Indonesian Islamist extremists have their claws out for Santa

Indonesian Islamist extremists have their claws out for Santa December 22, 2017

The Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) warned this week that it would conduct ‘sweeping operations’ to ensure that Muslim workers in retail outlets aren’t being coerced into wearing Santa costumes or other Christmas apparel.
The threat comes in the wake of a 2016 an anti-Christmas fatwa issued by the country’s Islamic Clerical Council.
Concerned that these raids could lead to unpleasant confrontations, Indonesian police have appealed to Muslim hardliners not to be disruptive.
However, the FPI, according, to this report, claim to have the police on their side. Said Novel Bakmukmin, head of the FPI’s branch in the capital, Jakarta:

We will raid businesses in anticipation of them being stubborn about this and we will be accompanied by police.

But national police chief Tito Karnavian urged members of the public to “respect other religions that are carrying out celebrations” and cautioned against taking matters into their own hands.

Mall staff, according to this report, don’t seem to mind getting into the Christmas spirit. Said a doorman wearing a Santa hat at Plaza Indonesia:

I’m a Christian and it’s my right  … to celebrate Christmas. No other group has the right to say we cannot celebrate Christmas

And at another store, a salesgirl in a Santa outfit (sans beard) said that although she is a Muslim, she is happy to wear the costume because:

This is not about religion, but about business.

For her, there is no connection between Christmas and religion.
Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, but it is also officially a secular state where the constitution guarantees freedom of religion. The Christian minority makes up 10 per cent of the population, and Christmas is widely celebrated.

The hardline FPI,  an ultra-conservative Islamist political organisation, first grabbed public attention by raiding restaurants serving alcohol during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. Over the past year it also orchestrated mass demonstrations denouncing Jakarta’s Christian former governor over controversial blasphemy charges.
The FPI was founded in 1998. It operates as a political pressure group to further a right-wing Islamist agenda, but is also known for carrying out vigilante activities and projecting itself as an Islamic morality police fighting vice.

More recently the FPI has turned its attention to Christian celebrations. Last Christmas, escorted by hundreds of police, it swooped on malls in Surabaya, on the Indonesian island of Java, to check whether employers had pushed their Muslim staff to wear elf or Santa costumes.
This year the group has also demanded the Jakarta city government stop sponsoring New Year celebrations, which attract many thousands of people.
The police are planning to deploy about 90,000 officers across the country, aiming to protect end-of-year celebrations from militant attacks.
Thirteen suspected militants linked to Islamic State were arrested in pre-emptive raids earlier this month.
Police spokesman Martinus Sitompul said that no specific terror threats had been detected since the arrests, but that security would be boosted to safeguard churches and other public places between December 22 and January 2.
In 2000, attacks on Indonesian churches on Christmas Eve killed nearly 20 people.
Hat tip: BarrieJohn
• The photos used to illustrate this report were taken from this Christmas in Indonesia site.

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  • L.Long

    Anyone who bothers to STUDY history and mythology would know that except for xtians CLAIMING xmas is xtian, IT AINT!!! Except for some out-of-date pagan BS, it is all about business!

  • barriejohn

    L.Long: If they were genuinely concerned about losing their culture under an avalanche of Western consumerism one could have some sympathy, but it’s not that at all. It’s just about regimenting and controlling people again, and religion excels at that!

  • Darn It

    Islam can only survive at the point of a sword. Fucking obey Mohamhead or you will be severely punished.

  • StephenJP

    Well, I don’t think anyone should be forced to wear Xmas costumes, whether Muslim, Christian, atheist or the adherents of the FSM. But if people choose to make satire-worthy twits of themselves, why stop them?
    And what’s with this anti-New Year campaign? Does this dreadful joyless anti-human semi-fascist organisation not believe that dates actually change? Perhaps they want to live permanently in 632 CE.

  • RussellW

    Indonesia is the last hope for a secular, tolerant Muslim-majority country. I wouldn’t put money on it.

  • tonye

    FPI – FFS – Grow up and have some fun, that’s what xmas is about!