Anti-gay Bible pest sows panic among London commuters

Anti-gay Bible pest sows panic among London commuters October 2, 2017

Passengers panicked and fled from a London train earlier today when a preacher on board began reading anti-gay passages from a Bible.
According to PinkNews, commuters grew alarmed over the man’s actions and opened an emergency door when the 7:40 South Western Railway train from Shepperton to Waterloo was stopped at a signal. They the fled onto the tracks.
The line into London Waterloo was disrupted over the incident. A spokesperson for British Transport Police said:

We were called at 8.31 AM to a disturbance on board a train just outside Wimbledon station. Passengers had evacuated themselves off the train onto the tracks.
We are currently investigating but there have been no arrests and there are no reported injuries.

This report quotes an eyewitness, named only as Ian, as saying:

I specifically heard him say things about homosexuality and sex before marriage being sins and how we had to repent for our sins, the lord gave his son for our sins et cetera. I sort of zoned out a little after that as I had no interest in listening to him.
The passengers immediately around me didn’t really react. It seemed it was some people further down the carriage behind me started to panic and push and as the train was packed they caused a crush and more panic and the Chinese whispers snowballed I guess.

He said they forced open the doors of the train while it was stopped at a red signal.

Hat tip: AgentCormac

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  • Tee

    Q – Why can’t the pious keep their vacuous views to themselves?
    A – Because they are deranged, unhinged, busybody losers with nothing better to do.
    Q – What do rational people do when in close proximity to a zealot nutter who publicly shouts out religious messages and slogans?
    A – They correctly engage the first rule of survival and rapidly distance themselves from the danger.
    Public exclamations of faith are now inseparable from the notion of terrorist attack. Thats what the public now associate with religious zealotry … barbarous acts of terrorism.

  • Broga

    I suppose of the commuters decided they were in the presence of a maniac.

  • Mary

    Why can’t the pious keep their vacuous views to themselves?
    “Because they are deranged, unhinged, busybody losers with nothing better to do”.
    Bumptious, can you read human mind or heart?

  • AgentCormac

    According to a BBC report, the panic started when the nutjob began haranguing his captive audience with phrases such as ‘death is not the end’, while no doubt having a deranged, maniacal look in his eye and a rucksack about his person. I think I’d have been off that train sharpish too.

  • Tee

    @Mary. No I can’t read minds or heart. But then I don’t have to because those that publicly holler and scream in extolation of their god into the faces of those they consider sinners and heathens are sending very clear messages about their own mental ill health.

  • Broga

    Mary: If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck and squawks like a duck then it probably is a duck. It isn’t difficult to identify the devout Christian determined to force others to accept their embarrassing nonsense about their fictional God and a bible cobbled together over the centuries.

  • Angela_K

    Barry, I see you illustrated this news item with a picture of one of our favourite nutters,Birdshit Green, it is the sort of thing he does; also the sort of thing done by Bob or what ever name he uses to troll.

  • 1859

    Surely this sort of thing is punishable under the law? A nutcase rants and scares passengers so much they force the train to stop and climb out onto the tracks? No way is this an expression of religious freedom, or the right to free speech. He needs to be fined or put into an institution.

  • Robster

    There’s still lots of churches and stuff where ‘people’ like the deluded fool here, can be safely kept separated from regular ie non religious people. These religiously afflicted people are a bit dumb, so perhaps nothing more than a rubber band would be enough to keep them contained and under control.

  • Laura Roberts

    @1859: agreed — it’s every bit as dangerous as shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theatre. When people flee from a railway car onto railway tracks for safety, something is seriously amiss.
    Guess I’m into posting links these days…

  • Mary

    “consider sinners and heathens are sending very clear messages about their own mental ill health” What if they are right and just you are dangerously deluded – Mr Tee.
    No one is immortal and this world is only an illusion and bridge to the real world where we going to see reality as it is.
    @Broga “fictional God” Can prove that there is no God?

  • Broga

    Mary: What I can indicate is that the existence of the Christian God is vanishingly unlikely. Christians state that God is omnipotent and loving and yet there is vast cruelty in the world. And no, it is clearly not caused by free will in humans as the suffering animals inflict on each other proves.
    Either God cannot stop the cruelty so he is not omnipotent. Or he could stop it but decides not to so he is not loving.
    There are so many other reasons but time is short so that will do. I have responded to you. Perhaps you would extend the same courtesy to me and reply? I would very much like you to say what you mean when you refer to God.

