Indiana pastor Gary Evans charged with molesting girls

Indiana pastor Gary Evans charged with molesting girls October 21, 2017

The 72-year-old Rush County pastor, from the Baptist Temple in Rushville, faces three counts of child molesting, four counts of sexual battery, and five counts of child solicitation.
According to this report, the charges arise out of a police investigation that began in September when a three-year-old girl reported an encounter with Evans to the police.

The girl told investigators that Evans lured her into his office with the promise of candy, then pulled his pants down and made her touch his genitals. He then told her not to tell anyone what happened.
After the investigation into Evans’ behavior began in late September, another mother brought her five- and seven-year-old daughters to police. Both girls told investigators that Evans had forced his hands down their pants when they were alone with him in his office.
Police say there may be other victims.

Meanwhile, in Canada, Jeffrey Enns, above, a pastor and fire chaplain has been charged with two counts of luring a person under 18 by means of telecommunication.
Enns, from Bolton Ontario, had served for several years as lead pastor at Bolton Alliance Church, and was appointed the Town of Caledon Fire and Emergency Services fire chaplain in 2014.
He was also a contributing writer for The Caledon Enterprise’s Sideroads magazine.
His ministry licence was suspended on September 12, said the Canadian Central District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.
Said District representative Barrie Doyle in an official statement:
This action was based upon allegations brought to the District’s attention on September 11. The allegations were also taken to the London, Ontario, Police Service.
A notice of disciplinary action said that Enns’ licence was suspended for:

Repeated moral and ethical failure in accordance with the Licencing Policy of the Christian Missionary Alliance in Canada.

Enns resigned from his role of the town of Caledon’s fire chaplain on September 13.
Enns is scheduled to make his first court appearance on November 14 in London.
Hat tip: Andy (Enns report)

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  • Broga

    A three year old girl? Sometimes the wish for vigilante action becomes irresistible. However, we must remember that, as a devout Christian, he was probably led astray by Satan.

  • barriejohn

    Broga: No doubt she seduced him!

  • Broga

    barriejohn: A smile would do it. These three year olds are natural seducers. How could he resist?

  • gert

    Why the fuck to firemen need a chaplain?

  • Stephen Mynett

    Why does anyone need chaplains but they weasel their way in everywhere, the NHS wastes millions on hospital chaplains who mainly get in the way and piss people off.
    Good money if you can get it though, 40k a year for turning up, looking stupid and being annoying.

  • gert

    OT … but this is what being a christian does to you …
    “Having a mobile phone in your pocket gives you a sense of peace. Knowing that if you need to speak to someone they are just a phone call away”.
    “Being a Christian is like having your mobile phone with you all the time”.

  • AgentCormac

    “Being a Christian is like having your mobile phone with you all the time”.
    Because you constantly annoy others around you with your inconsiderate prattle.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    @gert: It’s not just firemen who have chaplains. The railways here in the UK also have full time chaplains. Don’t ask me why.

  • gert

    Canal Boaters have chaplains too. Why, why, why,why, why??????????
    Do chaplains have chaplains for when their faith falters.

  • StephenJP

    These people just keep coming, don’t they?

  • Vanity Unfair

    Why do firefighters (mustn’t forget the ladies) need chaplains? I suppose it depends on the fire.
    See Spike Milligan’s reason at
    Railways? Because it takes a miracle to make them work properly.

  • 1859

    ‘A three year old’ ? I feel as though I might be opening a
    can of really nasty worms here…but…I once watched a Danish(?) film about a male primary school teacher who is falsely accused of sexual misconduct with a blonde girl of about 6 or 7 years old. What was especially gruelling was how the social workers and sexual abuse councillors, by their choice of words and phrases, actually implanted the images of sexual abuse in the girl’s mind. The film makes it quite clear that the alleged abuse did not happen, but because of the way in which the councillors and wider community convinced themselves that the abuse had occurred, the girl comes to believe that ‘something bad’ must have happened between her and the teacher. The teacher’s career and standing in the community was, of course, totally destroyed and the film ends with someone, years later, taking a potshot at him even though he had been exonerated – the doubts about what he had and hadn’t done being still alive.
    I know it is far safer to err on the side of the child and if the above ‘pastor’ did what he did, then he should without doubt pay the penalty.

