Jesus Christ tells preacher not to help save a Ghanaian soldier

Jesus Christ tells preacher not to help save a Ghanaian soldier June 4, 2017

Controversial Ghanaian cleric ‘Bishop’ Daniel Obinim, above right, claims that he could have prevented a soldier – Captain Maxwell Mahama, left – from being lynched last week, but received a message on his phone from Jesus telling him not to intervene.

Mahama was mistaken for an armed robber and killed by an angry mob at Denkyira Boase.
Obinim, of  the International God’s Way Church, said that Jesus had Whatsapped him as he was preparing save the soldier, telling him to let matters take their course.
Jesus also stated that those involved in the lynching would know no peace until they die.
About thirteen persons suspected to have been involved in the gruesome murder of the soldier have been arrested. Colleagues of the slain soldier are threatening to strike if they do not get a fair and speedy trial for him. The dead soldier is survived by his wife and two children.
Captain Maxwell Mahama and his family.
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  • Angela_K

    It wan’t a Spanish “Jesus”secret boyfriend then. What a piece of filth is this religious loon.

  • Bart

    Primitive on two counts … lawless mob (in)justice … the belief in the divine. I am pretty convinced that Bishop Obimin wanted to exact some revenge upon the hapless Captain Mahama. Did he covet Mrs Mahama? Did he covet Captian Mahama? Did the Captian say something against the fakir Obimin? Maybe even Obimin bore false witness and fingered the Captian as the armed thief in order to get him lynched by the mob. The pious throughout history have used their power and positions to dispose of those they don’t like or who threaten to expose them.
    Anyway, there more to this than the bloodthirsting mob … someone incited the primitive barbarians to exert lynch mob justice on an innocent man.And who is more suspect than the huckster that claims the divine instructed him not to intervene.

  • L.Long

    Xtians self-righteous privileged ahole that takes advantage of happenings to be a grade-A LIAR4jesus!!

  • CoastalMaineBird

    First I heard of Jeebus having a cellphone.

  • barriejohn
  • Paul

    This must be correct as the other week some idiot said he calls gawd regularly so why wouldn’t his son too have a phone ?
    Maybe they have the same deal as I have with EE where I share my data usage with my son.