In just four days C of E trashed a bunch of biblical truths

In just four days C of E trashed a bunch of biblical truths July 21, 2017

Susie Leafe, above, Director of the conservative Christian group Reform, has slammed the C of E’s latest General Synod meeting which voted to condemn gay conversion therapies.
Leafe, according to this report, said:

In the space of four days, the General Synod of the Church of England have, in effect, rejected the doctrines of creation, the fall, the incarnation, and our need for conversion and sanctification.
Instead we have said that we are ‘perfect’ as we are, or as we see ourselves, and that the Church should affirm us and call on God to validate our choices.

She added:

We have chosen to understand the world through secular reports, unconscious bias training, the teaching of other religions and the results of polls and media headlines, rather than the unchanging word of God.

In addition to the “gay cure” issue, what also got up Leafe’s nose was that the Synod voted to consider liturgical support for Christians who undergo sex changes.
She also expressed concern about the tone of the Synod:

More worryingly, perhaps, was the atmosphere of the chamber; God’s word was mocked openly and decisions were made lightly, with arrogant laughter. As one member put it: ‘God is not mocked. The laughter and lack of respect for those who bravely gave the alternate case was beyond words. Bruised, battered, bullied, betrayed, bewildered.’

Her response came after Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, leader of the Anglican Church in Nigeria, slammed the synod for “false teaching” and warned that it is in “grave spiritual danger”.
Leafe also warns that the future of the Church is imperilled.

Again and again, both the decisions made, and the manner in which they were made, showed scant regard for Scripture or the traditions of the Church. Instead, members were asked to base their decisions on emotional stories or the impact of secular headlines.

She also blasted the Bishop of Manchester, David Walker, above left, for chairing the Synod “poorly”.
Jayne Ozanne, a member of General Synod who advocates for the LGBT community, retorted:

I don’t think the majority of Synod members will recognise Susie’s description of Synod at all. It seems she and others are set on depicting Synod’s considered decisions in a poor light in order to suit their own purposes. Saying we are not committed to scripture and mission is just ridiculous, as are their assertions that God’s word was mocked. I begin to wonder what their real objective is?’

Bishop Walker, meanwhile, praised the Synod:

In two debates, over consecutive days, attention was turned first to the practice of ‘conversion therapy’ and then to support for those who have transitioned. Both debates were characterised by the passion, courtesy and good humour … Beyond this, Synod showed an overarching desire to hear the voices of LGBT+ people, whether expressed directly or through their stories being shared by their friends.

And most important of all, we heard from a Synod that wanted decisive change and action now. Members listened to, but clearly rejected, demands that these matters required further study, be it theological or scientific, ahead of any decision.’
Synod has set its new tone, and begun to speak compassionately and clearly in the voice it has found. I look forward to hearing what it says next.

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  • gedediah

    Bishop of Manchester, David Walker, above left.

  • Angela_K

    “Biblical truths” Great oxymoron that one. 1 out 10 for Leafe’s pissed off face look.

  • barriejohn

    Are those two camels in the photo actually getting married? They look very happy together, but after a few years of “wedded bliss” they might get the hum….(reaches for coat).
    PS Captions needed!
    One on right: “I’m not CofE, I’m Bactrian.”
    “One hump or two, vicar?”

  • porko

    Which one is the Bish?

  • porko

    THe camel has much nicer hair.

  • porko

    Stupid woman. Its hard to know where to start on this one … its crammed with nonsense.
    How about … “unconscious bias training”
    And she accuses secularists of that when its exactly what the christians do to poison the minds of children and ruin their ability for sensible reasoned evidence based rational thought. Thats what they have to do these days now that thrashing the message through the hides of little children is no longer allowed to them. Muslims still do it that way though … by the lash … and worse. And it seems to work frighteningly well to the extent that many muslims are prepared to kill their own and each others children on the basis of what they have been cooerced to believe. And how the christians ache to go back to the old ways.
    The woman needs to be sectioned and subjected to not Gay Cure but Religion Cure.

  • porko

    More stupefied irrational behaviour here:-
    Crocodile returns body after ‘mystic ritual’ – BBC News

  • Vanity Unfair

    I can never remember whether a prebendary has one hump or two.
    I do not claim originality.
    “above left” is nasty, demeaning and very funny.

  • Robster

    It takes termites to become sanctified, that is, made holy. Nonsense has a name.

  • StephenJP

    This is great news. One more step along the road towards the break-up and eventual disestablishment of the CofE. Keep it up, Leafe, Okoh and co!

  • Laura Roberts

    @StephenJP: Yep — “SPLITTERS!”

  • John

    There must be a tiny remote desert island for this woman?
    Somewhere she can live alone in splendid isolation?