Protest in Coventry halts circumcision of boy aged 14

Protest in Coventry halts circumcision of boy aged 14 August 20, 2017

On August 1, a teenager posted a message on Reddit ExMuslim, in which he said ‘my parents are planning for me to get circumcised, I don’t want to be circumcised, what can I do, especially if I runaway?’
His message, plus two subsequent posts here and here prompted many to advise to boy to report the matter to the police.
When Justice for Men and Boys, a UK-based organisation that strongly opposes male genital mutilation, heard of the boy’s plight, it hastily arranged a protest outside the Qualified Circumcision Clinic in Coventry where the lad was due to be circumcised yesterday (August 19).
Mike Buchanan, of J4MB, also sent the clinic the following message:

Illegal male circumcision.
I lead the political party Justice for Men & Boys. Non-therapeutic circumcision is illegal under the Offences Against the Person Act (1861), being at least Actual Bodily Harm, and possibly Grievous Bodily Harm. I shall be travelling to your clinic in Coventry today in a bid to stop the circumcision of a 12-year-old boy who has claimed on Reddit that he is to be circumcised at 1 pm today without his consent.

The clinic is part of the City of Coventry NHS Healthcare Centre, and is headed by Dr (Mr) Altaf Mangera, a NHS consultant surgeon in Urology working at the prestigious Royal Hallamshire Teaching Hospital.

Dr (Mr) Altaf Mangera is the lead consultant surgeon at QCC and has been performing and teaching both major and minor surgery procedures for 10 years. He is qualified and experienced in the surgical procedure of circumcision.

Buchanan later posted a piece saying that:

The appointment for the circumcision was cancelled, and we had plenty of contact with the police. Three police cars were stationed outside the clinic when we arrived.
However, the appointment cancellation isn’t the end of the matter, because we expect the appointment to be re-scheduled. There are a number of details in this story which I think it unwise to divulge at this stage, for the sake of the boy.
We wore bodycams throughout our three-hour protest (from midday to 3pm, when the clinic closed for the day) and handed out hundreds of leaflets to passers-by. We also had dozens of interesting discussions with passers-by, mainly Muslim.
We wore bodycams, and took six hours of video footage between us. Some footage may appear on our YouTube channel in due course.

Buchanan also revealed that the clinic had responded in some length to the protest. Part of the clinic’s reponse reads:

Our clinic were the ones who in fact informed the police and child protection agencies (they were none the wiser) about a possible boy of 12 fearing circumcision, while you were too busy stiring (sic) up hate without knowing the facts, we were instead acting responsibly.

• The intro picture shows Patrick Smyth protesting outside the clinic

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  • I guess we would like to know the actual facts of the case with respect to the clinic informing the authorities and what they intended to do had the boy been delivered to the clinic. If they in fact would not have performed the procedure it is laudable on their behalf. If however they would have carried out the procedure despite the boys protests then they are complicit in the violation of the law they claim to have reported this under. We’ll wait and see what turns up.

  • Jobrag

    When will the people of this country have the balls to demand that all underage children are given a medical examination once a year and if there’s evidence of genital mutilation, either male or female one of the parents is going to jail for five years.

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  • Broga

    Great work by Mike Buchanon. The confused and illiterate reply from the clinic suggests outrage rather than concern. That this mutilation was going to be carried out under the auspices of the City of Coventry is an abomination. That boy had initiative and courage. Poor kid, to be victimised in this way.

  • Ross

    The clinic must be condemned for carrying out genital mutilation but it’s also enlightening to look at Buchanan’s web page where he provides this information ” I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.” Yeah, right, women have it really easy – idiot.

  • Ross

    The clinic must be condemned if it performs genital mutilation but it’s also enlightening to look at Buchanan’s web page where he states he runs the Anti-feminism League and and goes on to say ” In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.” Yeah, right, women have it really easy – idiot.

  • Brummie

    All genital mutilation of children,both male and female, for non-medical reasons should be illegal. It is child abuse.

