Racial hatred: This message got a Newcastle man arrested

Racial hatred: This message got a Newcastle man arrested August 18, 2017

Jimmy Lamb, 24, was arrested earlier this month for appearing in public with the slogans, ‘White children matter’ and ‘Stop Muslim grooming gangs’ written on his skin.
After standing on the street in Newcastle and Gateshead he was arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred.
He is quoted in this report as saying:

I saw the stories in the papers about the grooming gang. I thought to myself, this is one race chasing another race because they think that race is inferior. It frustrated me no-one would describe these people as Muslim, only Asian.
I wanted to raise awareness that this is a serious issue and it is not going to go away. The racial and religious elements have not been addressed. The responses I got from people were all positive. I even got a few handshakes.
I haven’t been charged with anything but the police have told me they will be informing me via letter if they will be taking it any further.

He added:

To be honest, I hope it does go to court. If they prosecute me it will reflect badly on them.

Last week it was revealed that 17 men and one woman were convicted of trafficking, grooming and sex offences against vulnerable young girls after a series of trials at Newcastle Crown Court.
Newcastle city centre councillor Dipu Ahad said:

People who focus on religion or culture do not really care about the victims. They are not out trying to help, or work out solutions to this problem.

A spokesperson for Northumbria Police said:

We can confirm on Thursday, August 10, a 24-year-old man was arrested in Jackson Street in Gateshead on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred by displaying written material.

This week, Sun columnist Trevor Kavanagh, above, revealed that 105 cross-party MPs have written a letter to his paper calling for his sacking. He said:

My offence was to write about the attitude of predatory Muslim men towards white women – what I called ‘the Muslim Problem’.
I was instantly denounced for fomenting a Nazi-style ‘Final Solution’ comparable only with the Jewish Holocaust. It was a ludicrous, offensive and perverse distortion of the truth.
A letter calling for my dismissal signed by 105 cross-party MPs was led by Labour’s Naz Shah, the Bradford MP suspended last year for anti-Semitism.

Kavanagh quoted Trevor Phillips, former Chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission as saying that grooming is being carried out by Muslims in the UK:

What the perpetrators have in common is their proclaimed faith. They are Muslims, and many of them would claim to be practising. It is not Islamophobic to point this out.

The columnist added:

My mistake, apparently, was to describe this as ‘the Muslim Problem’.

I can honestly say it never occurred to me that this could be interpreted as a play on ‘the Jewish Problem’ and I will happily apologise to anyone who is thus offended.

Perhaps this is because I have never believed there was a Jewish Problem. There certainly was a Nazi problem with the Jews. And there was the nightmare of ‘the Final Solution’.

But the Jews have never been a problem as far as I am aware.

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  • Daz

    “My offence was to write about the attitude of predatory Muslim men towards white women”

    If “Islam is not a race,” then why is “Muslim” being contrasted with “white” rather than “non-Muslim”?

    “What the perpetrators have in common is their proclaimed faith.”

    This is true only if we ignore all instances of non-Muslims who groom children.

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  • barriejohn

    There was also the recent case of Sarah Champion and her resignation from Labour’s front bench:
    I think these people have, indeed, been guilty of an “extremely poor choice of words” at the very least, and should have thought more carefully about what they were saying exactly. It is obvious that most of the men arrested recently WERE Pakistani (Asian is too wide a term, really) and Muslim, but you can’t demonise all people of those groups because of the actions of a few.

  • remigius

    barriejohn, Maajid Nawaz covered the Sarah Champion controversy on his LBC Radio show yesterday. He talked a lot of sense, as usual…

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    Islam is not a race, it’s a religion. So Daz’s point is correct, there is no connection between the religion of these men & the skin colour of their victims.
    I know about the fact that big mo had a child bride and there are some muslims (one being too many) that use that as an excuse to have sex with children but I don’t think that this relates to this nor do I believe that their religion has any bearing on their actions.
    I agree that you shouldn’t demonise any group because of the actions of anyone within that group but to then claim that any criticism of that group, is stirring up racial hatred is going too far.

  • John the Drunkard

    Well, the perpetrators identified their victims in racial terms. WE should know that Islam is not a ‘race.’ It was THEY who set themselves up to treat ‘white’ women and children as subhumans.

