Muslims-only laundrettes make Islam look narrow-minded

Muslims-only laundrettes make Islam look narrow-minded October 2, 2017

Last month reports that a laundrette in the town of Muar in Malaysia was operating a Muslims-only policy went viral. The authorities stepped in and put a stop to the policy, and the owner apologised.
According to this report, it then emerged that another laundrette in Perlis, the smallest of the Malaysian states, also barred non-Muslims.

Khaw Hock Kong, who is the state’s Titi Tinggi assemblyman, visited the laundrette and saw that it had a signboard stating “Islamic laundry concept” and a notice stating that:
This laundry is dedicated to Muslim use only.
Khaw said this was worrying as it would cause non-Muslims to perceive Islam as being narrow-minded, especially if other enterprises were to follow suit.
He also said that this would go against the country’s vision of moulding a society that is united, harmonious, moderate and tolerant.
After a visit from the authorities, the owner of the Perlis laundrette also agreed to open it to non-Muslims.
Earlier he explained that he introduced the concept for the “comfort” of the Muslim customers. He urged non-Muslims to use other launderettes and stressed the matter should not be turned into a controversy.

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