Devout Muslim, once jailed for rape, found guilty of assault

Devout Muslim, once jailed for rape, found guilty of assault October 1, 2017

Soruth Ali, 42, who served a seven-year prison term in the UK for the 1995 rape of a 15-year-old girl when she was in her school uniform, has been jailed for 14 months after he admitted assaulting his daughter and her lover in Manchester.
Ali, said to be a “strict” Muslim father, pleaded guilty in Bolton Crown Court to actual bodily harm and common assault.
According to this report, Ali attacked the pair after he heard noises coming from a bedroom his house on August 21.

His daughter is in police protection after the incident and has now been placed in care to keep her away from her “very religious and very controlling” father.
The court heard that Ali was woken up at 5am by noises coming from the bedroom and opened the door to find her and lover James Martin in bed together.
The restaurant manager grabbed a hammer and hit Martin over the head then punched and kicked his daughter Fathema before dragging her out of her bedroom by the hair ignoring pleas from her family to stop.
The attack, which took place in Leigh, Greater Manchester, left Martin with a deep gash to his head which required two staples.
Fathema’s head and face were badly bruised and in a statement, she said that her father, a married father-of-four, hit her on the left arm, knocked her to the floor and began to kick her to the head and legs.
In a statement to police, Fathema claimed she was forced into living two lives, one for her strict Islamic father at home and another outside the house.
The court heard that on the night of the incident Fathema sneaked Martin into the house as her parents were away. When they returned he hid in her bedroom for the night.
Ali was said by probation officers to have shown a “lack of remorse and empathy” although he contested this.
In mitigation, his solicitor Isobel Thomas, said Ali misses his family and is sorry for his behaviour.
Passing sentence Judge Timothy Clayson told Ali:

You could have killed Mr Marion and it is through no design of your own that you did not. It is incredibly fortunate that he wasn’t seriously injured.

Ali was banned from contacting his daughter for three years under the terms of a restraining order.

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  • Broga

    “In mitigation, his solicitor Isobel Thomas, said Ali misses his family and is sorry for his behaviour.”
    I suppose he does miss his family. He misses being a “strict Muslim father” and being able to knock lumps out of them. He “is sorry for his behaviour”. That means he is sorry he was caught and convicted.

  • Tee

    The worst thing for thing shitehawk is the ostracising he will get from his muslim neighbours and all his “mates” down the mosque for not controlling his daughter. That he has done time in jail that he is a criminal, is hated by his daughter is not at all important to him. Its the shame he feels in front of his mates that hurts him so much.