Jesus and the Antichrist are black & God wants apartheid

Jesus and the Antichrist are black & God wants apartheid August 19, 2017

As the solar eclipse of 2017 draws closer, those of a religious bent appear to be getting a tad loonier than usual.
Pictured above is Ben Gabar Israel, right, of the Israel United in Christ Church which has recently established an branch in Las Vegas, and pastor Gene Kim of San Jose Bible Baptist Church – and, as America grapples with the problem of white supremacists, these two nutjobs have added some radical thoughts to the mix.
“Officer” Ben Gabar Israel claims in this report that “Christ was a so-called Black man that looks like us”, and that “so-called Black people, Caribbeans, our people are scattered throughout the world – so-called Hispanic and Native American Indians. Those are the 12 tribes of Israel.”
And if you’re not a member of those tribes, you’re not welcome at Israel United in Christ. And if you’re gay, don’t even think about joining.
He says only certain races are welcome to worship at the church, and added:

The most high God was never about bringing everybody together. He was always about separation.

The church has been accused of being anti-white and anti-Semitic. “Officer” Ben Gabar Israel insists that he and his followers are the “true’ Israelites “according to the Bible” and that Jews are not “real” Jews.

We are the real Jews.

Separately, pastor Gene Kim wants you to know that the Antichrist is real and he’s a black Catholic Syrian Jew.

Said Friendly Atheist Hermant Mehta:

And if you think the Antichrist can’t be all of those things simultaneously… well, I guess that makes you a heretic.
Don’t you dare challenge him on that either because he’s got a whiteboard.

I would post some of the transcript, but it’s all batshit crazy. The entire video is dedicated to justifying why Kim’s description of the Antichrist makes sense in his mind … and it involves a lot of logical leaps (shocking, I know) between various parts of the Bible and what they really mean.
Keep in mind this is a pastor who thinks the Earth is hollow and Hell exists in its core … so maybe take what he says with a grain of salt.
But if Barack Obama, Al Franken, Stephen Colbert, and the ghost of Steve Jobs ever have a child together, the world better watch out.

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  • Ray

    Most people work bloody hard to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. But there are, and always have been, a hard core of nasty lying hucksters who proclaim they are the conduit to God for the sake of extracting easy money from the credulous.

  • Broga

    I heard some convent nuns being interviewed on the World Service. They are getting phone calls from RCs who want information about the solar eclipse as a sign that Jesus is about to arrive.
    As for Ben and Gene they seem to have wandered far into their own fantasy land. They will never find their way back.

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  • Vanity Unfair

    Just for clarification: it is true that Islam is not a race.
    However, under UK law that does not matter. Religion is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010 c. 15, S 10
    10 Religion or belief
    (1)Religion means any religion and a reference to religion includes a reference to a lack of religion.
    The important point is that discrimination = discrimination and not that religion race.
    Those of you who have not won the lottery of life ( may look to your own legislation.

  • Vanity Unfair

    That is to say, “religion does not equal race.” I could not find the = with a oblique line through it that was used in my schooldays and the modern less than greater than convention was rejected as not having an HTML command between the two signs. Every solution has a problem.

  • John the Drunkard

    Since the Bible began circulating in vernacular language, there has been a steady stream of whackos who’ve decided that THEY are the equivalent of the Old Testament Israelites, and that the actual, real-life Jews of the real world are…something else?
    This can be as mild as the explosion of Hebrew names in Protestant countries; or as deranged as the British Israel bunch, the Dominionists in the U.S. and the several ‘black jewish’ cults in the U.S. Remember Yahweh ben Yahwe?

  • barriejohn

    John: I was thinking just the same thing. As I’ve said here before, in the case of the British Israelites they don’t just consider themselves the equivalent of the OT Jews (as the NT says), but their actual descendants. There were even claims that the term Saxons was derived from “Isaac’s sons”, if you can believe that. Many of these crackpots try to trace their lineage from the “Ten Lost Tribes of Israel”, but it’s no real mystery what happened to them, and they most certainly didn’t migrate to Huddersfield!

  • Mark Galvez

    I’m a Christian and I’m beginning to notice even more strange divisions in Christianity. Gene Kim’s idea of a Black Anti-Christ is not even new. He graduated from PBI, a school that centers its education around the teachings of Dr. Peter Ruckman. Ruckman had taught this for years and it’s published in his commentaries. He passed away not too long ago but his teachings certainly haven’t. I’m hoping that Gene Kim wakes up from his delusion.