  • barriejohn

    Mary wants us to “prove that there is no God”. Well, maybe she would like to prove that there are no mermaids, as no rational person, for some strange reason, takes THEIR existence seriously. And this life is the only reality upon which we can depend. Any suggestion that it is not is dangerous nonsense, leading to such deranged practices as the Inquisition and burnings. Even today, it results in children being robbed of their mothers due to opposition to abortion, others having blood transfusions and vaccinations withheld, and yet more young teenagers being forced to eat their meals alone and in silence because they have “refused” to follow their parents’ religious beliefs. How can anyone defend such cruelty, yet all is justified “in the light of eternity”!

  • Broga

    barriejohn: Mary, so far, has exhibited a characteristic I have often encountered in Christians. They ask me a question which they think will challenge my atheism. I am expected to respond and any hesitation is seized on as a weakness in my comments or even “proof” that they have been proved right. Should I not respond, and sometimes there is no point, they will claim that I cannot and their belief has triumphed.
    However, as in the case with Mary so far, when their challenge is countered and they have no answer they disappear. I invite anyone who has read my little exchange with Mary to assume that she has no answer unless she still attempts to explain why she believes and what she means by God.

  • Ate Berga

    @Mary. Mary, Mary, Mary, one can not prove a negative (Hieronymus chapter 3 verse 112). Logic 101.

  • StephenJP

    Even if Mary were to be right on the argument (and of course I agree that she isn’t), there is no excuse for someone banging on about sin and repentance and “death is not the end”and all the rest of it on a commuter train. Remember the old injunction about not shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theatre?

  • 1859

    Mary you are free to believe in a god and I, an atheist, would defend with tooth and nail your right to be a believer (and I would also hope you, a believer, would defend with tooth and nail my right to be an atheist?). However, this does not mean you are exempt from being challenged, or your beliefs being criticised. People have been trying to find a ‘rational’ proof for the existence of a god for thousands of years, yet every time a so-called ‘proof’ is found it usually, under close scrutiny, dissolves into semantic incoherence, into, in other words, nonsense.
    However here is something that someone called Epicurus cobbled together (about 2000 years ago) which pretty much debunks the idea of the existence of an all-loving god; he asked the following questions;
    1. Does god want to prevent evil, but he just can’t?
    Then he cannot be all powerful – as is claimed.
    2. Is god able to prevent evil, but he doesn’t want to?
    Then he can’t be all-loving and so must be malevolent.
    3.So if god is able to stop evil and he wants to stop evil in the world, where, in that case, does all the evil in the world come from?
    4. So if god is unable and unwilling to prevent evil from happening in the world, then why call him god?

  • Mary

    Lame arguments gentlemen
    “Either God cannot stop the cruelty so he is not omnipotent. Or he could stop it but decides not to so he is not loving” – such god does not exist. It proves rather childish image of a god.
    Wrong supposition – suffering is evil.
    Actually as it is:
    1/ sin is evil
    Lucifer is the originator of sin.
    2/ suffering is good
    “He did not even spare His own Son but offered Him up for us all”
    3/ God did not create evil
    Anything that contradicts the holy nature of God is evil.
    Still your arguments do not hold water. Try more, you might also provide some scientific evidence.

  • Angela_K

    Oh dear Mary, you have a problem putting together a cogent retort. To use your own words “Try more, you might also provide some scientific evidence” Yes, please we are still waiting for evidence to support your preposterous assertions.

  • Maggie Hall

    “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.” Isaiah 45:7 Your Lord appears to disagree with you, Mary.

  • Broga

    Mary” “He did not even spare His own Son but offered Him up for us all”
    This is rubbish. What possible relevance could a psychotic father torturing his own son have to “saving” the rest of us.
    Perhaps you could also tell us what happened to the millions who lived and died before the supposed Jesus was born? They must have gone to hell. And what about the millions today who do not believe in your fictional God?
    I know your brain is addled by having been subjected to religious superstition. But try to be use a little common sense. Your comments here are doing great work in encouraging atheism.

  • barriejohn

    “Suffering is good”. That says it all;the woman(?) is barking mad!

  • barriejohn

    Maggie Hall: Well said.
    “Behold, this evil is of the Lord.” (2 Kings 6:33)
    “I … create evil.” (Isaiah 45:7)
    “What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?” (Job 2:10)
    “Out of the mouth of the most High proceedeth not evil and good?” (Lamentations 3:38)
    “Shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?”( Amos 3:6)
    All courtesy of the Skeptics Annotated Bible again.

