Christians booted out of gay-owned Seattle coffee shop

Christians booted out of gay-owned Seattle coffee shop October 8, 2017

Ben Borgman, inset above, was so incensed that a Christian group had placed a ‘gross’ anti-abortion poster in his Bedlam Coffee shop in Seattle that he threw them off the premises.
Borgman, according to this report, was furious that the poster, through the use of rainbow colours, “insinuated” that gays were responsible for abortion.

Borgman was filmed on October 1 losing his cool when members of Abolish Human Abortion decided to order drinks in his shop after posting and distributing “pro-life” pamphlets in the local community.
The video was then posted on the group’s Facebook page and went viral. AHA yesterday posted this message:

We’re glad that this incident is getting exposure, but it’s kind of sad that conservatives are more upset that Christians would be kicked out of a coffee shop for being Christians than they are with the fact that moms and dads are murdering their babies every minute of every day.

Borgman is shown in the video telling the anti-abortionists, including Caleb Head and Caytie Davis, to get out, saying “I’m gay. You have to leave.”
“Are you denying us service?” Mr. Davis asked.
“I am. Yeah,” Borgman replied.
The confrontation about tolerance then escalated when activist Jonathan Sutherland was asked if he would watch a sex act. Borgman said:

If I go get my boyfriend and fuck him in the ass right here you’re going to tolerate that?

“That would be your choice,” Sutherland replied.

Ben Borgman
Borgman responded:

Are you going to tolerate it? Answer my fucking question! No, you’re going to sit right here and fucking watch it! … Well then I don’t have to fucking tolerate this! Leave! All of you. Tell all your fucking friends, don’t fucking come here.

When the activists told Borman to turn to Jesus, he responded:

Yeah, I like ass. I’m not going to be saved by anything. I’d fuck Christ in the ass. OK? He’s hot.

According to this report, as the Christians begin collecting their belongings to leave, one of the women in the group addresses the owner directly and tells him:

Just know that Christ can save you from that lifestyle.

The Bedlam Coffee Shop issued responses on October 2 and October 4 asking viewers to consider another side of the story. Borgman said:

In the end, it’s all about context … In context it was a response, a response to being shocked and repulsed. A revenge you could even call it, a weakness demonstrated in the typical, they hurt me, I will hurt them fashion.

The 52-year-old owner, who claimed that the anti-abortion poster had been hidden within his shop, said that his full exchange with the activists included one of the activists denying that graphic anti-abortion materials were their own.

They were ready with that camera. I was baptised Catholic, Roman Catholic actually, I’ve been to a few Bible studies, read the entire book, more than once. To my understanding, and to speak in the religious vernacular; these people are working for Satan. The great trickster has deluded them into believing that hate is love, that rage is peace, and that lies are truth.
The God I knew, the Jesus I was taught about would absolutely never ever print a poster with a hideous dead baby representation at what was clearly meant to insinuate at the hands of gays … suffice to the say the poster was gross, and the text on the back? Holy cow, whoever wrote that is in a lot of pain. I spoke to them in their own language.

The row has resulted in Bedlam Coffee getting some terrible review on its Facebook page.
And homophobic messages are piling up on his personal Facebook page.

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  • Peter Sykes

    “I reckon the words “atheist” and “theist” should be removed from common usage.
    I much prefer the terms “realist” and “brainwashed asshole.”” – Anthony W. Allsop

  • AgentCormac

    Going into that particular coffee shop was a provocative act by the xtian vigilantes who simply by looking at the exterior must have known it had gay connections. However, it’s a pity Borgman reacted the way he did as it makes them look like the victims. If it had been a gay being thrown out of a christian coffee shop in such a manner I’m sure we would all be up in arms.

  • barriejohn

    I agree; he was set up and he took the bait – hook, line and sinker. Now he looks like the villain, and they are the victims. Just what they wanted. And never lose your temper with these people – especially on camera. That’s one thing that bothers me about Prof. Dawkins. I understand his frustration, but it would be better if he kept calm!

  • Angela_K

    Sometimes it is difficult to maintain an air of calmness when confronted by the mendacity and outright hatred of the religious, and this café owner was certainly taunted and set-up. Usually a good dose of bible contradictions sends loony christian packing; I did once threaten to shoot the dog of a religious nut who leafleted my house when his mutt defecated on my land.
    Those gory “photographs” used by the anti-abortionists are usually photo-shopped or are picture of miscarriages.

  • Barry Duke

    It’s never a good idea to go apeshit, but that’s precisely what I did last week in my local bar – and I’m not proud of the fact.
    I’d been having a VERY bad day and was sitting outside the small Spanish pub when the English owner came out fuming. When I asked what had upset him, he said that a man had come in, began complaining that the the drinks were overpriced, that the place was “full of bloody foreigners”, and that Spain had become way too expensive.
    I lost it when he told me that the idiot had made clear he was a Brexiteer. Just that day I calculated that, since the referendum, the collapse in the value of the pound had cost me around €4,000.
    So I rushed in and screamed that if he didn’t fuck off I’d rip off an arm and beat him to death with the wet end. He legged it, and I drank free whisky for the rest of the night.
    Within 24 hours word had gone round town that I was completely mental, so I’ve been nothing but sweetness and light ever since.

  • 1859

    (Clearly you are not to be trifled with BD? We’re in the same position – after the Brexit vote our savings lost about 5000 pounds.)
    I can well understand Borgman’s outrage as the christians
    were trying to make a spurious connection between being gay and abortion – implying that gay people were somehow responsible for terminated pregnancies. I have to admit that, personally, I do feel uncomfortable about abortion. I know all the arguments for and against (I don’t include religious bullshit), and I come down on the side of a woman being the only person who has the right to decide what to do with her body. Nonetheless, the idea that a perfectly viable 18 week old foetus is ‘terminated’- even though I know it is mostly a disorganised lump of non-sentient ,unconscious jelly – does make me feel morally queasy.
    Borgman lost his cool – but given the level of provocation, how many of us would have remained calm?

  • Stephen Mynett

    It seems obvious the religionists were purposely setting up the stunt but that is par for the course with these dishonest bastards.
    As Angela pointed out, most pictures used by them are GIMPed (as a Linux user I don’t use Photoshop) or of miscarriages. I doubt much can be done, certainly in the USA where free speech seems to trump any form of advertising honesty and the UK Advertising Standards lot are not much better but it would be nice if some sort of action could be taken against such open dishonesty.
    Finally and totally OT, I wonder where Seff was today, possibly with the rest of this load of batty Poles:

  • Laura Roberts

    @1859: exactly: abortion is a topic that requires nuance and scientific understanding, something that is missing far too much of the time. I’ve got no issues with abortion whatsoever up to the point that the embryo can experience pain, which is possibly as early as 26 weeks, but unlikely even then (see [1] below). However, it’s a bit of a moot point, as most abortions take place within the first ~8 weeks and more than 90% within 13 weeks [2].
    And, as @1859 rightly points out, we’re weighing this against the mother’s bodily autonomy. Most of us would recoil in horror at the idea of one person using another person’s organs without consent. Similarly, we wouldn’t force a parent to risk his life to, for example, donate liver tissue to a newborn infant. Yet this is precisely the kind of special privileges anti-abortion pundits are advocating for blastocysts and embryos.
    When someone can articulate a convincing argument as to why we should guarantee special rights to undeveloped organisms, then I’m willing to listen. But the non-scientific, religion-addled babbling they seem to prefer will convince nobody but themselves and,sadly, too many gullible ignoramuses.