  • Anthony Baker

    Do a KT analysis on this issue and you will isolate the common factor as Islam. Islam, as with so many other issues, is the PROBLEM. Islam is the ROOT Cause of the trouble.
    Islam defines Kuffars as bad.
    Islam defines women as chattel.
    So Kuffar women are the lowest form of human.
    Islam says that premarital sex and adulterous sex are deadly sins. Ergo muslim women are out of bounds for unmarried muslim men.
    So if you are a single sexually frustrated, sexually dysfunctional muslim man what do you do?
    Onanism with the help of the copious amount of kuffar porn. Yes but thats sinful too so there is much guilt associated with it. Pick up kuffar women … works for some but many of the women I know are repulsed by muslim men. Use prostitutes … are there any muslim prostitutes? Use kuffar prostitutes … I suppose some do. Hmmmm so what to do? How about getting together with a bunch of your mates, ensnare young vulnerable kuffar girls and share them amongst yourselves. That ticks many of the boxes. Young girls … just what Mohamhead had. And young kuffar girls, especially the vulnerable ones who are susceptible to drugs and alcohol and who are no longer virgins are worthless trash anyway so no problem. And you can make a few quid on the side as well by selling sex to other muslim men.
    So its time to state the problem clearly. The media must stop referring to gangs of Asians (which is racist) as the culprits and use the correct terminology … Organised criminal sexual abuse of vulnerable minor non muslim women by gangs of Muslim Pedophiles. Thats it … plain and simple … with the additional merit of being correct.
    Yes and I know most muslim men are not involved with this issue … but the men that do get involved are nearly always muslim. So its time to be honest. Unless the problem is clearly defined there can be no solution.
    And muslims are not a race.

  • Daz

    “but the men that do get involved are nearly always muslim”

    This is both absurd, given that the problems of child trafficking, organised paedophilia and suchlike crimes long pre-date the existence of any Asian/Muslim population of notable size in this country, and demonstrably untrue by any method other than a casual perusal of scaremongering headlines. See, for instance, the figures given for ethnicity under “Offender data”in this CEOP report.

  • barriejohn

    Thanks for a sleepless night everybody! (No – as some of you know, I’ve had a lot on my mind recently, and was discussing the situation with our GP yesterday, but this thread did feature prominently in my cogitations.) So, here is the result of my nocturnal emissions: I agree with Daz. Whilst I have great respect for Maajid Nawaz, I think he has fallen into a sort of trap by thinking that because of his background he has to “call a a spade a spade”. Yes, we do have a problem with Pakistani/Muslim gangs of men grooming and raping under-age girls, and need to address that urgently. But America had a very real problem with organized crime, without referring to it as a “Sicilian/Catholic Problem”. America also, at the height of its immigration boom, when considered a great “melting pot of nations”, seems to have avoided many of the problems associated with “multiculturalism” today. Somebody help me out on this. I’m not enough of a sociologist to really have the answers, but I do wonder whether this is another area where we need a new vocabulary. Also, the thoughts in my head don’t always align very accurately with what comes out when I hit the keyboard! Can anyone see what I am saying, or is it all nonsense?

  • sailor1031

    Barriejohn: If I understand you correctly your point is that the choice to commit a crime (or anything really) is an individual one. There was nothing in RCC Inc doctrine ordering some catholics to become members of Cosa Nostra. Most catholics didn’t. Similarly with the “jewish” gangs (Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel etc). These folks would all likely have been criminals in whatever cultural/religious environment they found themselves. All large groupings by race, religion, profession, interests or whatever (however arbitrary) will probably contain criminals – look at congress, RCC Inc, the AMA for example. So grooming of underage girls or boys is not a muslim problem, Some muslims do it. Some baptist ministers do it. Plenty of RCC Inc employees do it. Its a crime problem.

  • sailor1031

    All that said however, it does seem that certain crimes are the specialty of certain groups.

  • Vanity Unfair

    Just for clarification: it is true that Islam is not a race.
    However, under UK law that does not matter. Religion is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010 c. 15, S 10
    10 Religion or belief
    (1)Religion means any religion and a reference to religion includes a reference to a lack of religion.
    The important point is that discrimination = discrimination and not that religion race.
    Those of you who have not won the lottery of life (https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Cecil_Rhodes) may look to your own legislation.
    That is to say, “religion does not equal race.” I could not find the = with a oblique line through it that was used in my schooldays and the modern less than greater than convention was rejected as not having an HTML command between the two signs. Every solution has a problem.
    This is where I intended to post. If you find this elsewhere it was a mistake on my part.

  • Daz

    ≠ produces

  • Daz

    Or &lt;&gt; produces <>
    But the less-than–greater-than convention, AFAIK, is a “workaround” for situations, as in computer coding, in which only the characters on a standard keyboard are able to be used.

  • Vanity Unfair

    To Daz:
    Thank you for that. I have made a note and shall use it next time I need a ≠.