Australian voters give anti-gay marriage bigots a good kicking

Australian voters give anti-gay marriage bigots a good kicking October 18, 2017

Despite a determined push by Australia’s  anti-gay marriage lobby – and a whopping A$1 million (£593,000) injected by the Anglican Church into the ‘hysterical ‘No’ campaign – a new poll shows that ‘Yes’ voters are comfortably ahead.
According to this report, a special Newspoll survey shows a massive 59 per cent of those who have returned their postal ballots are in favour of legalising gay marriage. Just 38 per cent of the millions of Australians who have voted said they were against.

The poll conducted for The Australian comes just a day after the latest estimate from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that 10.8 million survey forms had been returned as of Friday, October 13.
That means around 67.5 per cent of the 16 million forms sent out have been posted back. The only way in which the No campaign could now succeed is by winning three out of every four remaining votes, according to the figures from Newspoll.
It also found a high level of support for same-sex marriage among those who have not yet voted, with 56 per cent of all respondents in favour of the legislative change and 37 per cent against.
The poll makes gloomy reading for the conservative Christians, and specially the Anglican and Catholic Churches. Yesterday, The Tablet reported that the Anglicans had donated A$1 million to the Coalition for Marriage.
Sydney’s Anglican Archbishop, Dr Glenn Davies said:

Brothers and sisters, the stakes are high and the cost is high. Yet the cause is just and it is a consequence of our discipleship to uphold the gift of marriage as God has designed it — a creation ordinance for all people. I therefore make no apology for encouraging all Australians, especially Anglicans, to vote ‘No’ in this postal survey.

And Sydney’s Catholic Archbishop, Anthony Fisher, above, has expressed concern about religious freedom in Australia as the country enters the last month of its postal survey on same-sex marriage.
In a homily at St Mary’s Cathedral on 15 October, Archbishop Fisher said:

Governments should, in general, keep out of the friendship business and out of the bedroom. The only kind of friendship the state has a proper interest in recognising and regulating is heterosexual marriage, because that’s what leads to children – new citizens – and gives them the best start in life.
Likewise, it’s no business of the Church to be ritualising other relationships: the only kind that can be a natural marriage and, if between two baptised people, a sacramental one is that between a man and wife. We are not saying [other friendships] are less, or unworthy of support, or not genuine: we are simply recognising that they are not marriage.

Social media users were quick to highlight the irony of Fisher’s remarks considering the Catholic Church regularly speaks out on issues from contraception to sex before marriage, not to mention its struggle with paedophile priests.
One Twitter user wrote

The RCC preaching about bedrooms?! really?

The poll shows that support for same-sex marriage is strongest in the youngest demographic, aged 18-34, with 66 per cent in favour and just 28 per cent against. The ratio narrows as voters get older; people aged over 65 are the only group more likely to vote No, with 49 per cent against legalising gay marriage to 44 per cent in favour.
Older voters are more likely to return their ballots, but it is looking increasingly unlikely they can reverse the trend at this juncture.
The figures have defied the expectations of both opponents and proponents of same-sex marriage, who did not predict such a significant voter turnout in a non-compulsory postal ballot.
The Equality Campaign’s Shirleene Robinson said it showed Australians hadn’t forgotten about LGBTI neighbours.

Australians have recognised how important this issue is to their family, friends and colleagues and are doubling down to ensure that when this campaign is over we are left with the fair, equitable and inclusive country that we all want.
This is a great result and confirms that Australians want to get this done and are returning their surveys in record numbers.

And it seems the No side is beginning to accept defeat, with Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, who is against same-sex marriage, telling the audience at a Fairfax media event in Sydney last week he believed Yes would win.
The Minister personally opposes changing the law but has pledged to vote for it in Parliament if the Yes campaign is successful.
Meanwhile the Anglican Bishop of North West Australia, Gary Nelson, has, according to PinkNews, threatened to ban all weddings if same-sex marriage becomes legal.
He claimed that if the vote in favour of equal marriage passes, he would block the registration of all marriages, heterosexual or gay, in the region.
Hat tip: BarrieJohn (The Tablet and PinkNews reports)

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  • barriejohn

    Irony isn’t the word for it!

  • AgentCormac

    ‘Governments should, in general, keep out of the friendship business and out of the bedroom.’
    Pot. Kettle. Black.

  • L.Long

    Marriage is NOT a religious thing no matter how often they lie about it being so! It is a civil & public contact between to (or more) consenting adults to become a ‘company’ to produce mutual happiness and care. And allows the company to be dissolved in a more equitable manner. The last part is the most important cuz when only religion controls marriage it is a male dominated free for all to throw the women under the bus!

  • Har Davids

    Sure, the government has no business in the bedroom, but neither has religion, which had a monopoly for centuries. And let’s not forget that you could have loads of wives and concubines in biblical times.

  • gedediah

    The religiots back themselves further and further into a corner. Keep it up, soon we’ll all be able to ignore you.

