Kenyan censor appalled by photograph of 'crazy gay lions'

Kenyan censor appalled by photograph of 'crazy gay lions' November 4, 2017

When Ezekiel Mutua, the head of the Kenya Film Classification Board, saw a photo of two male lions apparently having sex, he instantly blamed gays whom he suggested might have influenced the animals.
He is quoted here as saying:

These animals need counseling, because probably they have been influenced by gays who have gone to the national parks and behaved badly … they must have copied it somewhere or it is demonic because these animals do not watch movies.

Mutua, above, according to Nairobi News, holds the belief that homosexuality is the result of some demonic force.
The pictures are the work of UK wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein, who snapped the pair canoodling in the Maasai Mara game reserve. One beast laid down, and was mounted by the other. Matua said:

Some research needs to be done. And also I wish I can get the bio to confirm the two lions were actually male, because it is not normal.

He called the beasts’ behaviour “bizarre” and plans to isolate the lion “love birds” (his term) – even though controlling the sex lives of animals is not within the remit of the censors. Such action, he said, would be a “first” for the board.

I mean where on earth have you ever heard something like this happening. The demonic spirits inflicting in humans seems to have now caught up with animals. That is why I will say isolate the crazy gay animals, study their behaviour because it is not normal.

That belief extends beyond lions. The KFCB this week banned Disney’s Andi Mack because the show added a gay character. Said Mutua:

Any attempt to introduce gay programming in Kenya will be met with the full force of the law.

Already I can hear America’s One Million Moms applauding the board’s decision.

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  • AgentCormac

    Lions don’t watch movies? Whoever would have thought?

  • andym

    Stories like this make me feel sorry for satirists. How can they compete?

  • remigius

    I’m appalled. A story about lions having bum sex and the term ‘gay pride’ wasn’t used once!
    What is the world coming to?

  • Angela_K

    Some people are so stupid they don’t know they are. Somebody must tell him about other creature that engage in same sex activity and then there are the creatures such as certain fish that change sex.

  • Peter Sykes

    I would like to see Ezekiel Mutua give these lions some counseling. Sad thing is that the big pussy cats will be killed.

  • Cali Ron

    The fact that we have censors at all is problematic. Who’s delicate sensibilities are they protecting? The children? I was my children’s censor. I would never leave that to the government. Mutua is going to be very busy if he intends to take on homosexual behavior in animals ,it being not that unusual. Perhaps he can enlist some American evangelicals to assist with conversion therapy and turn those pussies into god fearing heterosexuals.

  • Broga

    “and the term ‘gay pride’ wasn’t used once!”
    remigius: Nice one.

  • Marcus

    This I would pay good money to see: Mutua in a cage counseling the big cats and reading them the passages from Leviticus that address the “abomination” of homosexuality.

  • Laura Roberts

    @remigus: bravo — priceless!

  • barriejohn

    Cali Ron: I remember the older Christians with whom I associated going mental over the “awful situation” in families on the surrounding council estate, where divorce and cohabitation were “rife” (favourite word). This was bound to be so confusing to the children that their brains might explode, and they were all obviously doomed to a life of drug dependency and prostitution. The other day I was out in town, and behind me for a while a woman was explaining to her children that her friend’s boyfriend was the father of HIS two children in the relationship, but not hers. “Oh,” said the daughter. Case closed. Kids are extremely adaptable!

  • AgentCormac

    @ barriejohn
    There’s a couple I know locally. He’s probably 8-10 years younger than his wife and she has a daughter from a previous marriage. He had an affair with said daughter and got her pregnant. Now, you tell me how that one works out. The permutations would seem to be manifold! Is he the child’s father or grandfather? Or both? And what about his wife’s relationship to the child? It’s a strange old world we live in and I’ve no doubt it’s all down to you gays spoiling it for the rest off us as clearly we hetros all lead perfect lives. : )

  • Stuart H.

    Re Mutua and counselling – seems to me the lions are quite well adjusted, it’s Mutua in urgent need of counselling. But I would happily let the lions administer the service to him.

  • 1859

    No,no, you guys have got it all wrong – it’s conspiracy to dominate the world with gay Jewish lions. The photographer, was Paul ‘Goldstein’ – you see what I mean,the logic is impenetrable! Crafty folk these Jews. Of course he – and the lions – are probably working for Mossad.
    As for Mr.Silly-Sausage Mutua he needs to spread some Marmite on his dick and have the lions lick it off – before he makes even more of a stupid arse of himself before the world. Oh, and some education would help.

  • FoxLyn

    Of course everyone has missed the look on the face of the lion on the bottom… says it all. Leave them alone, Mutua, they’re enjoying themselves.