World Meeting of Families slammed for welcoming gays

World Meeting of Families slammed for welcoming gays October 20, 2017

Ireland is to host the Catholic Church’s 2018 World Meeting of Families next August – but has already run into problems because the programme for the event makes clear that homosexual unions can legitimately recognised.
The programme released under the oversight of Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin even contains a cropped version of the Getty image above.
The text immediately above the photo reads:

While the Church upholds the ideal of marriage as a permanent commitment between a man and a woman, other unions exist which provide mutual support to the couple. Pope Francis encourages us never to exclude but to accompany these couples also, with love, care and support.

Pete Baklinski, writing for LifeSiteNews, says the programme:

Contains explicit promotion of homosexual relationships as a form of family, saying that such relationships provide ‘mutual support’ for active homosexuals.

The World Meeting of Families is described on its official website as a major international event that:

Brings together families from across the world to celebrate, pray and reflect upon the central importance of marriage and the family as the cornerstone of our lives, of society, and of the Church.

The event will focus on Pope Francis’ controversial 2016 Exhortation Amoris Laetitia (Joy of Love), highlighting the theme “The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World.” Pope Francis is expected to attend the event.
Since Amoris Laetitia’s release in April 2016, more than a thousand Catholic academics and clergy (cardinals, bishops, priests) have voiced concern about the exhortation’s seeming incompatibility with Catholic moral teaching. Catholic philosopher Dr Josef Seifert has demonstrated how the Pope’s teaching could be used to overturn Catholic teaching against contracepted sex and homosexuality.
Last month, dozens of Catholic clergy and lay scholars from around the world issued a Filial Correction to Pope Francis for “propagating heresy.” They asserted that Pope Francis has supported heretical positions about marriage, moral life, and the Eucharist that are causing a host of “heresies and other errors” to spread throughout the Catholic Church.

LifeSiteNews reached out to Archbishop Martin, above, who is overseeing the World Meeting of Families, and asked if the homosexual image and text was inserted into the programme by mistake. No response was given.
Baklinski concluded from this that:

The promotion of homosexuality at the World Meeting of Families by Irish bishops appears to be deliberate.

On Friday, October 13, Bishop Brendan Leahy of Limerick said homosexual couples must be welcomed at the World Meeting of Families.
Leahy, speaking to reporters after his diocese launched the pro-homosexual preparation programme, said it would be a missed opportunity if the Church failed to embrace “family” in all its variety.

We’ve had the referendum in favour of same-sex ‘marriage’ and a lot of people voted in that referendum and all are equally welcome to join in this celebration of family. We are living in changing times and family too is changing.

Baklinski pointed out that Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, above, in one of his last presentations before he died, called homosexuality a work of Satan that “denies entirely the truth of marriage” as it comes from the “mind of God the Creator.” He said Satan is attempting to use homosexuality as a battering ram to destroy one of the main “pillars of creation”.
Cardinal Caffarra told participants at a family conference in Rome last May that approval of homosexuality coming from all quarters shows that the “final battle”’ between God and Satan has come.
Anthony Murphy, founder and editor of Catholic Voice newspaper and the founder of Lumen Fidei Institute, said homosexuality is “anti-family” and has no place at a Catholic meeting of families.

Are homosexual acts sinful or not? Our Catholic faith teaches us that they are. They are among the most anti-family acts of all. So what on earth are our Catholic leaders doing promoting homosexuality in the programme that is supposed to help families prepare for the World Meeting of Families?

Murphy said that while the programme gives a nod to homosexual behavior, it entirely fails to address Catholic moral teaching on chastity, contraception, and abortion.

Leaving out any mention of abortion is a glaring omission at any time, but particularly in the Irish context, when we are about to have a referendum on whether or not our unborn can be legally killed.

Murphy said the organisers of the event are failing families.

To give implicit approval to homosexuality, which the Church has always taught to be one of the four sins that cry to heaven for vengeance, while failing to decry abortion, is nothing short of a dereliction of duty.

The last World Meeting of Families took place in 2015 in Philadelphia and was attended by Pope Francis. Philadelphia’s mayor used a platform given to him at the event  in front of tens of thousands of Catholic pilgrims to promote the “rights” of homosexuals.
Meanwhile, it is reported here that the Catholic Church in Ireland is “an endangered species”.
IrishCentral said:

Pope Francis will see a very different Ireland, far more secular and less tolerant of Church promises. The sad fact for Catholicism is that the church has endeavored to bolt the stable door with a carrot and the horses have easily fled anyway.
Even a visit from the beloved Pope Francis may be unable to tempt the faithful back again.

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  • barriejohn

    Are you sure you’ve got the right photograph there, Barry?

  • AgentCormac

    So, the ‘final battle’ between God and Satan has come, has it? What delusional fantasy world do these halfwits live in?

  • Lucy

    What I always want to know is…who made Satan?

  • Joshua

    “to promote the “rights” of homosexuals” – What? I am going to puke. Rights to destroy children souls and brainwash them.

  • AgentCormac

    I presume the thought of religious fuckwittery destroying and brainwashing millions of innocents doesn’t leave the same bad taste in your mouth?