  • Broga

    “the gift of marriage as God has designed it — a creation ordinance for all people.” I would like to see some evidence to back that up. But they don’t do evidence. “Designed implies God spent some time planning a design. I wonder what the essentials are that he designed.
    We got hitched in the Register Office, no God or religion mentioned, and legged it off to the Lake District on honeymoon as soon as we could. I suppose we are not regarded as married according to the RC Church.

  • Michael Glass

    The bishop needn’t worry about getting out of the marriage business. The marrying public is doing that for him. As recently as 1999, civil marriages accounted for just over 50 per cent of Australian marriages, but in 2015, 74.9 per cent of couples in Australia were married in civil ceremonies.
    At that rate of growth, he won’t have marriages to celebrate in the not too distant future.

  • Broga

    Michael Glass : And funeral ceremonies are going the same way.

  • Stephen Mynett

    I know a couple of Christians, although not the lunatic type, who after attending two Humanist funerals said they were better,saying that they were given an opportunity to pray and that the service was about the person they went to remember and not a load of advertising for the particular brand of god involved.
    I think there are quite a few middle of the road Christians who are disgusted by the antics of the fundies and evangelicals. That is the crazy thing, those who are most vociferous and extreme in their views are helping to destroy the church they claim to be standing up for. I hope they succeed.

  • andym

    This is such a humiliating rout, Andrea Williams must have somehow been involved in their campaign.

  • Broga

    Stephen Mynett : I had a similar experience when my mum died almost six years ago. I did the central bit (not easy in view of the emotions) and close relatives who knew her spoke for a few minutes each about memories of her. Very affecting as the comments were all so personal and there was obvious grief. We played some of her favourite music and had a buffet afterwards. A Christian relative said she wanted a similar procedure i.e. no church; no vicar. She was 101 and four months when she died at home.
    The Labrador that she liked so much was in the front row and behaved impeccably.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Broga, there is no such thing as a nice funeral but if you can do it in a way that would have made the person you loved happy then it makes things a little better. I spoke at my best friends funeral and, like you, found it difficult but at least we gave Bob a send off befitting of him.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Andym, I expect Andrea Williams an co will be banging on about persecution while totally ignoring the Christians who are being killed for their beliefs in some countries. They are shit-scared of secularism yet in some places it is one thing that could save them.

  • Vanity Unfair

    Meanwhile the Anglican Bishop of North West Australia, Gary Nelson, has, according to PinkNews, threatened to ban all weddings if same-sex marriage becomes legal.
    Does he have that power? All weddings, or only in NW Australia? Even if it is only Anglican church weddings perhaps someone should send him a scalpel and a diagram showing the location of his nose. Rhinectomy would be followed by an appeal for funding to replace lost fees.
    As for how much the church would lose, according to Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission:
    Financial information provided voluntarily? No
    It is not mandatory for basic religious charities to provide financial information or submit a financial report.

    How convenient.

  • Bub

    The days of darkness shall give gay marriage nutters a good kicking too,meanwhiles a few hurricanes are mere gentle portent of massive purification.

  • AgentCormac

    @Stephen Mynett & Boga
    Three years ago we gave my father-in-law a Humanist send off. Afterwards, a devoutly catholic family friend said it was the best funeral she’d ever been to.

  • Broga

    AgentCormac: My brother, who died before our mother, (life long smoker who died of lung cancer) was an unthinking Christian of the “there must be something there” variety. I was deeply fond of him but could play no part in his funeral thanks to the attitude of his wife.
    The vicar, who didn’t know him, read what was supposed to be a eulogy and I thought that it was a travesty. I don’t blame the vicar. He didn’t know my brother who never went to church. The vicar was asked to conduct the funeral by the widow, another Christian, and so cobbled together what he could. I spoke with the vicar afterwards and liked him. He seemed a decent, kindly man and, I suppose, was doing what vicars are supposed to do at a funeral.
    So much better when the loving relatives make the comments.

  • barriejohn

    Bub: Oooh! We’re going to be “purified”, are we? Would that be anything to do with colonic irrigation, perhaps? Can’t wait, myself. Meanwhile, Uranus is going to be visible all over Essex tonight, matey, so watch out!

  • Barry Duke

    It’s so sad, BarrieJohn, that people like Bub are so lacking in imagination and originality. All they can do is parrot one another, typing meaningless and mostly illiterate sentences. “Meanwhiles a few hurricanes are mere gentle portent of massive purification.” Jesus fucking Christ on a trampoline, what is that supposed to mean?! This garbage can only come from someone with the mental age of a three-year-old.

  • barriejohn

    If their god is going to “purify” the earth, you’d think he’d get on with it, wouldn’t you? It’s been coming “imminently” for sixty years now to MY knowledge!

  • AgentCormac

    @Barry & barriejohn
    Bub’s obviously a happy lad, isn’t he. Those days of darkness must play on his religion-addled mind a lot.