  • Broga

    1859: Social workers, as they have such a flimsy basis of knowledge which is cobbled together from many sources, have to use their imagination regarding what they doing. They have a need to be professionals like doctors, lawyers, architects but the factual knowledge just isn’t there.
    They lack the professional knowledge which places boundaries and so you get the satanic abuse nonsense which many accepted so enthusiastically some years ago.
    The clergy have a similar problem but, unlike social workers, they can hide behind ritual, elaborate dresses, music, cathedrals and their fictional God and his holy book.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Broga, 1859, There is a big problem in social work and other areas as Broga pointed out but it is not only a lack of knowledge but also the Dunning-Kruger effect with many who have jobs in that area.
    There is an annoying and totally meaningless term used today called healthcare professional. This is often the term applied to those who decide whether benefits should be given or not. An acquaintance who I see only rarely was having great trouble trying to help his aunt get her benefits returned after being stopped – she has MS and in an advanced stage. He tried to find out exactly what qualifications the healthcare professional had but was unable to do so, as such we still do not know with what skills she was able to judge his aunt, who cannot walk without a lot of support, was fit for work.
    The term is totally meaningless as a cleaner in a hospital is paid to keep wards, operating theatres etc clean and as such could be described as a healthcare professional, although at least the cleaner does a good job unlike the woman who had benefits stopped for someone in need and she maintained throughout the appeals that her judgement was based on sound knowledge.
    Luckily my acqiantance’s aunt eventually had her benefits returned but not without a lot of hassle and needless emotional trauma. She also had a family who were happy to and able to support her financially, not all are that lucky.

  • Broga

    Stephen Mynett : I doubt whether many people know what the term health care professional means. With what knowledge are social workers equipped when they enter a chaotic house and the chaotic lifestyles of those who live there. The main one seems to be something called “counselling” – based on what?
    Work done some time ago found social workers spend very little time face to face with what they term clients . They spent most of their time in meetings or being “supervised”. The need for supervision never seems to disappear. I suppose time spent in the office is preferable to that spent in a mucky house with a depressed woman, needy children and an aggressive man.
    There is also the panoply of the hierarchy: directors, assistant directors, area directors, principal social workers, senior social workers. All having escaped the need to enter the chaotic houses where they don’t really know what to do. And whatever they do is constrained by sensitivity to many ethnic issues e.g. the scandal of FGM. Meanwhile, they will be receiving circulars with instructions from civil servants who are happily – for them – far removed from the reality of life on the front line.
    I suppose social workers are kindly, well meaning and often idealistic but don’t they need to be given some clear direction about what they hell they are supposed to be doing. Just asking. Perhaps I will get an answer.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Broga, they do need what you say but I doubt they will ever get it. As you pointed out there is far too much political correctness and worry about ethnic issues when in all cases all that matters is a problem is solved and if that means upsetting someone because they have mutilated their daughter then it is fine to upset them. I realise the cultural relativists would be up in arms about a remark like that but they are part of the cause of the problem of continued FGM and the like.
    While I agree some social workers are well meaning I have come across far too many who think they are in some way special people because of what they do. That arrogant attitude does not help. Conversely, all of the good doctors and nurses I have known (and it is quite a lot) have never acted as if they are or considered that they are special. The few that have have not been particularly good at their job.
    A problem, as you said, is social workers spend too much time in meetings rather than doing anything. They also might consider forgetting sanitised euphemisms in naming problems and facing reality, also dropping grandiose titles like healthcare professional would help, it would certainly do something towards deflating the egos of those who happily use such titles.