Muslim leader calls for a boycott of pro-gay Starbucks

Muslim leader calls for a boycott of pro-gay Starbucks July 2, 2017

Anwar Abbas, above, of Muhammadiyah, the second-largest Islamic group in Indonesia, has called for a boycott of global coffee brand Starbucks because of its support for gay marriage.
According to this report, Abbas said that Starbucks’s pro-gay stance is ruining southeast Asia’s “religious and cultured” core.

If Starbucks only does business, then fine. But don’t bring ideology here,

This is unIslamic
With the exception of the ultraconservative Aceh region, homosexual is not a crime in Indonesia. However police raids on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in recent times have spiked across the country, sparking international condemnation.
In May, two men became the first in modern Indonesian history to be punished by the state for their homosexuality, receiving 85 lashes of a rattan cane each.
But this IS Islamic
Indonesia is the world’s most populous nation and Anwar Abbas has an influential voice.
He demanded the government revoke Starbucks’ operating licence.
PT Sari Coffee Indonesia, which holds the licence to run the Starbucks chain, is a legal entity that “always obeys the prevailing regulations and appreciates the cultural values in Indonesia”, an executive at its parent company said.
Indonesia’s reputation for tolerance and pluralism is already under scrutiny after Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, an ethnic-Chinese Christian, was sentenced in May to two years in prison for blasphemy in a trial that came after mass Islamist-led rallies last year.

Asked why he had taken a stand against Starbucks, Abbas said he was informed in a chat group about a pro-LGBT comment made by the company’s senior executive, Howard Schultz, above.
Schultz is now chairman of Starbucks after stepping down from his previous role as chief executive.
Forbes reported that when a Starbucks shareholder complained in 2013 that the company had lost customers because of its support for gay marriage, Schultz said it embraces diversity and that:

Not every decision is an economic decision. If you feel, respectfully, that you can get a higher return than the 38 per cent you got last year, it’s a free country. You can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company.

Starbucks customer Annisa Meidiana, 22, a Muslim university student, said she would not stop buying coffee there because of the call for the boycott.

Islam condemns LGBT. It’s a sin. But it doesn’t matter to me. For me, being an LGBT is a human right.

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  • Spyke

    Fuckwits … and I bet their cohort is riddled with repressed deeply unhappy frustrated bigotted gays too cowardly to stand up to the evil theocratic shitehawks. Like Shakespeare said … He Doth Protesteth Too Much.

  • Bubblecar

    It’s depressing the way these backward Asian shitholes still find it meaningful to try to boost their self-esteem by reaffirming their status as backward Asian shitholes.
    Wake up Indonesia, everyone hates you. Is that really beneficial? What advantage do you gain by being hated by the people you most envy?
    Climb aboard the 21st century, there’s room for everyone.

  • 1859

    I know why those three guys in the first photo are so, so unislamic – they’re so happy and free.

  • Richard W

    Just a pity that Starbucks ‘coffee’ is so vile.

  • Paul

    As a child having a fascination for another person of the same or opposite sex’s body, to see, to inquire, to see if they are the same as you, especially their genitals, is quite natural. I know I did it. I know my children did it.
    If this develops in later life to a desire for the same sex love, I’m not entirely clear how that becomes evil.
    Isn’t just sad and pathetic how religion has got to control even going for a drink of coffee. They really must hate themselves so much.

  • Spyke

    Sensible rational person calls for a boycott of everything to do with islam.

  • “Indonesia is the world’s most populous nation”
    Actually it ranks fourth. I think you mean it’s the world’s most populous predominantly Muslim nation.

  • Cali Ron

    Richard W: Indeed! For a “coffee” company they don’t sell hardly any coffee and it is indeed not very good. I only ever bought the occasional latte there, but now I’ve had to go dairy free so I’m saving some coin instead. My coffee is much better anyway.

  • L.Long

    Please boycott! I don’t like having coffee with a bunch of bigoted aholes anyway!

  • Cali Ron

    L.Long :What? It’s the bigots who are calling for a boycott because of Starbucks supports for LGBT people . I’m assuming you misread.

  • barriejohn

    I assumed that L.Long was inferring that Abbas and his chums have been in the habit of drinking there up to now (“a fool and his money”, as others have said!).

  • 1859

    Didn’t some religious hardnut some time ago claim that Starbucks coffee was flavoured with human semen? I forget the details – maybe I was a victim of fake news?

  • barriejohn

    @1859: It was Manning of the Middle Passage!

  • barriejohn

    More on Manning’s claims here:
    “You may not be able to find my explanation suitable to meet the empirical standards. But let’s just say I know.”
    So, suitable evidence for the religious then.
    (PS Others have claimed that it tastes like piss!)

  • 1859

    His last remark – ‘But let’s just say I know’ – is rather ominous. Either his god has whispered the coffee has been spiked with seed, or the reverend Manning himself has had sexual relations with a mug of Starfucks coffee. Whatever way rev. Manning has gained his insider knowledge, I’d guess it was fairly disgusting – hardly a divine revelation.

  • barriejohn

    @1859: He is somewhat of an expert on gay matters, especially after his prison experiences, where he admits only to being “tempted”!

  • barriejohn

    Oh, no; it’s spreading!
    Malaysian Muslim group joins Indonesian call for Starbucks boycott over LGBT stand

  • barriejohn