Scottish Government accused of 'undermining' Christianity

Scottish Government accused of 'undermining' Christianity December 23, 2017

Dr Gordon Macdonald of the Christian charity CARE, has blasted the Scottish Government for financially supporting 23 winter festivals this year that have no Christmas connections.

According to the Christian Institute he complained:

It is part of the general secularisation that has been taking place within the Scottish Government for a number of years where our Christian heritage and value system has been undermined as a direct result of government policy.

Last month, Dr Alasdair Allan, Scotland’s International Development Minister, pledged almost £400,000 towards the 23 events including Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh and a torchlight parade in Glasgow.
A further £20,000 has been handed to voluntary group BEMIS to put on events celebrating Jewish festival Hanukkah and Jamhuri day – the national day of Kenya.
Scottish Conservative shadow Culture Secretary Rachael Hamilton said it is “bizarre” to avoid even mentioning Christmas in the programme.
She pointed out that other parts of the UK have benefited from visitors who come to celebrate Christmas.
An opinion poll shows that most Scots describe Christmas as their favourite time of the year.
Macdonald added:

It is a misrepresentation to say the public is not bothered about Christmas because clearly they are.

The Scottish Government said its funding programme aims to encourage people “from all backgrounds and walks of life” to celebrate Scotland’s national days and enhance a sense of community.
A spokeswoman added:

The Scottish Government recognises that Christmas is a key celebration for families and communities and supports the occasion.

But in the US, the likes of Mcdonald are besides themselves with glee over the fact that Donald Trump has made Christmas great again – and has done so much more beside for the American people in his first year as President.
This from LGBTQ Nation:

The pro-Trump group America First Policies has announced it will start running ads on Christmas day to thanks Donald Trump. Various people spout off ridiculous pleasantries during the ad ensuring that the primary intended viewer is the notoriously vain Trump himself.

While Republican leaders and cabinet members continue their sycophantic praise of America’s worst President, the final plea of gratitude from Tiny Tim a little girl is the most ridiculous.

“Thank you, President Trump, for letting us say Merry Christmas again.”

It should go without saying – despite Trump’s language that we “can” say Merry Christmas as if we couldn’t before – that America’s first black president did not ban the words “Merry Christmas.”

For the record, he also didn’t skip Christmas in favor of Kwanzaa as our racist current president alleged in 2011.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn (Christmas ad report)

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  • barriejohn

    “Care for Scotland”- that made me laugh!
    Dr Gordon Macdonald = Odd man or grand clod?

  • Vanity Unfair

    Christianity does not have a monopoly on Winter.
    It takes a particularly virulent sort of religiosity to begrudge an equality of funding for Winter festivals. Perhaps he also has problems with the great barley celebration that accompanies Hogmanay, which is also to be given official support. From experience,I remember many of the celebrants seem to require support.

  • andym

    “From experience,I remember many of the celebrants seem to require support.”
    Reminds me of the joke they used to put on matchboxes:
    My husband was held up by two men last night.
    Good Heavens! Where?
    All the way home.

  • Mitch

    To be fair, Christianity has no Heritage. No culture, no importance, and no relevance to Modern civilization. Their history is one of infiltration, corruption, cultural undermining, and destruction. Christianity has never brought anything of any value to any culture it has touched. So if native Scots want to start taking back the holidays, and celebrating secular events or religious events predating Christianity, I have no problem with that. And if that leaves no time to Pander to Christians? Nothing of value was lost.

  • Darn It

    Diddums … is the spoilt manbrat cross because someone else got some attention?

  • Darn It

    I was down in my local village pub last night. I was in the back bar, very olde world and with a good mix of around 20 or so regulars. And guess what? When one of the throng declared christmas to be a humbug most agreed and nobody defended the christian aspect at all. In fact most agreed that the best thing is that the days will be getting longer from now. Not much interest in jesus there but plenty of good will, laughter, fun and insightful discussion on a range of topics.

  • Darn It

    Why is it that rabid christian organisations have such misleading names. “Care For Scotland” … yeah right. A better appelation would be “Fundamentalist Bigots For A Christian Scotland”

  • StephenJP

    It’s not clear what sort of government support, financial or otherwise, CARE wants. Do Scotch Christians need public funds to mount parades, fireworks displays, circuses or whatnot in order to celebrate Baby Jesus? Most English churches manage to get by over Christmas without any state support at all. It is surely not many years since the joyless spirit of Scotch Calvinism prevented the celebration of Christmas altogether.

  • sailor1031

    @Darn It: “fundamentalist bigots opposed to a free Scotland”. There. Plenty of these miserable people around when I was a kid in Eastern Ontario (Orange Country).
    However I don’t care to sere public cash going to support Hannukah or Diwali celebrations either. It should be all inclusive or totally secular.

  • sailor1031

    see not “sere”

  • L.Long

    LIARS4jesus as usual are lying about almost everything!!!