Exposed Muslim hate preacher suddenly changes his tune

Exposed Muslim hate preacher suddenly changes his tune December 30, 2017

Earlier this month Imam Raed Saleh Al-Rousan of Houston’s Tajweed Institute delivered a sermon in which he called for Muslims to kill Jews.
The Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) was quickly on the case. Last week it translated and distributed the lunatic’s sermon, in which he declared:

Judgment Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews. The Muslims will kill the Jews.

Al-Rousan, according to this report, is now singing a different tune:

I unequivocally affirm and uphold the dignity, sanctity and value of all human life, including – of course – people of the Jewish faith.

Those words were in a statement issued the week by the imam, who continued:

I must also state in no uncertain terms that I am absolutely and completely opposed to and disgusted by all forms of terrorism, all terrorists, and I oppose anyone who would commit, call for, or threaten violence against civilians.
This is why as a person of faith and a religious leader, that I am mortified that an impassioned sermon I gave in light of President Trump’s Jerusalem declaration is being seen as a call for the very things I despise.

Al-Rousan said he hoped to speak with Jewish leaders in order to:

Establish new and meaningful relationships with my neighbors in the Jewish community.

The local Anti-Defamation League said that his statement was an indication that:

He doesn’t fully understand the ramifications of his sermon. We would like to see Imam Al-Rousan unequivocally apologize to the Jewish community for his highly inflammatory sermon and through future actions, demonstrate he is committed to understanding why the sermon was an incitement to violence.

A statement issued by leaders of Houston’s Muslim community said the imam’s sermon was:

Deeply problematic and does not represent the views or sentiments of the Houston Muslim community.

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  • Broga

    He is frightened when he is getting criticism and is running for cover trailing hypocrisy. Some example for his religion.

  • Darn It

    Don’t trust him. He is not one who would kill a jew. Too cowardly … but he operates by inciting other to do so. And any amount of frantic back-pedalling cannot obscure the fact that he is a jew hater. Islam does grant permission to lie to kuffars when it is convenient to do so and to hide ones true intent.

  • Jon


  • barriejohn

    I’m glad to hear that he’s changed his views. Maybe there’s hope for the Middle East yet!

  • andym

    Borat hasn’t aged too well, has he?

  • sailor1031

    Broga: it’s called Taqqiya – lying to infidels in defence of islam and islamists. It is approved by allah (or rather by mohammed pbuh) in the koran to be used whenever expedient.

  • John

    Maybe the Koran – or his interpretation of it – has changed?
    Could this be a sign of some sort of progress?

  • Alan C

    Why do most other ‘religionists’ hate the Jews? Both the Bible and the Koran heavily plagiarise the old testament (their book) as Lewis Black says in his stand-up routine.
    Where would we be without the brilliance of the Jewish Nobel prize winners?
    From Wiki
    As of 2017, Nobel Prizes have been awarded to 892 individuals,of whom 201 or 22.5% were Jews, although the total Jewish population comprises less than 0.2% of the world’s population. This means the percentage of Jewish Nobel laureates is at least 112.5 times or 11,250% above average.

  • John

    Regarding Alan C’s point about Jewish Nobel prize winners, it is clear that there are and have been very bright Jewish scientists over time but how many of them were cultural and not religious Jews?
    How many of them were secular Jews or no longer consider themselves Jewish?
    Einstein, for example, considered Zionism to be hateful yet it is the dominant ideology in Israel today.
    Would he have wanted to be associated with such hatefulness?
    Also, so what if many Jews have won Nobel prizes?
    Some of the prizes the Nobel Committee have awarded – such as to Obama and many other political figures – have – at the very least – been very much open to question then and now.
    Maybe Jews attach more significance to Nobel awards than is actually justified?

  • John the Drunkard

    Can’t we admit that ‘Muslim hate preacher’ is redundant?

  • Darn It


  • L.Long

    ALL preachers are hate preachers & royal bigots!
    And the so called moderates are still using the same hate filled books o’BS as their source of morals, bigotry & hate! So they all lie and are not to be trusted.

  • RussellW

    Alan C
    The reason is not complicated. The Jews have maintained their faith and ignored Jesus and Mohammed. That infuriates many Christian and Moslem religiots who also usually, have hated heretics more than infidels.

  • Har Davids

    John, Jews attach importance to learning and knowledge, be they secular or religious. That may be the reason they are over-represented in the Nobel-rankings.

  • John

    Aren’t religious jews also religiots?

  • John

    Har Davids:
    Non-Jews also attach importance to learning and knowledge.
    Jews are nothing special – what ever they believe.
    Where is their equivalent to Stephen Hawking today?

  • Darn It

    And the nasty catholic money grabbing witch of calcutta got a nobel peace prize … and that huge gaffe by itself renders the nobel peace prize worthless.
    The only Nobels really worthwhile are the ones for science … with one exception. That which was awarded to Penzias and Wilson for stumbling on the cosmic background radiation which the only interest they had in which was to eradicate it because it was messing up their work. They had no idea what it was. Yet they were awarded the prize for accidentally detecting it and not recognising the importance of it.

  • John

    Darn It:
    Well, they achieved at least one useful thing, when they cleared out all the pigeon mess from the RCA Horn!

  • Ernie Govier

    Einstein firmly supported the setting up of a Jewish homeland in Palestine but he hoped it would be shared with the Arab population under the British Mandate. In the event the Arabs refused to share the land.
    Your criticism of the institution of the Nobel Prize seems to rest on the award of the political prizes. Jews have been awarded Nobel Prizes in science at the levels Alan C. described. They’ve also been awarded the Field’s Medal (the maths equivalent) at similar levels.
    These achievements may be the result of culture, genetics or an interaction between the two. One suspects that religion plays no part, except insofar as it hasn’t impeded the sense of inquisitiveness among Jews as Catholicism and Islam seems to have among their followers.

  • John

    Ernie Govier:
    Einstein utterly opposed the creation of a zionist Israel.
    The Palestinians refused to agree to 95% of their land being transferred 55% to the Jews. Who can blame them for that?
    ‘inquisitiveness’…or acquisitiveness, that is the question?
    Maybe jews hunger for recognition exceeds all others?
    I think it is primarily culture, in that jewish parents place their children under a lot of pressure to achieve.
    To be fair, they are not the only ones – e.g. tiger moms.

  • Ernie Govier

    I suppose Einstein’s hope that the Arabs would agree to share the land was naive. Being a physics genius doesn’t necessarily bring insights about social affairs.
    Ah, Jewish acquisitiveness, now where have I heard about that before?
    I think John, I shall leave you to your thoughts.

  • John

    I did not attach the label jewish to acquisitiveness.
    You did.
    It is all your own work.
    No one else’s.
    Einstein just knew that zionism was evil.
    In that, he was absolutely right.
    Israel today is a fascist militarist de facto state.
    There is nothing de jure about it.