Pastor broke no law when he oiled up a young woman

Pastor broke no law when he oiled up a young woman September 3, 2017

Pastor Mitch Olson of Michigan’s Grace Ministry Center won’t be prosecuted for a ‘highly questionable’ anointing of Justine Morden, 20, inset, who recently accused Olson of sexual assault.
According to this report, Morden is devastated that the authorities decided that, under state law, she doesn’t qualify as a victim. She said:

It’s frustrating to know that it did happen but that Michigan law can’t protect me. It’s very frustrating. I think if Michigan law was different he would be prosecuted … it’s frustrating that he can continue to do to other women what he did to me …
I have learned through this experience that sexual assault is so minimized and that it’s easier for people to brush it under the rug rather than take action.

So, what did the pastor do?
Olsen admitted that his hand might have slipped into her pants while anointing her with oil to cleanse her of sexual sins at her home.
In a case review Senior Assistant Prosecutor Paul Soderberg described the pastor’s conduct as:

Morally reprehensible … the Grace Ministry Center head pastor’s conduct appears to be highly questionably and not religious in nature. It also appears to have violated the standards of the church.
However, based on the information … this conduct despite being immoral is not illegal according to Michigan criminal law. For these reasons we are unable to prosecute this case.

A police report lodged with local authorities said:

Olson then said a prayer and placed oil on her head, Olson then did the same on (her) shoulders. Olson then asked if he could put the oil on her breasts (she) said yes and Olson put his hand down the front of (her) shirt making skin to skin contact with (her) breasts.
Olson then put oil on (her) stomach/mid-section. Olson then asked he could put oil on (her) buttock, (she) responded yes. Olson then put his hand down the back of (her) pants and made skin to skin contact with (her) buttock cheeks.
Olson then asked if he could put oil on (her) pubic area (front of pants), (she) responded yes. Olson then put his hand down the front of (her) pants and made skin to skin contact with (her) pubic region. Olson then touched (her) knees and ended with her feet.

Morden explained that it wasn’t until she told her mother about the anointing session that she realised the anointing she received wasn’t standard practice.

When I explained it to my mom, she said it wasn’t right. I believed it was what really had to be done, but he grabbed, groped my boobs.

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  • Cali Ron

    Another molesting minister? I’m shocked, shocked I say! Christians may as well just hang a sign out saying help wanted, preacher/molester wanted to assist with fleecing the flock! Benefits: Opportunities to molest free from fear of prosecution and a retirement in heaven.
    I wonder, will they be allowed to molest others in heaven? The whole premise of life (or is it zombie life) in heaven being perfect seems impossible since most Christians like everybody else are flawed and do bad things sometimes. So will they magically all be perfect little angels? If they get to keep their free will how will there not be sin? Stupidimus extremicus!

  • L.Long

    So the woman who is an adult has no responsibility for saying YES!????
    Yes I agree he is an ahole, she was stoopid!

  • Vanity Unfair

    After all the legal battles fought to establish the principle that what consenting adults do in private is very rarely any concern of the law, how could this case be decided otherwise?
    The age of majority in Michigan is generally eighteen.,4585,7-240-44299-160950–,00.html
    There is no mention of force or threats being used.
    The pastor kept asking for permission.
    There is no claim of mental incapacity.
    Unless there is some sort of “abuse of trust” criminal law in Michigan that applies to clergy then it seems the correct decision has been made.
    The same applies to tort law with the added bonus of a volenti non fit injuria plea.
    Perhaps the governing body of the church can be sued for negligence in not insisting on a chaperone for the particular intimate procedure of the exorcism that the pastor thought fit to practise. This has the added advantage that the church is probably richer than the pastor.
    For legal reasons I shall make no remarks on the loathsomeness of the pastor.

  • Laura Roberts

    The pastor sounds creepy, no doubt, but as he asked permission every step of the way, and she capitulated, the only “crime” here appears to be that this young woman evidently reached age 20 without ever learning the most rudimentary BS detection skills. Whether it’s because her family, school and community failed her, or she’s got mental or learning disabilities I cannot say. Clearly she’s unprepared for life as an adult.

  • barriejohn

    This was sexual assault. If he can’t be prosecuted, then Michigan law needs changing. Best comment so far is on Friendly Atheist:
    Trump just called. Where can he get ordained into this church?

  • barriejohn

    In the UK, doctors have been prosecuted for similar behaviour, but maybe things are different in the USA. Perhaps the victim could initiate the equivalent of a civil prosecution against him, and sue him for damages. I assume that there’s no possibility of him being “struck off” for this, as bugger-all has happened thus far apart from a couple of people associated with his church resigning!

  • 1859

    His ‘tuft’ below the lower lip is not symmetrical – that would immediately give me the creeps.
    And anyway you have to ask what has smearing oil over a person’s privates got to do with a belief in a god? Another completely meaningless and mindless superstitious ritual.

  • Jobrag

    Morden explained that it wasn’t until she told her mother about the anointing session that she realised the anointing she received wasn’t standard practice.
    FFS, a twenty year old so stupid that she allows this to happen and has to ask her mother if it was wrong, I wonder if she voted Trump. Dirty old (or young) pastors if you’re going to molest your flock tell them anointing works better if they’re naked and you won’t need to pretend that your hand “accidentally ” down their panties.

  • barriejohn

    Jobrag: This woman seems to have been of very limited intelligence, but then they are just the type that the religious and perverts like to take advantage of.

  • Cali Ron

    Even if he legally didn’t molest her he definitely did use his position and the trust and authority it gave him to take advantage of her. That’s morally reprehensible, but hardly surprising. She does seem to be of limited intelligence, but that doesn’t put the blame on her. In fact it makes his actions even more morally reprehensible.
    It sounded to me like some of us are blaming the victim and that really disappoints me. I have higher expectations for the regulars here.
    Don’t put the blame on her, she’s only human, after all .

  • Robster

    Is there like a World wide competition underway for the variously flavoured clergies to try outdo each other? Setting new standards in gross disgusting behaviour while pleading at a pretend fairy is a weird thing to aspire to.