Trump's pick for Vatican ambassador is a Catholic loon

Trump's pick for Vatican ambassador is a Catholic loon May 16, 2017

The White House is planning announce that a religious zealot – Callista Gingrich, wife of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich – will be be the next ambassador to the Vatican.
The announcement, according to this report, is expected ahead of Trump’s meeting with Pope Francis on May 24 in Rome.
This is what is known about Ms Gingrich:

She heads a media production company  – Gingrich Productions –which sends out numerous dodgy sponsored emails, including ones that claim that “cancer was cured back in 1925” and “the actual cure” for cancer can be found in the Bible – and it can be unlocked by subscribing to a newsletter for $74 (or $37 if you’re over the age of 60).
Gingrich is an author, columnist, and president of Gingrich Productions. She and her husband, Newt, founded the company to feature the couple’s media work and provide consulting services. Gingrich Productions also rents out its email list, which reportedly has 250,000 subscribers and was used by the Trump campaign during the election.
Gingrich Productions sent a February 2016 Health Revelations email claiming to have “the TRUTH” about preventing cancer and deadly tumors. The email linked to a pitch page claiming that “all cancers were actually cured back in 1925” but the government has been covering up the evidence.
In October and December 2015, Gingrich Productions sent an email from Health Sciences Institute claiming that “researchers investigating” the Bible have:

Unlocked a connection to a stunning cancer-fighting power… a breakthrough so monumental, it’s poised to make traditional cancer therapies obsolete… and save millions of lives.

In 2013, Gingrich Productions sent an email from Health Revelations which also claimed that “cancer was cured back in 1925” and:

A God-fearing American doctor … gives the actual cure.

Gingrich Productions’ emails carry the disclaimer that the message:

Reflects the opinions and representations of our advertiser alone, and not necessarily the opinion or editorial positions of Gingrich Productions.

HSI and Health Revelations have been heavily criticised for their shady business practices and marketing of scammy medical advice. The conservative movement has been heavily infected with scams.
Similar cancer “cure” emails became an issue during the Republican presidential primary when then-candidate Mike Huckabee was criticised for sending out sponsored emails from Health Revelations.
Gingrich Productions has also rented out its email list to other dubious entities, including a financial firm that was fined by the Securities and Exchange Commission for engaging in “deliberate fraud” and profiting from “false statements”
Gingrich Productions frequently sent out emails from Stansberry Associates despite the fact that it’s a disgraced financial firm that was fined $1.5 million by the Securities and Exchange Commission for engaging in “deliberate fraud” and profiting from “false statements.”
The company’s founder, Porter Stansberry complained in April 2013 that it is “fucking bullshit” that people get upset at him for using slurs like “nigger” and “fag” when he’s “not the least bit bigoted.”
An administration official said the decision to nominate Gingrich has been made but the announcement has taken longer than expected pending approval from the Office of Government Ethics.
Gingrich is a devout Catholic, telling the Christian Broadcasting Network in a 2011 interview that she has always been:

A very spiritual person.

Newt and Callista Gingrich
The 51-year-old third wife of Gingrich has produced a number of documentaries, including one about Pope John Paul II. She is also a member of the choir at the Basilica of the National Shrine in Washington.
Her all-but-certain appointment has led observers to re-examine the moral track record of her husband.
Gingrich admitted having a six-year affair with Callista, then an aide to another Republican representative, during his second marriage, his second wife Marianne told ABC during his 2012 presidential run.
The pair reportedly carried on their extramarital affair while the then-representative was leading the charge for impeachment proceedings for former President Bill Clinton for having lied under oath about his own extramarital affair. Gingrich, once a Baptist, became a Catholic during his affair with Callista.
The pair have co-authored Rediscovering God in America, touted as:

A tour of American history – of great men and women, events, documents, institutions, and ideas, all shaped decisively by the genuine belief that America is a nation founded under God. Readers will quickly find themselves on a profound path of discovery and renewal.

