Bishop's hateful rants were meant only for Christian ears

Bishop's hateful rants were meant only for Christian ears December 18, 2017

Virginia’s ‘Bishop’ E W Jackson Sr, above, a primary Republican candidate for the US Senate, has offered a bizarre explanation for his hateful rants against gay people, saying they were meant only for Christian ears.
Because he so desperately wants to win the seat for Virginia next year, Jackson is now taking a more conciliatory tone. He said in this report that he regrets the tone of his past rhetoric and he noted that the comments for which he came under fire were made:

Not in the context of a campaign but on Christian radio where I’m speaking as a pastor and minister to Christians.

The pastor, of Exodus Faith Ministries in Chesapeake, previously ran for Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor in 2013, losing to Ralph Northam in the general election. During that campaign, Jackson came under intense criticism for controversial statements he made about LGBT+ rights, abortion, and a host of other social issues. Some of those statements included calling gay people “very sick” and “perverted”.
He still opposes same-sex marriage and measures that promote LGBT+ equality, such as non-discrimination laws, but says he hopes to communicate his “conservative values” in a less offensive manner.

I am going to endeavor in this campaign to express those in a way that calls attention to my faith, where appropriate, without implying some sort of hostility against gay people or transgender people … that’s one of the many lessons I’ve learned.

Jackson, a former Democrat who believes Obama did nothing for African-Americans, now says that if he were to see someone bullying a gay or transgender person, he would step in “and physically fight for them.”
Last year, in urging black Americans to vote to put America in the hands of Trump (and, by extension, white supremacists, climate change deniers and child molesters like judge Roy Moore) Jackson said:

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a sin against God and the church. Trump has promised to restore the free speech rights of pastors and churches. He said he will defend our right to be true to the word of God. Hillary has threatened the church over abortion and marriage, saying, ‘Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.’

Democrats have kicked God off their platform. Now they want to kick God out of the church. Black Christians must stop supporting a party and candidates who defy God.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • AgentCormac

    I am going to endeavor in this campaign to express those in a way that calls attention to my faith, where appropriate, without implying some sort of hostility against gay people or transgender people … that’s one of the many lessons I’ve learned.
    In other words, he’s learned to keep his mouth shut when it is politically expedient to do so. What he clearly hasn’t learned, however, is that the politicians he puts his faith in hate him every bit as much as he hates gays.

  • L.Long

    So a LIAR4jesus says he meant his lies only for xtians!
    Well aint that special! But I can understand that as only xtians (or other religious brainwashed aholes) are delusional enough to think his lies are truth!

  • Broga

    Another piece of toxic humanity trying to get elected and inflict his bigotry on the USA voters. The USA, with odious clowns like this, is heading for the buffers. Putin, Kimmy and the Chinese must be delighted. Manipulating these fools, in thrall to their religious fantasies, must be so satisfying.

  • Angela_K

    “Only meant for christian ears” eh? So unsuitable for any reasonable person who holds egalitarian views.

  • andym

    He strikes me as an opportunistic chancer who’s beginning to realise he has backed the wrong horse. So he’s trying dig himself out of a hole while retaining the support he was aiming for by digging it in the first place.

  • RIchardW

    Roy Moore is an obnoxious individual, but he is NOT a child molester. That particular lie should be discontinued forthwith.

  • AgentCormac

    And your defence of Moore on that particular subject is….?

  • 1859

    He was a democrat but Clinton’s views made him join the republicans and support Twitter Trump because Trump would keep the Great Dog at the centre of politics? And he says he has learnt lessons about not offending the LBGT community.He sounds like someone who hasn’t the faintest idea of who or what he is; someone who is prepared to say any convenient truth as long as it does not lose him votes. Oh I get it – he’s a politician, of course! Silly me.

  • StephenJP

    What a hypocrite.
    Thank goodness British politicians would never stoop so low as to tailor their rhetoric to their audience.