Animal rights activists hurt in chicken-swinging brawl

Animal rights activists hurt in chicken-swinging brawl October 1, 2017

A group of Israeli animal rights activists were injured when they gathered in Hadera, about 28 miles from Haifa, to protest a bizarre pre-Yom Kippur ritual involving the swinging of chickens.
Video posted here shows pro-chicken-swingers pelting the protesters with a rocks and other objects, including an office chair and a fire extinguisher.
According to this report, six of the activists,  five women and one man, were injured in a protest last Thursday that escalated into a brawl.

Police did not intervene during the demonstration which was conducted with permission.
Some residents targeted the protesters from the balconies of their homes.
The residents were partaking in the ancient practice of kapparot, in which swinging the chicken around one’s head supposedly purges a Jew of sins.
Some believe the ritual is cruel and in the US the ritual has been challenged in court.
A Hasidic Jew expressing flips the bird to an anti-kapparot activist in Brooklyn, New York, in September 2015.
The meat of dizzy chickens is donated to charity following the rite, which some Jews perform using money in place of a chicken.
• The photo used to illustrate this report shows an Haredi Orthodox Jew participating in the kapparot ritual in Ashdod, Israel. Photo: Dima Vazinovich/Flash90.

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  • 1859

    I wish someone would swing these hasids by their beards. Yes it is cruelty to animals but it is even a greater cruelty to the human fucking race.

  • Broga

    Religion: cruelty is the first choice whether it is abuse of women, sexual abuse of kids or cruelty to animals.

  • Johan

    Oh come on! This is ok. God said so. So it must be.

  • Angela_K

    But, but, it is my “sincerely held belief”that gives me the right to abuse animals and women.

  • Michael

    Spitting Image covered this years ago.

  • tonye

    Just when I thought religion could not get more ridiculous, along come the chicken swingers.
    You could not ‘cluck-en’ make it up.
    I’ll get my coat……………..

  • barriejohn

    Michael: I always wondered whether this sort of nonsense inspired Monty Python’s Fish Slapping Dance as well, though their more obvious target was folk traditions of course (but isn’t that what Jewish customs are anyway?).

  • barriejohn

    Religion and rights start with the same letter, and there any relationship ends. There doesn’t seem to be any Biblical foundation for this particular ritual, and many Jews oppose it because of animal rights issues. These people could just as easily swing a bag of money around their heads, and donate that, but they choose to be as barbaric as possible.Of course, in America this abuse is tolerated “as an exercise of freedom of religion”, again. One despairs – in fact I’m sick of the kapparot.

  • barriejohn

    Oh, dear. It seems we haven’t room to boast:
    “Move along, please; nothing to see here.”

  • Michael

    Barriejohn. Always lived that sketch . But these guys really believe they are transmitting there sins into the chickens.

  • Broga

    It is shocking, and scarcely credible, that these human freaks, with their sick certainties, should be allowed to continue so proudly abusing chickens. I know the UK has nothing to be smug about and this is especially so after the revelations in The Guardian about the commercial production of chickens.
    You need a strong stomach and a lack of imagination to eat chicken.

  • Neal

    So they are guilty of flipping the bird Jewish style?

  • Stonyground

    Surely mockery is what is really needed here. I first heard of this bizarre practice from atheist blogger Judith Hayes. As she described what went on she injected the phrase “I’m not making this up”. The practice is almost too ridiculous to be believed. Film them, post the film on youtube, invite ridicule. To some extent this could be applied to lots of absurd religious practices.