  • Broga

    Bub is satisfied living in his delusions where he can enjoy thinking about those he hates, for no good reason, getting “a good kicking.” Smug, self righteous and full of the certainty that is the province of the ignorant. His closed mind does not permit the doubts that are inevitable for those with the curiosity that comes from thinking.
    He is insecure in his assumed certainty and cannot afford to see it threatened. With him no mature discussion is possible. In thinking he has all the answers he truly has none as he cowers behind his fragile faith.

  • barriejohn

    Bub couldn’t be distantly related to Bob of this parish, could he? HE has ALL the answers:

  • RussellW

    Michael Glass,
    Encouraging statistics. My wife and I were married in a civil ceremony in Australia in 1981, we were in a very small minority then. The wedding was conducted by a civil celebrant in a friend’s garden.
    My mother, in an unguarded moment, revealed that she thought that my wife and I weren’t properly married. She wasn’t very religious btw.
    My father was an atheist, a civil funeral seemed appropriate.

  • Barry Duke

    BarrieJohn, given a choice between reading Hutton’s drivel and nailing my scrotum to the caboose of a runaway train, I’d cheerfully choose the latter. Every one of his posts can be condensed into one simple message: an imaginary and very nasty god will send everyone to an imaginary hell if they don’t take the deity’s imaginary bastard child into their hearts. It’s so bloody silly and very, VERY childish. But what else can one expect from an individual who lives a life of sheer terror and wants everyone else to do the same.

  • Robster

    Australian person here, the delightfully overt desperation now coming to the fore here in Oz is something to behold. Little ads in the papers urging the readers to “maintain god’s (or other preferred deity) blessing for Australia” or maintaining that legalising Marriage equality is like a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah or whiny brain dead Christians promising all sorts of unrelated unsavouries should the Yes’s win are having all the impact of a cotton wool ball in road construction. Kids I speak to can’t believe what they’re hearing from the religiously afflicted and they, like most young people are learning that subscribing to the god /Jesus nonsense is not a positive option.

  • Broga

    RussellW: One of my wife’s aunts, a Christian, pronounced, “Not getting married in church. She must be pregnant.” She must have been disappointed when our first child did not arrive for 10 months.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Robster, my sister emigrated about 14 years ago and although I miss my nieces (two now 18 and one 16) it is the best thing she could have done as they have had a much better society to grow up in. I have been over several times and if it were not for all the people I know in Europe would think about it myself, it is just too far away from everyone I know.
    I met a couple of religious nutters there but the majority of people were tolerant and friendly. Of course there is the odious George Pell and the Christian Brothers but problems like that are the world over and I have a feeling the Aussie courts are more likely to do something than a lot of others.
    Hopefully this marriage vote will be the beginning of the end of religion in Aussie, although I always though it a good sign that the idiot Ken Ham had to move to America, even he must have realised he had no chance promoting his crackpot schemes at home.
    On another positive note, there are a lot of good breweries as well, Little Creatures Brewery in Fremantle do one of the best Pale Ales I have had in years, it is a pity I cant get it here.

  • 1859

    Go Aussie go! The same-sex marriages bill was passed into law on 13th August 2013 here in NZ – and I can quite confidently state we have not slipped into an oceanic trench, neither have there been plagues of locust, nor acts of sodomy in the streets or any noticeable collapse of civilised values. In fact quite the contrary – a lot of people have been made very happy, and that’s not a bad thing is it?

  • barriejohn

    Barry: I fell about laughing when I read Bob’s statement that not only “unbelievers”, but “even, at times, sincere Christians” are perplexed by some of the questions that he raises, but not ace theologian Bob , who never entertains a glimmer of doubt! How come he isn’t lecturing at one of the top universities, or advising people like Justin Welby and the Pope? The degree of self-belief (and self-delusion) is absolutely staggering, but he’s closeted in his own little world, I’m afraid, and impervious to reason.

  • Stephen Mynett

    I do think even David Dunning and Justin Kruger could have imagined someone like Barmy Bob, the effect is off the scale with this one.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Should be a not in first line of my last post, as in I do not think . . . Obviously Bob’s god has been doing a bit of editing to annoy us.

  • Barry Duke

    FYI Bub is our Polish troll Seff.

  • Lucy

    My mother in law’s ‘funeral’ was a lunch in a room over a pub, with loads of friends and family chatting about her, and other stuff. (After a private cremation..she wasn’t propped up in the corner] Lots to drink and eat. My husband said a few words. The barman said it had been a great occasion. I had lazily assumed he was Muslim, maybe Turkish, and said apologetically that I rated the fact there was NO god anywhere to be seen. He agreed wholeheartedly, said his parents had had religion , and had raised their family atheist. It was the perfect ending.

  • barriejohn

    Barry: I thought it must be one of them!

  • Bubblecar

    I’m not at all amused that Bub has stolen part of my name.