  • Broga

    Brummie: Our lords and masters don’t want to take firm action because that would upset cultural sensitivities. Meanwhile, children and abused and left with life changing injuries.

  • Ray

    Break the law … get stuck off … permanently … and without appeal.

  • Ray

    Lucky for the cutters that in this civilised country that we don’t follow the rule, loved by those religions shitehawks who do cut the genitals of children, of an eye for an eye … a tooth for a tooth … and a whole penis (replete with scrotum and testicles) for a foreskin / labia.

  • barriejohn

    I’d like to know what the facts are here. Some of Buchanan’s views – anti-abortion and “anti-feminism”- are very worrying, and I’m not happy about his methods either, even if I agree with some of the things that he says. I’m not happy to align myself with him or the multitudinous organizations which he represents, which is a shame when one considers the evils of child mutilation and the vacillation of the authorities.

  • L.Long

    Since these dimwitted religions insist on living in the midevil ages, then lets keep them there. ALL male dick cutting should be done with a stone blade, NO pain killers, and no reliable antiseptics. They that survive well good luck!

  • Vanity Unfair

    To Ray:
    You seem to be under the misapprehension that all practitioners or instigators of genital mutilation are male. They are not.
    There now follows a short lecture on English law with as few footnotes as I can manage.
    The Offences Against the Person Act 1861 does not outlaw circumcision of any kind. ( It states what is the punishment for GBH (S 20) or ABH (S 47) but not of what the offence consists.
    That is a matter for a court to decide on the facts of an individual case. To achieve this purpose there has to be a complaint to the police and the CPS has to prosecute a person or persons. The accused has to be found guilty by a jury and all appeals have to fail. That will set a precedent for future trials that can only be overturned by Parliament.
    The jury has to be convinced that circumcision is an assault and that grievous (really serious) or actual bodily harm has been caused by the persons accused; that will be the parent(s) or guardian(s) as well as the actual perpetrators. The victim, possibly a child, might have to give evidence against his parents. There must be evidence not only of an illegal act but also of criminal intent and there must be no legal excuse for the act. This is where the religious arguments will occur as well as the medical ones.
    To make FGM illegal took two new Acts (, because FGM is not specifically prohibited in OAPA either and because the first one did not work very well. The same could be done for MGM given the necessary Parliamentary and Governmental will. Experience with the FGM Acts should make the drafting straightforward. It would have been simpler to have made them non-gender-specific in the first place.
    In short, if anybody tells you that circumcision is illegal under OAPA, the polite response is that it isn’t really that simple.

  • John the Drunkard

    14 or 12?
    And somehow we don’t have any explanation of why the parent’s wanted to inflict this on their child. If they were Jews, they were 13 years and 357 days late. Do Muslims have a time requirement?
    I suspect the parents are converts, or perhaps the boys mother was fool enough to marry a Muslim.

  • Ray

    No I am not. I know that horrid dried up old crones armed with rusty razor blades enjoy sawing bits off pinned down screaming young girls.

  • 1859

    Just how utterly sick is it, when a god demands that babies and children have parts of their genitals cut off!? I mean it’s the most fucking depraved, deluded, psychotic, sadistic shit to have ever, ever come out of religion. Fuck knows religion is already full of the weirdest crap to have ever crept from the human imagination, but FGM and MGM win the gold medal for Excellence in Twisted Lunacy.
    If this 12 year old has posted he doesn’t want to be cut, then the only way they can carry out this torture is by force – I can’t see it happening, not in a NHS or even private clinic. Do the rate payers of Coventry really finance an NHS Circumcision Clinic???

  • barriejohn

    @1859: I don’t think we know all the facts here. The NHS does not normally fund non-medical circumcision, so I am a bit confused. Maybe the CCG for Coventry does!

  • Brian Jordan

    The clinic claims to have reported “a boy of 12 fearing circumcision” to the police and child protection authrities. So that’s why they do it on babies – they don’t know it’s coming, so they don’t fear it. The screaming only starts when they begin cutting.

  • Peter Sykes

    Well said!