Franklin Graham supports Margaret Court's bigotry

Franklin Graham supports Margaret Court's bigotry June 1, 2017

Franklin Graham, the deranged evangelical son of Billy Graham, today came bounding to the defence of former tennis champ Margaret Court who caused outrage this week with anti-gay comments.
Some tennis stars called her views “sick and dangerous” but according to this report, Graham wrote in a Facebook post that Court, who holds the most career Grand Slam singles titles in tennis:

Isn’t afraid to speak the truth about sin. Margaret is exactly right when she said, ‘No amount of legislation or political point-scoring can ever take out of the human heart the knowledge that in the beginning God created them male and female and provided each with a unique sexual function to bring forth new life.’ Sin is a choice, but God’s Word is truth and never changes.

Court, a Pentecostal pastor, also claimed that tennis is “full of lesbians,” and argued that allowing children to choose their own gender is the work of the devil.
Court told Vision Christian Radio earlier this week:

There is a whole plot in our nation and in the nations of the world today to get the minds of the children. That’s all the devil … but that’s what Hitler did and that’s what communism did – got the mind of the children.

Tennis Australia has said that Court’s opinions are not in keeping with the organisation’s values, but has so far resisted calls from LGBT activists that the court named in her honour at Melbourne Park be renamed.
Martina Navratilova, another retired tennis player and coach, claimed in an open letter that while Court may be an “amazing tennis player”,  she is also:

A racist and a homophobe. Her vitriol is not just an opinion. She is actively trying to keep LGBT people from getting equal rights (note to Court: we are human beings too). She is demonizing trans kids and trans adults everywhere.
And now, linking LGBT to Nazis, communists, the devil? This is not OK. This is in fact sick and it is dangerous. Kids will suffer more because of this continuous bashing and stigmatizing of our LGBT community.

Martina Navratilova, right, and Julia Lemigova pictured celebrating their engagement during the 2014 US Open in New York City on September 6, 2014. Photo: Uri Schanker—GC Images/Getty Images
Navratilova also shot back against Court’s reflections that the sport has many lesbian players.

Now she is doubling down with her ridiculous comments about older women luring young girls on the tour to parties to turn them into lesbians. It’s a good thing she didn’t name anyone as I am pretty sure she would be sued for defamation.

The row has stirred significant controversy in Australia, where same-sex marriage is not legal, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull also pushing back against calls to have the arena renamed. He said:

Whatever people may think about Margaret Court’s views about gay marriage … she is one of the all-time greats and the Margaret Court Arena celebrates Margaret Court the tennis player.

Court, who leads the Margaret Court of Victory Life Center Church in Perth, insisted that she does not hate gay people.

[I’ve got] nothing against homosexuals – as individuals, they can do what they want to do. But my belief, as a Christian, is marriage the Bible way and I think it’s sad that these people are using that to try to hit below the belt.

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  • Marcus

    There are only two ways you can get a face like Court’s: finding Jesus or ducking for apples in a deep fat fryer.

  • “God’s Word is truth and never changes.”
    Oh, okay. I guess John 13:34 doesn’t exist then? Sad, that was one of the good bits.

  • Robster

    Here we go again….says Ms Court; “That’s all the devil … but that’s what Hitler did and that’s what communism did – got the mind of the children”. Getting into the mind (and pants) of the kids is the only way her and the rest of those church facilities will survive. The kettle’s calling the pot black here, brainwashing children is the only course of survival for these nefarious types.The former tennis players just keeps getting dumber.

  • Laura Roberts

    Prior to a major tournament, Boris Becker once said of John McEnroe that he had to respect the tennis player, but not the man. Fortunately for me I’m not a tennis pro, so I don’t have to respect either. Court deserves to be forgotten.

  • tonye

    I realise that the above photo does not flatter Court, but it appears totally devoid of joy.
    Has anyone ever met an extreme Christian who actually enjoys life?

  • Matt Hill

    She looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp.

  • 1859

    Or a wasp chewing a bulldog.
    @ Robster: My thoughts exactly. Religious zealots have been poisoning children’s mind for thousands of years with outright lies. Children have been scared psychologically shitless with descriptions of hell-fire, sin, self-pollution. the flesh, etc., and then regaled with fairy stories about a sugar-coated after-life in the clouds. What freethinkers – LGBT or non-LGBT – are trying to do is tell the simple truth, that despite the thousands and thousands of years of intense contemplation, drunken inspiration, babbling in tongues, Ouija boards, seances and so-called ‘miracles’, etc., there has been not one single thread, shred,scintilla, iota or scrap of evidence for an after-life….and there never will be.
    Also I do not see how being a tennis star equates to being intelligent. In this case there is clearly a mismatch.

  • 1859

    Oh I forgot – just contrast the happy smiles of the newly-engaged couple with the face of Mrs. Court – I know who I’d like to have at my dinner table.

  • barriejohn

    There is a whole plot in our nation and in the nations of the world today to get the minds of the children.
    Yes, I absolutely agree with her there.
    We are passionate to see our children worshipping God in spirit and truth and increasing in the knowledge of our Heavenly Father, and we know that as we teach the Word of Faith, the Holy Spirit will transform their lives to become established in Him. We have a spirit-filled curriculum to progressively train the children in an atmosphere of love, honour, joy, creativity and tons of fun.
    Perhaps something should be done to prevent the indoctrination of young children with ideological views? As a victim myself, I would be all for it!

  • barriejohn

    More from her church’s website:
    Healing Workshops
    In these workshops you will experience a time of worship; hear scriptural truths and receive ministry from a committed team or prayer warriors who can assist you to overcome any sickness or diesease, oppression or depression, addiction or mindset, that may be trying to overcome you!
    God has promised to restore health to you, but if you lack this knowledge you may never walk in the abundant life Jesus said He had come to bring. Being sick, is not an abundant life! Spiritual truths, supported by regular physical activity and a daily renewing of the mind, will enable you to live a long, strong, healthy life- which is the will of God for you.
    There is no need to book, just come along and bring your family and friends and let these workshops transform your life, from one of pain and suffering to one of joy and health!
    I don’t see any dangers in that sort of teaching, do you?

  • andym

    “Spiritual truths, supported by regular physical activity and a daily renewing of the mind, will enable you to live a long, strong, healthy life- which is the will of God for you.”
    Funny how these people are so confident of knowing the mind and will of their god; right up until they are asked difficult questions about natural disasters and the like, when it becomes blasphemous to try to understand its mind.

  • barriejohn

    @andym: You just blame it all on the Devil – how convenient. I had to deal with it all when my sister died of breast cancer, but by then I could see what nonsense it was.

  • Bart

    Game set and match to Martina.
    She is having a great time enjoying life whereas Court simply isn’t and as a way of filling her time can only bitch and complain about the sins of others. One suspects she is a very jealous and very very inhibited repressed lesbian. And sexual inhibition and lack of sexual fulfilment are sure fire drivers of sour faced meaness and an interfering busy body disposition.

  • barriejohn

    News of Franklin “I don’t give a damn” supporting another swivel-eyed, deluded Christian lunatic who understands neither morality nor compassion:

  • barriejohn

    And this from two weeks ago:
    “I want the school boards of America in the hands of evangelical Christians within the next four to six years. And it can happen and that will have a huge impact because so many school districts now are controlled by wicked, evil people, and the gays and lesbians, and I keep bringing their name up, but they are at the forefront of this attack against Christianity in America.”