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    “Last month, dozens of Catholic clergy and lay scholars from around the world issued a Filial Correction to Pope Francis for “propagating heresy.” They asserted that Pope Francis has supported heretical positions about marriage, moral life, and the Eucharist that are causing a host of “heresies and other errors” to spread throughout the Catholic Church.”
    But the pope is infallible isn’t he?

  • StephenJP

    Joshua, your comments on this thread and the NZ one show that you are opposed to LGBT rights and gay marriage; and in favour of semi-fascist governments and violence against children.
    Do you have enough self-awareness to understand what this says about you?

  • Broga

    Joshua: Your brain has been addled by religious superstition. Have you stopped taking your pills? Does your carer know you are writing such nonsense?

  • Joshua

    @ Agent Cormac – I am atheist but conservative. REASON and SCIENCE says NO to SSM.
    Here are a few comments of my Aussie friends on SSM:
    “Gay marriage was not a political issue until labor went into opposition. Public opinion has not changed much in 10 years but labor sat on the issue for all their time in government. They then lost government and saw an opportunity to wedge the coalition. The rest is history”.
    “The view of a majority of Australians is that they support gay marriage….”
    The great lie of the MSM. Far from proven.
    “It’s more the case that it’s somewhere back of a 10th order issue behind crime, terrorism, housing prices, energy prices, food prices, costs of medical care, childcare and elder care, failing education standards, jobs, growth, lack of wage growth etc. It’s of no real concern to most people”.
    “The Majority of Australians support Gay Marriage???? I don’t think so. I am so tired of hearing this. There is alot more pressing issues going on in Australia.
    Most people don’t care if one, two, three, or a whole bunch of homosexuals and their dogs and assorted livestock cohabitate, that’s not the problem. The problem is in the marriage definition, a marriage is a union between a man and a woman, simple as that so they should call their cohabitation something else. There is a vast country out there to govern with problems galore to resolve and SSM isn’t one of them, at least it isn’t in the opinion of many of us. “The view of a majority of Australians is that they support gay marriage”. Which majority is that, Richo? The 60% of the 1500 people newspoll usually asks? ” Is that enough. I hope I have taken of some wind of your sails.

  • AgentCormac

    First off, and for clarity, let me just inform you that I am not gay. Not. Okay? So I have no axe to grind here from a purely LGBT perspective. For me this argument is all about bigotry and the demonising of individuals by the religious community based on sexual orientation. So when you come on here and post a statement such as ‘REASON and SCIENCE says NO to SSM’ I not only doubt that your claim to be an atheist is entirely bogus, but conclude that you are one dumb, intolerant fuckwit. If (other than a few idiotic comments from your mates) you have evidence which proves that the reason and science you quote have somehow shown that same-sex marriage is what – wrong, sinful, abhorrent? – then please feel free to provide it in your next post as I’m sure we’d all love to see it. If, as I suspect, you won’t because you can’t, then maybe you might want to consider just fucking right off and retreating under that cold, lonely stone you call home. Idiot.

  • StephenJP

    Assuming it is a properly structured sample, the result of a survey of 1600 people for a population the size of Australia’s should be accurate to within 2-3%.
    A 60-40 majority looks pretty convincing to me.

  • barriejohn

    Wow! I can’t wait to see the evidence that “science” has proved that Same Sex Marriage is…well, I agree with Agent Cormac: is what? (Without reference to religion, remember.) This is going to be fascinating!

  • Barry Duke

    @ AgentCormac: Excellent response to Joshua, who claims to be a “conservative atheist” but in an earlier post regarding New Zealand – “a morally rotten country as everyone knows” – speaks of the the destruction of “children’s souls” The “soul” is a purely religious construct, so I would take his “atheism” with a pillar of salt.
    But let’s get down to the crux of Joshua’s objection to same-sex marriage. The idea, as he said in the NZ comment, makes him want to “puke”. Fine. Many people despise gays, just as many are racist or misogynistic. But his prejudice has clouded his ability to recognise that SSM is nothing more than an an official administrative act to ensure that two people in a loving relationship, whether they be hetero or homosexual, are given legal rights if some sort of life-changing event impacts on their lives. I went into deeper depth about this when I wrote this piece after I married my long-term partner of 20 years in September.
    My decision to marry Marcus was prompted by the distressing aftermath of the untimely death last year of a close friend, aged in his early 50s. Brian was in a relationship with a man for over 10 years, and wanted to marry him. His partner, a devout, Catholic refused on the grounds that it went against his religion. The result was a nightmare for Brian’s partner and his family. The Spanish authorities would not recognise him as Brian’s next-of-kin and refused to release his body to him for a funeral. So, at a cost of €300 a day, Brian’s body languished in a morgue for three weeks until his family coughed up the cash, claimed the body and had to travel to Spain for the funeral.
    Immediately after that, I put in motion the wheels for a marriage to ensure that this would never happen to us. Additionally, our marriage ensures that, should I die before him, he will be entitled to my pensions.
    Ignoramuses like Joshua believe that SSM marriage somehow belittles or undermines heterosexual marriage. Nothing could be further from the truth. It exists, as more and more countries are coming round to accept, merely as a long overdue move towards equality, denied for far too long to LGBT communities. If he cannot see this, he is, as you said, an idiot.