Gingrich’s husband was a close ally of Trump’s during the presidential campaign and was considered for a Cabinet position, but decided against taking a role in the administration.
Soon after the inauguration, Newt Gingrich told CNN that Trump was considering his wife to be the ambassador to the Holy See.
“She’s under consideration,” Gingrich said.
The former Republican presidential hopeful would not elaborate further on the deliberation process at the time, simply saying he would be “very excited for her” if she were offered the position.

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  • andym

    A perfect match ,it seems. An on-the-make fraud for an organisation that’s been lining its pockets for nearly 2000 years.
    “Cancer was cured in 1925” sounds like it should be the opening line to an ironic Larkin poem.

  • Playonwords

    As Tom Boggioni (@TBogg) notes on Twitter
    “During her 6 year affair with Newt, Vatican Amb. Callista Gingrich only did oral.
    Because: “Eatin’ ain’t cheatin'” – Book of Fellatio 6:9″

  • remigius

    I think this is a sensible appointment. If you are going to send an ambassador to another sovereign state it is wise to send one who has an affinity with the receiving nation.
    Who better to send to the Vatican than a delusional fuckwit with very dubious moral values?

  • remigius

    I have done some digging around on the internet to save everyone from sending in their $74. The secret Biblical cure for all cancer is… don’t eat bread!
    Which is odd because the Bible is replete with passages extolling the wonders of eating bread. In fact it’s so ubiquitous that the Bible could have been sponsored by the Break Marketing Board.
    Religion eh, I dunno.

  • Paul

    As a fraud she will fit right in at the vatican as it’s one of the most crime ridden places on the planet.
    We can ignore the nonsense about the play on words and it being a country as that’s just bullshit. And the report, which says it’s a great and holy city – both those are bullshit too.
    The other web page I found was BBC from 2002.

  • remigius

    Oops. Bread Marketing Board.
    (Just had a couple of Jehovah’s Witless at the door. By the time I’d politely told them to bugger off my edit time had expired.)

  • Seff

    I am happy over the moon. At least the right person on the right place.No freemasons She shall not be dragged out of her bed on winter night while some of fools above will. Ha Ha

  • barriejohn

    So the writer of Matthew’s Gospel omitted the bit where Jesus said: “I’ve got cancer, guys, so I’m going into the desert to fast for forty days and then I’ll be as right as rain again.” How could he have possibly missed out that?

  • Paul

    Wish you were on the moon Seff as clearly you’ve not visited planet earth for a while if at all.

  • Jenna

    Caption Competion
    Oooooh look … money money money … I want it … steal it for me Newt.

  • Laura Roberts

    It would be news only if Trump picked someone for a post with more education and better manners than a 5-year-old. Surprisingly, and clearly against his wishes, he actually has:

  • Laura Roberts

    And, we have a new euphemism for vomiting: “a profound path of discovery and renewal”.

  • John the Drunkard

    The link between the loony Right and ‘alt-med’ ought to be obvious. Too bad so many luvvie-morons buy right into the whole conspiracy/credulity pit around everything from veganism to vaccination.

  • Angela_K

    My partner has a good knowledge of the bible and she tells me that neither cancer nor a cure is mentioned, odd since cancer was known to the ancient Greeks some hundreds of years before the bible was compiled. Gingrich is obviously a another charlatan and fraud of the religious type.
    Gingrich and Palin both share the same vacant stare found among the hard of thinking.

  • L.Long

    ANd since when does a WOMAN speak to a man about man stuff and religion!?!?!? Remember to keep Timothy Holy!!!!

  • John

    Another one of the bulging eye balls brigade!
    Only in the insane asylum that is America could one of the inmates take over the running of the country.
    I used to admire America and Americans but that all changed when they elected the idiot Regan as President – especially for a second term, when it was apparent to anyone that he was already in the early stages of terminal Altzheimers.
    What a crazy country!