Richard Page: Christian Legal Centre suffers another loss

Richard Page: Christian Legal Centre suffers another loss October 23, 2017

Richard Page, 71, who tried to sue the NHS after he was sacked as a director for speaking out against gay adoption has lost his case.
Page was suspended by the NHS Trust Development Authority after he claimed it was better for a child to be brought up by both a man and a woman.He made the comments in his role as a magistrate when considering an application by a same-sex couple to adopt a child.
Page was sacked from the bench for serious misconduct by then Justice Secretary Michael Gove and Lord Thomas, who said his comments suggested he was:

Biased and prejudiced against single sex adopters.

A few days later the NHS Trust Development Authority suspended him from his role as a non-executive director at Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust.
The trust said he had undermined the confidence of staff, particularly LGBT employees.
He launched a case against the NHS Trust Development Authority for discrimination, harassment and victimisation for his Christian beliefs under the Equality Act 2010.
In a witness statement Page said:

I strongly believe that it is best for any child to be raised in a traditional family with a mother and a father. The child needs the complementary roles offered by both parents, male and female, psychological as well as physical. Consequently, I take a sceptical view of same-sex adoptions, or adoptions by a single person.

He added:

I have been ousted from every venue of public service for no other reason than that, as a good Christian, I have always endeavoured to do my duty in good conscience.

Asked whether it would ever be appropriate for a gay couple to adopt, Page replied:

By my reckoning it would be better than a care home, which would be a last resort.

On his views on the Bible, he said:

I am a Christian I believe what it says, he is our maker therefore I find what he says correct. It is immoral. Homosexual activity is a sin.

Page said he would appeal the decision by the Croydon Employment Tribunal.

I am very disappointed by this outcome but I am determined to appeal. This case is much bigger than me now.
It is about how ordinary folk, just like me, are becoming increasingly fearful to speak out against the homosexual agenda.
They bully, intimidate and force you of your job. It is time for this to stop

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre which supported Page, said:

It seems that the NHS bosses and liberal judges cannot tolerate the expression of Christian views on morality – particularly on sexual morality.
He was not targeted for the expression of beliefs, but rather for the expression of certain beliefs – namely, belief in the traditional family.
This judgment makes a mockery of the freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and the rule of law.
We will of course appeal this judgment which clearly contravenes Mr Page’s human rights, and we will appeal any number of times until we get justice.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Alan Crowe

    I can’t figure out how come Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre haven’t run out of cash yet, it seems like they lose at least one case a week.
    Surely if they had half a brain between them, they would know they’re never [ever] going to win discrimination suits.

  • barriejohn

    They won’t win; they know they won’t win; but they will continue to bring these cases as it “proves” that Christians in Britain are facing “persecution”. This is an insult to the many Christians elsewhere who are facing REAL persecution today. The best bet is that the money comes from across the Atlantic:
    Note this comment from Minnie Mouse Williams:
    “Christians across the centuries have been prepared to lose their lives for their faith by standing up for what they believe in because they love Jesus Christ.”
    The woman is pathetic.

  • Angela_K

    @barriejohn. They also keep bringing and losing these cases so the likes of the Daily Mail and Express can wail that Britain is no longer a christian country or its the homosexual agenda…
    I’m pleased the bigots lost, it sends a clear signal that religion is private perversion unsuitable for the workplace – not that the relgious nuts will take any notice anyway.

  • RichardW

    I am not sure that I am altogether happy that he should lose his position as a non-exec director of an NHS Trust over something he said in his judicial capacity. That seems to me something of a confusion.
    Of course what he said demonstrated that in his judicial capacity he was not capable of applying the law impartially, and it was therefore right that he should be sacked as a magistrate.
    But beyond that he is entitled to hold and to express his opinion (even if I do think he is barking mad).

  • AgentCormac

    They really should hold a ‘Kicked Puppy Face of the Year’ award. Some photographer somewhere has clearly perfected the art of getting their downtrodden xtian ‘victims’ to look into the camera lens through eyes filled to brimming with the harrowing, unmistakable look of the oppressed, the helpless, the persecuted.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Where can i get a copy of this “homosexual agenda” document?
    I’m not homosexual, but I want to know how long I have before i have to give up my marriage and turn gay.

  • StephenJP

    @RichardW, I believe that he was sacked by the NHS trust after he spoke against same-sex adoption in his capacity as a NED, was asked not to do it again, but did so anyway.
    Still, as long as the CLC are out of pocket again, what’s not to like?