  • Robster

    One thing the Vatican’s troops and PR operations do, is give impressive names to the things they do, to give what in truth is anything but (in this case) “A World Meeting of Families”. It may perhaps be an Irish meeting of families with a couple of offshore groups included to offer some colour or interest, but a World meeting, it’s not.Firstly, at best it’s only gonna be Catholics, which are as a group, a minority, a big one granted but still a minority, in some countries, including my own, Vaticanis are outnumbered by the non believers. The falsity of this “World” claim renders any lingering veneer of honesty by Frank the pope and his unsavoury clergy cabal into the big black hole now hosting their reputational honesty, trustworthiness and ability to be arbiters of moral values.

  • 1859

    @Joshua: ‘I hope this has taken the wind of your sails’. You know,sadly for you Josh, it is exactly this sort of narrow-minded, ignorant diatribe that confirms and cements my belief of, and total support for, the LBTG cause. Once the world was ruled by bigotted troglodytes like yourself, but things are moving on and mind’s are opening up to a broader, more inclusive definition of marriage. If two people love each other why should they not legally be married? To deny equal rights because of some ossified religious definition of marriage,is to accept the presence of a church’s doctrine between the sheets.

  • Stephen Mynett

    It is always easy and a simplistic way out to cherry pick a few quotes from mates, as Joshua has done and with his views it is not surprising his friends are as bigoted, perhaps One Nation party members.
    I have a lot of family and friends in Aussie and have been there numerous times and even among the religious of those have not heard stuff as bigoted as that.
    I am unsure if I totally agree with you Barry about the likes of Joshua believing SSM belittles heterosexual marriage. I think it is just a convenient excuse as they have no logical reason to oppose it, their “reasons” are purely based on bigotry and hatred.
    That was a tragic story of your friend Barry. I have mentioned this here before a couple I used to admire greatly, both are long dead now. They moved on to our estate when they retired and when the one died in the 1980s they had a very private ceremony with the sister having to register the death as next of kin. They had been together more than 40 years which would be a great achievement for any marriage but for a union that for most of it could have seen them arrested I think it an amazing display of love.
    It is a pity bigots like Joshua cannot accept love for what it is, love.

  • Broga

    Joshua is not an atheist. He is assuming the atheist mantle to try for some credibility as he cannot get that as a declared Christian.

  • Stephen Mynett

    True Broga and he is too stupid to realise he gets even less credibility by posting the garbage the way he does.

  • barriejohn

    Re: Joshua.
    REASON and SCIENCE says NO to SSM.
    This is VERY close to Roman Catholic teaching. Just have a quick look at the following (no need to read it all!):
    (a) The natural law is universal, that is to say, it applies to the entire human race, and is in itself the same for all. Every man, because he is a man, is bound, if he will conform to the universal order willed by the Creator, to live conformably to his own rational nature, and to be guided by reason… (b) The natural law is immutable in itself and also extrinsically. Since it is founded in the very nature of man and his destination to his end—two bases which rest upon the immutable ground of the eternal law—it follows that, assuming the continued existence of human nature, it cannot cease to exist.
    I rest my case!

  • Stephen Mynett

    The opposite is actually true in many cases, reason would suggest SSM is a better option for society. The world is over-populated and heterosexual marriages are only likely to increase the problem.
    Obviously those in a lesbian marriage could choose to be artificially inseminated but the option for a a gay couple is adoption, something the two lesbian couples I know chose. That is not only good for helping try to stop the over-population but also provides unwanted babies/children with a loving and educational environment to grow up in. Slightly better than the catholic option of dumping the dead babies in a sewer or bringing the children up in a place hardly better than a Gulag.

  • Joshua

    Before I log out let me put sth . I see I put the cat among the pigeons. Far-right French Marine Le Pen is both an atheist and conservative. I wish I could join NF. Angela Merkel though a christian by baptism opposes SSM. Also many members of Afg think the same. I do not despise gays but I detest their weird behaviour. It is just disgusting!!! A very large body of social research has documented unique role of biological parents (mothers and fathers) in childhood development. To be more precise a study of 174 primary school children in Australia compared the social and educational development of 58 children living in married families, 58 living with cohabiting heterosexuals, and 58 living in homosexual unions. The authors found that married couples offer the best environment for a child’s social and educational development, followed by cohabiting heterosexual couples and lastly by homosexual couples.
    3. In a study (Goldberg 2007) of 36 adults raised by lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) parents, 15 of them (42%) described challenges relating to their ability to trust other people. “Soul” was used only in a figurative way. You are simply deluded thinking that Aussies in their majority will vote for SMM. My cousin Cathy from Melbourne once uttered – “These uppity absurd homosexuals should really be happy with their current place in society, and be thankful for the daily benevolent toleration shown towards them or substitute any discriminated against minority over the last say 200 years. When the far right parties take over control in Europe everything will go back to normal”.

  • Broga

    “When the far right parties take over control in Europe everything will go back to normal”.
    Fascism will rule, OK? Dream on.