Anti-gay marriage propaganda ignored by young Australians

Anti-gay marriage propaganda ignored by young Australians September 3, 2017

The debate in Australia over same-sex marriage took a turn this week that’s left Catholic traditionalists spitting tacks.
According to this report, Father Chris Middleton, above, rector of Xavier College, a “prestigious” Catholic school, called on the church to reflect on the overwhelming support for marriage equality among young people.
He cited an Irish archbishop who called for the church to take “a reality check” and said:

In my experience, there is almost total unanimity amongst the young in favour of same-sex marriage, and arguments against it have almost no impact on them.
They are driven by a strong emotional commitment to equality, and this is surely something to respect and admire. They are idealistic in the value they ascribe to love, the primary gospel value.

In his August 24 letter, Middleton sought to downplay the role of religion in the upcoming postal survey. While maintaining the church had a right to participate in the debate, he noted:

The vote relates to marriage as a civil right, and is not in essence about the Catholic sacramental understanding of marriage.

He also suggested the church exposed itself to charges of hypocrisy following the revelations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

To be brutally honest, the church speaking out in controversial areas around sexuality risks being mired in vitriolic attacks on its credibility in the aftermath of the royal commission.

The rector of another Catholic school – Father Ross Jones, above, of St Ignatius – supports Middleton.
He outlined the rights already afforded to same-sex couples in Australia, adding many now wish to marry:

For the same reasons as their opposite-sex counterparts.

He argued Catholic couples could “in good conscience” engage in sexual relationships for reasons other than procreation under the “order of reason” school of Natural Law, rather than a physicalist view.

Presumably, same sex-couples, who make such a commitment to each other in good conscience, do so by reflecting on experience and on what it is to be human, using their God-given reason.

A recent poll commissioned by same-sex marriage advocates found 66 per cent of Catholics said they were inclined to vote “yes” in the upcoming postal survey – the same proportion as the general population.

Meanwhile, one of the plonkers featured in an anti-gay marriage TV campaign in Australia – Dr Pansy Lai, above, has been forced to deny that she supports quack “gay cure” therapies.
Lai is the founder of the Australian Chinese for Families Association, which claims to:

Bring together the Chinese community throughout Australia who hold traditional family values.

But, PinkNews reports, serious concerns have been raised over her group’s anti-gay marriage literature, which promotes “treatment” for people who want to change their sexual orientation.
It claims such treatment can:

Result in lasting change for more than 50 per cent of people studied, with no increases in harm or distress.

Lai insisted that she is not “personally” a supporter of conversion therapy, but did admit to posting information about it online.

There is no way in my website that we say people need to go through conversion therapies. I’m just saying the study results. I’m not personally saying that. For some people at least who wish to change, the study shows there is no harm.

Appearing in the Coalition for Marriage ad, Lai pushes the group’s fears about “radical gay sex education”, insisting:

When same-sex marriage passes as law overseas, this type of programme becomes compulsory.

Astoundingly, every single person who appears in the Coalition for Marriage ad has now been discredited.
Cella White claimed that:

A school told my son he could wear a dress next year if he felt like it.

Her claim was rubbished by the principal of her son’s school, Frankston High School, who said such an incident never happened.

The third woman who appears in the ad is Heidi McIvor, above, who claims:

Kids in year 7 are being asked to roleplay being in a same-sex relationship.

It later emerged that McIvor is a pastor at the extreme anti-LGBT City Builders Church in Sale, Victoria, and a persistent fundamentalist activist with an active role in the anti-gay marriage and anti-abortion movements.

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  • L.Long

    Its easy to get equality for all…make fair GOOD laws and then tell religious bigoted ahole to piss off…and tell them often!

  • andym

    OT. We had a brief discussion of AN Wilson’s hatchet job on Darwin, and the Times’ uncritical reception of it. Well yesterday they printed a review, by “author ,TV producer and poetry anthologist” (according to Wikipedia) Daisy Goodwin.That evens things up doesn’t it?
    She even says,” I am no evolutionary biologist so I cannot judge whether Wilson is right.”Which makes you wonder what the bloody point was of getting her to review it.

  • Broga

    That “Heidi Look” with gimlet eyes and pursed mouth that says, “I know I am right and you had better believe it”. There is a woman that is wound up tense and cannot relax.

