Funeral bells toll to mark the 'murder' of Christian morality

Funeral bells toll to mark the 'murder' of Christian morality October 17, 2017

Christians can be such drama queens …
The latest manifestation of priestly outrage, according to this report, comes from Greece where a number of churches said that will ring funeral bells every day until Saturday to protest a new law that makes it easier for people to change their legally recognised gender.

Greece’s parliament passed a law last week which allows people over 15 to change their gender on official documents with a court ruling, without requiring medical tests or sterilisation as was the case until now.
The bill laid bare divisions within the left-right coalition government and led to debates between the ruling leftist party and the conservative opposition. It has also angered the powerful Orthodox Church, which demanded it be withdrawn.
Clerics of the Orthodox Diocese of Kalavryta and Egialia decided that churches in their region will ring the funeral toll for three minutes every day until October 21.
Yesterday (Monday), Skai TV showed a banner on the facade of a church in the city of Egio reading “Christian morals have been murdered” as church bells rang in mourning.

Bishop Amvrosios of Kalavryta, above, told clerics on Saturday, before the decision was made.

I want to share with you my agony and we may turn it into a protest movement. We may be able to influence others too and lead to a revolt.

When Greece decided to allow gays to enter civil partnerships in 2015 Amvrosios blew a gasket, and ordered Greeks to spit on homosexuals:

Spit on them! Deprecate them! Vote against them! They are not human! They are freaks of nature! Mentally and spiritually sick! They are mentally insane!
Don’t hesitate, then! Wherever you see them, spit on them! Don’t leave them in peace! They are dangerous

The clerics’ said the new transgender ruling was:

An outrageous inspiration to allow a person to change gender with a simple application, in a few minutes, contrary to what God gave humans.

Oh, and and homosexuality is a “deadly sin.”
The Men in Black added

The frivolous passing of the law, which opposes human nature and biology and leads to the abominable sin of homosexuality, creates unrest and confusion.

The law was welcomed by human rights activists. Amnesty International said it was a historic step forward for transgender people in Greece.

"They all "know" what God thinks. How amazing."

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  • gedediah

    Murder? Suicide more like.

  • AgentCormac

    The only place it causes ‘unrest and confusion’ is in the bloody church.

  • gert

    Go on keep ringing the bells … keep ringing until you can’t carry on. Who cares? Who gives a flying fuck for the sensitivities and bogotries of preists who can now see that they are quickly loosing their grip on the people?

  • L.Long

    Why is it that being good to others pisses off ugly old dudes with ugly beards dressed in bad dresses?
    Xtian morality does NOT exist! It is not morality when you are doing stuff because some ahole tells you too or else suffer for ever, that’s call following orders! Morality are the rules YOU determine to follow!

  • Angela_K

    “Christian morality” I’ve always thought that was a bit of an oxymoron. If as these men in panto outfits suggest these are his god’s laws being violated, then why doesn’t his god do something, could it be gods don’t exist.

  • RichardW

    An entertainment to us all and an addition to the gaiety of nations.
    I hope they will go on protesting and playing with their dingdongs, at least until it becomes clear that no one is listening, either on earth or elsewhere.

  • John the Drunkard

    Isn’t this the same church who’s corruption and criminal business practices helped destroy the Greek economy?

  • Broga

    ” They are not human! They are freaks of nature! Mentally and spiritually sick! They are mentally insane!”
    That’s a bit harsh. He seems upset. Can you be insane other than mentally?

  • StephenJP3

    As Leslie Phillips would have observed: “I say, ding-dong!”

  • AgentCormac

    Just going back to the ‘Don’t do this outside a church’ thread for a mo, apparently don’t do it in a Domino’s pizza shop either.

  • Stephen Mynett

    RichardW, Stephen JP3, perhaps he is a fan of Chuck Berry and his ding-a-ling.

  • sailor1031

    AgentC: My old dad used to say “when ya gotta have it, ya gotta have it”. Guess these guys felt the same way.

  • 1859

    Of course you can easily see this the other way – because they usually ring church bells to celebrate something – so let them ring ! I personally wouldn’t know the difference between a funeral bell and a front door bell.
    As for the guy who wants to spit on gay people, I wonder if he would call such action an example of christian love and forgiveness? By telling his fellow bigots to behave like this he is worse than some drunken football lout who goes around beating up fans from rival teams. Also the more vitriolic his words are, the more one suspects his own sexual orientation and desires? He probably approved of ISIS throwing gay men off buildings.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Following on from your last point 1859. I think a lot of the current evangelicals and fundamentalists are quite jealous of ISIS and the like as they would love to see a return to the days of the inquisitions. A good number travel the world in support of homophobic laws, notably the Ugandan kill the gays bill but there are others.

  • 1859

    @ Stephen M: I only hope that once these old men whose brains have become solidified by religious dogma, die off, a new, more open-minded generation will replace them ( but then, I’m always the naive optimist). But seriously, surely the next generation can’t be MORE bigoted, MORE intolerant, MORE fanatical? Aren’t we moving inexorably towards a more inclusive, tolerant world? (Shit! There I go again – ever hopeful!)

  • barriejohn

    @1859: You mean like in Austria? Do you read the news?
    Strache likes to be addressed as gauleiter, FFS!

  • CoastalMaineBird

    passing of the law, which [..] leads to the abominable sin of homosexuality,
    Wow, Passing a law leads to homosexuality. I’m not a sociologist, but I’m going to bet that just ain’t so.

  • 1859

    @barriejohn: No – like Jacinda Ardern here in NZ!
    ‘Gauleiter Strache’ sounds ominous, but if he says one syllable that supports past Nazi atrocities, he’s out.