  • Broga

    I think Mary will soon be legging it out of here. Her responses have been exposed as nonsense and contradicted by God’s own word – the Bible. She has no answers, she has embarrassed herself but, credit where credit is due, she has exposed the nonsense that is religious belief.
    I doubt if we will hear much more from her. She will slink away in shame. That is the fate of believers who have the temerity to challenge responses based on reason.

  • Mary

    @Broga, barriejohn, Angela_K
    “For everything God created is good”Suffering like all laws of physics belongs to this material world. Suffering is a blessing for a person who can accept it as a gift from the Lord (just google St Francis of Assisi or St. Maximillian Kolbe ) The last one gave up his life for a total stranger and loved his persecutors, giving us an example of unselfish love for all men) or as a curse for all who hate God and His laws. Millions of Catholics,nuns,priests, laypeople, martyrs have thanked God for the gift of suffering. Everything except sin is a gift from loving Jesus. We all live in LOVE (the whole World is however you need the gift of faith to perceive it. To put it in a nutshell Dod’s love transcends us all and everything. In your infantile image of God dominates only joy, love, mercy. But the Lord is Merciful and Just. You experience Mercy here but afterlife you will experience His Justice. Every day living in my Catholic congregation I thank him for everything that have been painful and nice. My English is not good I was tranfered to Australia from Italy two years ago. I am sister Mary. Frankly, I do not feel ashamed at all. What I found you can only cobble and quote the Bible as well as as Jehovah Witnessess. What you are absolutely right. I will log out pretty soon because you are really unable to prove the non-existence of God. You shall never be!!! The only thing that is evil is SIN. Anyway I must thank you for your kind and gentle language. Good-bye.

  • barriejohn

    Just as well, because we’re wasting our time. She is contradicting herself all the time, as she said above: “God did not create evil”, yet the Bible clearly says that he did (in some places, of course, because it’s not internally consistent!). And she’s been told that you CAN’T prove a negative, so why keep demanding that we do? Mother Teresa would have been proud of her, as she liked to see people suffer, as well.

  • Angela_K

    Mary wears her ignorance like a badge of honour, she has added nothing to the debate except religious hyperbole; I’d be embarrassed to be that gullible. I note she still asks us to prove a negative yet fails to provide evidence for her god – which we know she cannot.

  • Stephen Mynett

    I remember very well how much the Albanian Poison Dwarf loved suffering, she did nothing to abate the pain of those incarcerated in her Kolkata Gulags while travelling by private jets to expensive medical clinics for her own treatment. It is easy to see why Mary admires her so much, they are both disgusting hypocrites.
    The Catholic church, as many others have said, is little more than a crime syndicate, it is also one of the worst blights on our planet – they may not be as violent as Islam, at the moment, but have a very violent past and continue to cause pain, suffering and death because of their outdated and bigoted interpretations of a bunch of stories stolen from other cultures then reworked by misogynistic semi-literate goat-herds and Roman power seekers.
    If Mary had any honesty she would accept evidence, such as the mass of child corpses thrown into cesspits by nuns, the unending stream of sexual abuse stories, the collaboration of the RCC with various fascist and totalitarian governments, plus many other equally disgusting stories.
    I just hope, for once in her life, Mary has spoken the truth and will not be back.

  • Broga

    ” Millions of Catholics ,nuns, priests, laypeople, martyrs have thanked God for the gift of suffering. Everything except sin is a gift from loving Jesus.”
    Mary: In your own interests you must be sectioned under the Mental Health Act. You are deluded and a danger to yourself. However, you are doing three things here:
    1. Furthering the cause of atheism;
    2. Exposing religious belief as nonsense;
    3. Giving some entertainment by your bizarre performance.
    But do get help. You are in desperate need of psychiatric support. Tell your GP about your delusions and he will arrange help.

  • Maggie Hall

    Atheists do not attempt to “prove the non-existence of God”. That is not what atheism is. An atheist is just a person who does not find any rational reason to believe that a god exists. An atheist makes no claim. It is the religious who make claims regarding the existence of god(s). An atheist finds those claims unconvincing. Whenever any kind of a claim is made, the claimant is accepting the burden of proof for their claim. If they have no proof to support the claim then the claim cannot be accepted to be true. This is not the same as asserting that it is false.

  • 1859

    @Mary: Although we will probably never hear from you again, I thank you for your candid,open-hearted remarks and, more especially, for reminding me of the wonderful sense of freedom and intellectual emancipation I have as an atheist. You originate from Italy? Then the cat-lick church must have been whispering its nonsense into your ears from the moment you were born? Ask yourself – What chance do you have to think differently to the way you do? To me that is not freedom, that is mental servitude. Nevertheless, I wish you a healthy, long life.