Woman gets religion, sets out to sabotage pet expo company

Woman gets religion, sets out to sabotage pet expo company November 5, 2017

Amazing Pet Expos, a company that hosts events in centres around the US, was reportedly sabotaged by a female employee who got religion and began a hate campaign against the ‘satanic’ Chief Operating Office and gay staff employed by the head of the enterprise, Sheila Rilenge, above.
News of the problem emerged after it was reported here that Portland Pet Expo was cancelled last month without warning, leaving many exhibitors out of pocket. It was one of several cancelled events.
The company began the year well – so well that it employed a “heavy hitter” to coordinate its events and manage its growth. But the unnamed “heavy hitter” turned out to be barking mad.
In a statement CEO Rilenge claims her former employee:

Had come to believe she was a prophet tasked with writing a new book of the Bible, was Moses reincarnated, and that the Chief Operating Officer of our company was the anti-Christ.
She had been timing all of the COO’s actions and claimed they all took place in increments of six seconds, six minutes, six hours, etc, thereby confirming he was indeed Satan. She was incredibly sickened by our LGBTQ staff members and  … stated she needed to kill the COO/Satan.

It is reported here that the woman was “very unstable”, showing concerning signs of extreme religious beliefs, as well as severe homophobic behaviour and rhetoric. This behaviour caused concerns with management because the Amazing Pet Expos team included several members of the LGBT community. Diversity has always been a goal of the company.
The woman’s behavior and rhetoric escalated into criminal actions against the company with the intent to destroy it.
Said Rilenge:

Acting on hatred and some degree of fanaticism, she started destroying records, canceling contracts, delaying payments and really just sabotaging us.
In her mind, she was doing God’s will or some variation of that. But it really made the things she was hired to fix that much worse. We of course discovered all of this and fired her, but she continued to harass our staff, and we were eventually forced to file criminal charges and obtain restraining orders.

But even today we still receive hateful texts. And of course the damage she had done resulted in our being forced to reschedule or cancel three events.

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  • AgentCormac

    ‘Very unstable’? Gosh. Who’d have thought a religiot could have such qualities?

  • 1859

    I guess the company she worked for became her pet hate?

  • Vanity Unfair

    It was the consideration of un-naturally selected fancy pigeons over short time periods that started Darwin on the course that led to his (and Wallace’s) theory of evolution by natural selection and its – eventual – vilification by some of the wilder fringes of religion. Is it possible that the sight of pets bred into increasingly bizarre forms might have sparked a reaction in the mind of a latent religious extremist?
    Probably not: I just like linking unrelated data.