Portland, Tennessee, to be targeted by angry drag queens

Portland, Tennessee, to be targeted by angry drag queens September 15, 2017

Back in 2014, Portland – a city of about 12,000 with 42 churches – found itself in the midst of a row when religious pillocks erected a huge anti-gay billboard above a busy highway.
At the time, Vietnam veteran and Portland resident Ronnie Monday, who initiated placing the billboard, said he felt the statement was necessary.

People have sat down long enough, and this country is going in the wrong direction. Celebrities and the president have had their say that gay marriage and homosexuality is OK, and I think it went against what God said. I needed to do something.

Well, Portland is again in the news, this time for taking the first steps to prevent drag artists from performing in local venues.
The city council recently passed the first reading of an ordinance amendment on adult-oriented businesses that would essentially prohibit a local entertainment company called Elite Drag Star Productions from staging their shows.
Kyle Guillermo, who owns Elite along with Raymond Guillermo and Ronnie Carter, said they are planning a support rally for 4:30 pm at Portland City Hall on Monday, September 18, before the board’s next meeting.
A post on Elite’s Facebook page says:

Join Elite Productions as we take a stand against hate, discrimination and fight to be able to perform at Envy Bar & Restaurant. Come speak out and let your voice be heard in front of city council. Show your love and support for Elite and Envy as it’s time for a change and it’s time to be heard.

Kyle Guillermo said the ordinance was a response to a drag show that the company put on for the first time on August 12 at  the Envy Bar & Restaurant.

Shortly after that, we received hate mail on Facebook. People are trying to get us out of Portland.

Guillermo said that the ordinance is trying to label them as:

Adult cabaret. That’s not what we do. We are drag queens, we are not taking our clothes off. We are not cabaret.

After the success of their August 12 show, they also held one September 9.

Each show has been a major success. They both sold out.

At its September 5 meeting, the City Board of Alderman voted unanimously to amend the combined zoning ordinance in regards to “adult oriented business” with no discussion. They did reference a larger discussion at a previous work session.
Portland Mayor Kenneth Wilber could not be immediately reached for comment.

Ken Wilber, Portland’s mayor
Chris Sanders, executive director of the Tennessee Equality Project, a statewide organization that works for the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, said:

This ordinance raises First Amendment questions because of the way it limits artistic expression, equal protection questions because of the way it regulates gender, and it creates a bad climate for business through over-regulation. I think the Board of Aldermen has an opportunity to press the pause button before they invite legal trouble and national scorn.

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  • Broga

    So many Christians, just can’t help interfering with others activities and they especially dislike anything that might give some harmless pleasure. As a result they bring needless trouble on themselves. There is much to be said for letting sleeping dogs lie. As Chaucer said a long time ago: “It is nought good a slepyng hound to wake.”

  • L.Long

    I love the damned quote on the sign! Most xtians if not all have no idea what it means or even cares what it refers to. But even worse is that … what does it even say? Please tell me how to lay with a man as you would a woman? Since I lay next to my wife with her on my right side, if I lay with a man then I must have him on lay left side??

  • Daz

    If you don’t like drag shows, don’t go to watch drag shows. What is difficult to understand about such a simple idea?

  • sailor1031

    Podunk, Tennessee. ’nuff said. You were expecting enlightenment?

  • Daz

    It’s a euphemism. See also: “sleep with.”

  • StephenJP

    “Puritanism: the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, is having a good time ” – HL Mencken

  • Jobrag

    Daz if you let drag shows perform in your city Gawd is going to rain fire and brimstone on all of you and send you all to hell, what is difficult to understand about such a simple GOD GIVEN TRUTH!!!

  • phhht

    Theothugs and ayatolla wannabes want to tell others how to dress, how to wear their hair, and who they can have sex with.
    Screw them.

  • Angela_K

    Another religious bigot tries to sue because he is rejected from a job because he is a bigot. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/09/15/man-called-homosexuality-evil-on-his-cv-then-sued-for-for-discrimination/

  • 1859

    @StephenJP: Spot on.

  • L.Long

    Daz///It’s a euphemism. See also: “sleep with.”
    & how do you know that? And that does not change my comment one bit! It still applies! Oh! Rite! It really means if you fuck a man as you do a woman,,,because they can’t use plain language! Oh! Wait! that still make my comment true! How do you fuck a male as you do a female??? Oh! Rite! It is still OK!! Because on a female I use the vagina and on a male one would use the butt hole, so as long as you DO NOT do butt sex on a female then you are still OK according to the book o’BS!!!

  • Lucy

    Leviticus 18:21
    And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire of Moloch….
    Don’t often see that one on posters

  • barriejohn

    Lucy: You’re not looking in the right places then.
    Abortion is child sacrifice!

  • andym

    “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” We hear this so often from these fuckwits. Their actions and their other words always show they hate anyone who isn’t just like them.

  • Stephen Mynett

    It is par for the course with religionists, they have to write stuff like that, rather than the plain truth or it would show them up for what they are, a bunch of bigoted retards.Love the sinner, hate the sin implies there is some positive feeling in their ideas, the truth is the opposite so the dispensed with the more obvious: “We hate anyone who does not agree with us.”
    The Bible and other religious writing is full of it, they are afraid to write in plain speech. Daz pointed out the euphemism for sex which is a good example but there are many others. Feet would often be used to mean testicles, which is actually a good idea as what was being written was a load of balls.

  • barriejohn

    “Love the sinner, hate the sin”. Sometimes they loved sinners so much that they had to burn them at the stake. It’s akin to: “This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you”. Anybody else remember Timothy West as Cauchon in The Messneger, a film which I enjoyed much more than the critics did! I wish I could find a link to his entreaties to the mentally ill Joan, but sadly I can’t.

  • Cali Ron

    L.Long: LOL Your logic is definitely on more solid ground the the christians!