Catholic Malta aims to be a world champion of gay rights

Catholic Malta aims to be a world champion of gay rights July 5, 2017

Last month LifeShiteNews went into outrage overdrive when it reported that a rainbow flag had ‘sacrilegiously’ been used as an altar cloth as part of sustained campaign by a gay Catholic activist group to get the church in Malta to ‘accept homosexual marriage, sodomy and adoption of children by same-sex couples’.
Worse still, the group – Drachma LGBTI  – had been given:

A free pass to operate unofficially in the Catholic Archdiocese of Malta run by Archbishop Charles Scicluna [inset in the photo above]. 

LSN said that Drachma LGBTI has been given access to Maltese Catholic parishes, retreat centres, and the Catholic chapel of the country’s only university.
And – gasp! – last year, the Archdiocese hosted on its own website a report with photos of Drachma LGBTI presenting Scicluna with the group’s newly published “pro-homosexual book” titled Our Children. The Archbishop called the book:

A tool to help parents of LGBTI children.

LSN declared:

The Catholic Church in Malta under Scicluna’s leadership has strayed from authentic Catholic teaching in other areas besides sexual morality. Earlier this year, the bishops allowed civilly-divorced-and-remarried Catholics living in adultery to receive Holy Communion and has forced seminarians to comply with the Communion guidelines. 
Last month [May], Scicluna along with Bishop Mario Grech of Gozo attacked a group of faithful Catholics in Malta after it published a full page ad in a widely read paper defending real marriage against ‘unnatural’  homosexual ‘marriage’ in the lead-up to the country’s June 3 general election. The bishops criticised the ad as ‘propaganda’; and stated that they had ‘nothing to do’ with the group. 

Well, against that background it was reported today that the predominantly Catholic island nation is on the cusp of sanctioning same-sex marriage.
Will someone please pass the LSN team the smelling salts.

At the urging of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, above, who won his second-straight term in a snap election last month, the Marriage Equality Bill is the first law being debated by the country’s new parliament, which convened for its first sitting on Monday. Muscat, leader of the center-left Labour Party, has vowed to expedite the legalisation process, calling marriage equality a top priority for his government.
Said Muscat:

The first law that we are going to put on the agenda — and I hope that it is approved as quickly as possible — is that of the Marriage Equality Bill. We will make sure that it will be the first law to be placed on the agenda of the parliament, and that it is concluded.

Though labeled an equality “bill,” Malta’s parliament is not mulling a single law but a host of changes to existing legislation including the Marriage Act, the Criminal Code and the Civil Code. As the Times of Malta explained, the aim of the bill is to:

Modernise the institution of marriage so that all consenting adult couples would have the right to enter into marriage. This will include replacing references of ‘husband’, ‘wife’, ‘mother’ and ‘father’ in existing laws with gender-neutral terms like ‘spouse’ and ‘parent’.

Muscat told the BBC this week:

Malta wants to keep leading on LGBT issues and civil liberties, to serve as a model for the rest of the world.

The bill is expected to be unanimously approved. When it comes to social and sexual rights, Malta is a paradox. A country that’s 98 percent Catholic, it only legalised divorce in 2011 – and even then, to the chagrin of many government and religious leaders.
Malta – situated between Sicily and the North African coast – remains the only country in the European Union where abortion is banned under all circumstances.
Yet, when it comes to LGBTQ rights, Malta has emerged as a European leader.
In 2014, the Maltese government passed a law recognising same-sex civil unions, including the right of gay couples to adopt. Last year, Malta became the first European country to make gay conversion therapy illegal, deeming it to be a “deceptive and harmful” act.
Russell Sammut, a Maltese gay rights advocate, told Time magazine in December:

Life has changed a lot for gay people in Malta over the past two years. Up until 2014 we had no rights here, but once civil unions were enacted people changed their attitudes overnight. Everyone is afraid of the unknown, but now they’ve seen there’s no threat to society, they’re fine with same-sex partnerships.

A poll conducted last year by the Malta Independent found most Maltese people in support of marriage equality. The paper said 61 percent of poll respondents were in favor of gay marriage.

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  • Marcus

    Drachma is a disgrace to self-respecting gays. No homosexual would drape an altar with a rainbow flag without ironing it first!

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  • barriejohn

    I want to know why Scicluna has a pink cake box on his head.
    Charles Scicluna: A classic luncher
    Hmmm…might explain it.

  • Spyke

    Sorry OT
    UK terror convictions rising.
    More than 100 people in the UK have been convicted of terrorism offences related to Syria and Iraq since 2014.
    Those convicted come from a wide cross section of society and include former prisoners, a hospital director and the son of a police officer.
    … some of the offences relate to those who have plotted to go and fight but who were arrested before putting their plans into action.
    Director of Public Prosecutions said “We need to be acutely aware that if people can’t go to Syria – and we have certainly seen this in some of the cases we have prosecuted – they may plan a sort of an attack here instead or they may do more to radicalise other people here to attack so we need to be very aware of that.”
    My bit:-
    The prison population is burgeoning. Muslims are the fastest growing cohort. And as the data shows the trend is accelerating. All this costs a huge amount of money. I say tattoo them on the face and hands, marking them obviously and indelibly as traitors, strip them of sovereignty, take their passports, despatch to a place to where they can do all the looting, murdering, thuggery, raping and wrecking they want. And never let them back into the country. They can then live in lawless islamic sand pits as they seem to want to do rather than turn this mostly green and pleasant land into a despoiled islamic wasteland littered with piles of smashed brick and concrete, wrecked and burnt out cars, tented townships of desperate refugees, looted shops and homes, ruined businesses, piles of filth and waste, erratic failing utilities, subsistance farming and all the other failings that characterise most muslim countries.
    Thats what should happen. An act or intended act of terrorism must be treaded as treason and be rewarded by harsh removal of citizenship and forceful deportation. And those that are so disposed of should think themselves lucky that the traditional punishment for treason is not enforced. And it will also remove the cachet of martyrdom. And if they scream about infringement of human rights then too bad because they forfeited those by their acts of hate and terrorism and treachery. Thats it simple.

  • L.Long

    Nice, but still a giant con! Their ahole gawd still hates gays, and their hate-filled dogma still hates gays, but like everything else we don’t like we will ignore those parts.
    There is a word for that and it aint loving or accepting! Anyone who can ignore their basic dogma, can also ignore the changes when they wish to!! Don’t trust anyone willing to be a hypocrite!! just for more money!