Scientific study rejected in Turkey over evolution content

Scientific study rejected in Turkey over evolution content July 25, 2017

A cardiothoracic specialist at Turkey’s Marmara University Medical School has resigned from his position at the institution after he was told that a study he wrote contained too many references to evolution and would cause ‘problems’ it it were to be published.
According to this report, the faculty management rejected Dr Mert Mercan’s paper which detailed his research on more effective medical treatments for patients with heart problems. In explaining his scientific findings regarding use of arteries from arms v from legs for bypass surgery, he referred to the evolutionary development of the circulatory system.
When the university failed to publish his study in its academic publication, Mercan asked for an explanation for its rejection. The administration said:

The board has decided for your article not to be published due to inconvenient content.

When Mercan asked whether its contained any “unscientific” references, he was told:

It is because your article is written in a way that would put the faculty administration in a difficult position.

He was then told by Professor Ömer Günal, the dean of the Medical Faculty:

Let’s publish your article in a private journal. We cannot publish it in our university publications. There is too much reference to theory of evolution and evolutionary arguments. If we publish this we will have serious trouble.

When Mercan reportedly attempted to argue that censoring a scientific work was not acceptable under scientific principles of academia and scholarly conduct, and that faculty members had a duty  to conduct scientific studies  and not to do politics, Günal warned him  to stop being “insulting” – and threatened to file a lawsuit against him.
Mercan announced in his Twitter account that he has resigned from his position at the Marmara University after the censorship. He also wrote:

This experience has showed us that there is no longer any space left in this country to have scientific studies.

The incident comes after Turkey’s Education Minister recently announced that schools would no longer be teaching evolution, but that the principles of Jihad would be included in the curriculum.
Meanwhile, it’s reported from Bangladesh that a group of conservative Islamic religious scholars have forced the country’s Education Ministry to expunge 17 poems and stories from standard Bengali textbooks because they considered them to be “atheistic”. Having achieved this victory, the Islamists now have other changes in mind, including the elimination of physical education textbooks that depict exercise by girls or young women.
• Graphic at the top of this page is an introduction to a YouTube report about Islamisation in Turkey.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn: (Bangladesh report).

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  • Anthony Baker

    Soon the book burning will start, and then the “burning” of people will follow on closely behind. Turkey is now a cess pit islamofacist ambition. Ambition to achieve what IS failed to do. Erdogan is a scheming, lying, specious, dictatorial and ruthless islamic thug with the cunning to cover his thuggery with a false veneer of legal authority. The coup against him was planned by him to give him legitimacy to rid himself of those who would stand in his way. We’ve seen that before, have we not.Turkey is heading for conflagration and conflict and barbarism on a scale and appalling intensity that will render that of Syria a minor skirmish. And all this on the borders of Europe. And to think there are those who would have granted Turkey EU membership. Well at least that embarrassment is has been spared. Well bring it on Mr Erdogan. You will bring Turkey to a state of despair as all the mutaully hating factions take the opportunity to annihilate each other. And those seeking warm water ports and control over vast swathes of disputed territory will waste no time in “helping out” and helping themselves to influence and power. And Mr Erdogan, we will be able to say, “and you did it.”

  • barriejohn

    I’ve just noticed that the Bangladesh report is dated Jan.22,2017, but I came across it on the NSS site this morning where it is still marked 25th July. Still, it doesn’t appear to have been covered here before, so no harm done!

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  • andym

    Bloody hell! This site can make for depressing reading at times…

  • Cali Ron

    andym: I like to take a visit to Jesus and Mo when it gets to heavy and inject some humor into the quagmire of religion. Drinking is also an option, but it’s only 7:45 in the morning here, so a little early for that. Or if you are in one of the right states here in the USA you can smoke it away. As Dave Matthews said, “When the world ends I’ll be burning one.”

  • Barry Duke

    Well, AndyM, let me lift you spirits with this report.

  • andym

    Ha! Ha! No criticism of you was intended Barry.I just think it’s so sad to see two countries with strong secular histories descending fast into Islamist hellholes.

  • L.Long

    Anyone who says I am nasty for calling religious people stoopid, needs to read this!!!

  • barriejohn

    L.Long: Are they so stupid? Or do the leaders, religious and political in these cases, realize that if they allow their people access to knowledge they will lose all power over them? I often wonder what they really believe themselves!

  • Paul

    It’s because of religion that Turkey will never join the EU. And their behaviour since successive Islamic governments, especially this dictator, show how that decision has been correct to keep them at bay. Nevertheless, there are a huge number of secular, intelligent, decent Turks and we ought to really feel for them, because like all those intellectuals and decent Persians in Iran after Khomeini, they will suffer and so therefore too will the country and the region. The grip on power this madman has is quite frightening.

  • Ate Berga

    Scientific discoveries and applications should be withhold from the religious. Such a pity that science is an open system, always ready to amend it’s way, in order to progress.

  • Cali Ron

    Barry: I found the link quite amusing. Thanks!
    As for the Turks, looks like they are screwed unless the military steps up and overthrows erdogan, but that seems doubtful now. I’m sure the fake coup he setup allowed him to take out most if not all of the most likely military leaders that would act.

  • 1859

    Wasn’t it stated a few weeks ago by someone in the Turkish government (not sure if it was Erdogan himself?) , that evolution was ‘too hard’ for Turkish students to understand? Looks like this has spread to academia. I really feel sorry for those intellectuals and thinkers in Turkey who must now censure themselves and keep quiet for the sake of their careers. It’s truly a sad day for free-thinkers in this once secular country. I was planning a holiday in Turkey at some point after retiring, but not now.