Not fit to be a social worker: Felix Ngole loses court appeal

Not fit to be a social worker: Felix Ngole loses court appeal October 28, 2017

The High Court has sided with the University of Sheffield who threw Felix Ngole out of his postgraduate course in social work.
The University said it was concerned his publicly expressed antipathy towards gay people could affect his work as a social worker.
Ngole appealed against the university’s decision with the help of the Christian Legal Centre, which can now add his case to its long list of failures. Last week it lost a case brought against the NHS by a sacked Christian magistrate Richard Page.
Ngole was axed from his course after using social media to rant against homosexuality. His view, the university concluded, made him unfit to be a social worker.
In April 2017, the 39-year-old was granted the right to take the case to the High Court.
Ngole’s barrister said:

The expression that homosexuality is a ‘sin’, or even use of the strong Biblical term of ‘abomination’, is a lawful religious expression.

The High Court ruled on Friday to uphold his removal from the University.
The Christian Legal Centre said:
The university’s treatment of Felix fundamentally violates its responsibilities under human rights legislation.
Representing Sheffield University, barrister Sarah Hannett said that Ngole had:

Posted comments on a publicly accessible Facebook page that were derogatory of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals.
The views expressed are likely to undermine the trust and confidence that lesbian, gay and bisexual clients are entitled to have in his professional role as a social worker (and in the social work profession more widely).

Lawyers from the University highlighted that Ngole was studying for a qualification in social work and that the University had to take his “fitness to practice” into account.
Earlier this month Christian Concern posted this video:

Hat tip: Angela_K

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  • David Anderson

    Fucking bigot.

  • sailor1031

    Like many another Felix fails to distinguish between freedom of speech and freedom from the consequences of speech. I wonder if at some future time he will realise, or will he just remain another christian martyr all his life?

  • Banners

    See what religion does to people.
    Specious hateful shitehawk.
    This is what religious factions do all the time. They smuggle their agents into positions where they can act out their godly prejudices against those they what to repress. But when they fail, as this one did, because he couldn’t keep his hatred concealed for long enough, they immediately start whining and bitching and shreiking about how they are being wronged and persecuted. Well suck it up and may it make you gag for the rest of your life.

  • barriejohn

    Strange for the Christian Legal Centre to lose a case.

  • AgentCormac

    @ barriejohn
    Yes, I was thinking that too. Let’s hope it isn’t the start of a trend or anything.

  • Alan C

    The Christian Legal Centre aren’t too bright methinks.
    It will be front page news if they ever win a case.

  • Graham

    He would be the first to stamp his feet and scream should anyone make a racist remark about him.

  • RayJ

    He supports the bigotry in the bible, those are his views and there is no way to separate them from his duties as a social worker, his treatment of LBGT people will be different to straight people that is what bigotry is,if he cannot treat people equally this is not the job for him.

  • Stephen Mynett

    I would question his ability to be a competent social worker for anyone, if he holds extreme views it is unlikely he could be sympathetic to a lot of people, regardless of their sexuality.
    For similar reasons I would not make a good social worker as I find it difficult to like or trust overtly religious people and it would not matter how much I tried those dislikes could surface and be damaging. The difference is I am willing to admit my limitations, whereas this shitheap thinks he has a divine right to be a bigot.

  • Angela_K

    The High court made the correct decision. What Ngole and deluded supporters fail to grasp is that he is entitled to his bigoted views but not if he has to work in an environment where people expect to be treated fairly and without prejudice.
    If you want a good laugh or cry, have a look at the Daily Mail comments: “Christian country”, “wouldn’t happen if it was Mulsim”…

  • Barry Duke

    If I had the time I’d start a Persecuted Bigots blog and pepper it with pictures of Christians looking like little whipped pups.
    BTW yesterday I learned the the Spanish word “bigote” means moustache. And bigot translates into fanático/a.

  • barriejohn

    Angela: Here’s the headline from the print version, which would be hilarious were it not for the fact that millions will believe it.
    Christian expelled by university after quoting Bible in gay marriage debate
    Talk about playing fast and loose with the facts!

  • barriejohn

    The Christian Legal Centre should be ashamed of themselves for using people like Ngole as cannon-fodder to create headlines about “Christian persecution”. There was no point in him continuing his course, as he was unfit to practise as a social worker, so he would have been wasting his time and money. Or did the CLC plan on going to court every time he was turned down after an interview, or found to be breaking the rules after being appointed? The decision of the university was correct, and there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of him winning his case. The questions regularly raised about Minichiello and her Muppets, and their apparently bottomless pockets, still remain unanswered however.

  • Smokey

    Christian “love” strikes again.
    Love the sinner, hate the Christian bigots.

  • Ate Berga

    Catty remarks by Felix.

  • barriejohn

    Feline witty, Ate Berga?

  • Stephen Mynett

    “The Christian Legal Centre should be ashamed of themselves for using people like Ngole as cannon-fodder to create headlines about “Christian persecution”.”
    Barriejohn, this sprang to mind when I read your post:

  • 1859

    Just watched the video above. It is clear that those who produced the video have knowingly confused the issue of freedom of expression with professional responsibility. Of course, if the Uni had expelled him simply because he opened his mouth in a public forum, this would have been wrong. But they have expelled him because of the clear danger that his personal views will inevitably jarr with his professional responsibilities as a social worker. From the video he seems like a nice sort of guy, who could, perhaps one day be a good social worker. But he would have to realise that his own religious views would need to be completely isolated from those decisions he would be faced with that could profoundly effect people’s
    lives. However, past experience has shown that people like him do not possess the self-discipline nor insight needed to separate the church from the state.

  • Dionigi

    I wonder how many people on an arts course are thrown off because they can’t paint?

  • Robster

    The silly fellow involved here is another example of the damage done to Africans and Africa by religious missionaries. Many Africans come from disadvantaged backgrounds, which does make them easy pickings for the nefarious religiots inflicting themselves on that continent. Perhaps migrants should be tested for religious affliction, a line drawn and those that fail to meet the standard shipped off to one of those desirable theocracies they’re all so keen to leave.

  • Stephen Mynett

    Robster, one of the most sickening things I have ever seen was a picture of a your girl, about 8, with blisters all the way up her arm. Her mother, a church member, and the Western trained evangelical preacher had wrapped polythene around her arm and set fire to it to get a confession of witchcraft. Local superstition combined with Western religion is a dreadful thing, especially for the most vulnerable.
    I can think of many things about my education I now disagree with but the worst was the fact we were taught missionaries were decent people, even heroes.