  • Cali Ron

    Broga : She is so uptight she’s probably never had an orgasm. It’s just for procreation you know, you aren’t supposed to enjoy it. That’s a sin. The campaign material says a lot more about the 3 uptight bitches than it does about why they are against gay marriage.

  • Cali Ron

    Off topic : Congrats and best wishes to Barry and partner, I have been out of the loop this week and catching up.
    I had a religious experience this week, or as close as I am likely to ever get. There is a hell and it is for the living, not dead, Kidney stones! Definitely hell on earth! In my darkest hour in terrible pain I cried out loud, gnashing my teeth and even a few screams, but frankly, god never passed my mind. I was crying out for pain meds. Prayer? He’ll no,Fentanyl was my salvation.

  • Broga

    Cali Ron: That does sound hellish. Sorry that you had to suffer it.

  • andym

    @ Cali Ron.I heard that before about kidney stones. Like having a horse kick you in the guts, repeatedly, is one description I’ve come across. Hope you’re over the worst.
    Best wishes, Barry. Must be a great feeling when doing something you really want to do anyway pisses off so many fools.

  • Cali Ron

    Thanks. Started Monday and passed on Friday. Whew! They say it’s the closest a man gets to labor pains. I dare say if I were a woman I would be childless. I have a new found appreciation for the mother of my children.

  • RussellW

    Cali Ron,
    You definitely have my sympathy.I suffered an agonising attack years ago, luckily the stone passed.

  • Vanity Unfair

    Cella White claimed that:
    A school told my son he could wear a dress next year if he felt like it.
    Her claim was rubbished by the principal of her son’s school, Frankston High School, who said such an incident never happened.
    But the question arises, would they be allowed to wear one if they so wished? There have been cases in the UK for the last few years of boys wearing school uniform skirts to circumvent the rules prohibiting shorts. the latest case is at

  • barriejohn

    Vanity Unfair: Such stories used to circulate freely amongst the Brethren and other such groups, and were avidly passed on as “gospel”. I’m always sceptical.
    Paul Dacre has been having fits again over John Lewis (oh, no!) dropping the labels Boys’ and Girls’ on clothing, as if it portends the end of civilization. All picked up by Breitbart, of course:
    Just look at the comments by the Campaign for Real Education (what?) and others:
    There is a dangerous social phenomenon occurring of gender identity theft, which says there is no difference between boys and girls when of course there is.
    I believe it is child abuse to use innocent kids to score PC points. This breaks my heart. Boys are boys and girls are girls!

    We’ve had fucking unisex clothing for donkeys’ years now, you morons!
    PS Is Cella White related to the late Cella Black (real name Cilla White), I wonder? One never knows.

  • 1859

    ‘There is a dangerous social phenomenon occurring of gender identity theft, which says there is no difference between boys and girls when of course there is.’
    People who spout this rubbish only display their ignorance of what “gender” means – they are still living in a binary, either-or universe. We are at long last beginning to understand gender as a phenomenon that lies on a continuum (similar to the ‘autistic spectrum’), both ends of which are clearly different. It is the middle part of this continuum that is now demanding recognition, equality and human rights – and the two extremes had better get used to it.

  • Richard W

    Who can say whether Cella White is related to Cilla Black. It is not clear. These things are never black and white.
    But if they are related, it will be a real Surprise, Surprise.

  • barriejohn

    Richard: What a lorra, lorra laffs!

  • Cali Ron

    1859: I liked your analogy. Few things in life are black and white, almost everything is shades of grey. Christians don’t get shades of grey, they contradict their Black and white world of good and evil, sinner or saint, us vs them.

  • barriejohn

    Cali Ron: It extends to so many different areas, like plants and animals for instance, because to challenge these simplistic classifications is to question whether everything was created by a supreme being with a “plan”. I heard many times as a young Christian that it was impossible for species to interbreed because God had created each “after its kind”, but that is patently untrue, and some species are the result of hybridization so you can’t even argue that such “monsters” will always be infertile. So many of their pronouncements have been found to be false, yet they still persist in their attempts at aligning what they observe with what they read in their Bibles (one popular argument being that “definitions” have changed!).