluded fools who think he exists.

  • barriejohn

    I’ve just noticed S P Ewdaburger – hahahahaha.