Creationist reappointed to Scottish education committee

Creationist reappointed to Scottish education committee January 22, 2018

Humanists in Scotland are among a number who have expressed concern that an evangelical creationist, Dr Nagy Iskander, above, has been reappointed to sit on the education committee of South Lanarkshire council.
Iskander has been described as as one of “Europe’s most active creationists” by Ken Ham, the founder of Answers in Genesis, a US-based religious ministry.
In 2013, Ham wrote:

A few centuries ago, most people in Scotland would have called themselves Bible-believing Christians. Today, very few people in this country, which gave us the Presbyterian church, would call themselves Christians anymore.
This certainly grieves Dr Iskander, and he has a passion to proclaim the gospel to Scots. This desire has taken many forms, including enclosing evangelistic CD-ROMs inside secular newspapers.
The Glasgow Herald newspaper has distributed his Advent Calendar CD-ROM during the Christmas season– during one Christmas, Nagy distributed 130,000 CDs inside this newspaper!

Ham’s words confirm that Iskander is a full-blown plonker. And doesn’t he just look like one!
According to this report, Gordon MacRae, Chief Executive of Humanist Society Scotland, said:

Parents will be disturbed that unelected and unaccountable religious representatives from fringe groups continue to take decisions on their children’s education.

In 2016 HSS published a report that revealed that 88 religious representatives had been appointed to education committees without a vote, andand it launched a campaign calling for their removal.
Ross Greer MSP, education spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, added:

It is an archaic hangover from another era to have unelected, unaccountable representatives of faith groups sit on our local education committees with full voting rights and equal status to the elected, accountable local councillors sitting alongside them.
The decisions made by these committees are of immense importance to young people and families across the country – they should be made by those our communities have actually chosen to be there. Involving the wider community should mean pupil, parent and teacher representatives on these committees, not individuals such as this gentleman.

Iskander, who has claimed that a key tenet of evolution is “really illogical”, will be allowed to vote at meetings even though he is unelected.
South Lanarkshire council, which is now SNP run, advertised last year to fill the third slot on its Education Resources Committee, which meets every eight weeks.
The ad stated:

Any person, or any church or denominational body which has a duly constituted charge or other regular place of worship within South Lanarkshire, is invited to nominate a person who is interested in the promotion of religious and moral education.

Medical doctor Iskander, an Egyptian-born Christian, was the only applicant and he has resumed his duties on the committee. He has served in a similar capacity since 1999.
Iskander is a member of the Westwoodhill Evangelical Church in East Kilbride. In the past he has said:

Creation according to the Christian faith is a supernatural act of God, so it will not be repeated and we can’t test creation in the lab. Evolution needs to take place over millions of years and we cannot test that either.
My view on this is we should mention everything – we should examine all the evidence and all the facts and have an open and civilised discussion about all of this without excluding one or the other.

In 2015, Dr Iskander gave a series of lectures at a “creation conference” and made a raft of statements outlining his beliefs.

In evolution, they think that every thing made itself. And that is really illogical. Evolution is against the laws of thermo-dynamics.

In one lecture, he said a distinction should be drawn between “operational science” and “historical science” and said:

We love the scientists and we respect them very much actually, but they were not there from the beginning so they don’t know everything. They are limited, as I said, not always telling the truth. Sometimes they are guided by the funding of the project they are working on, or something like that.

The “logic” of Ken Ham
In another lecture he recounted a conversation with a physicist on the Big Bang Theory:

[He said] But what is the alternative? Do you want us to believe in creation? I said ‘yes’.

A spokesperson for the council said the appointment met the legislative requirements, adding:

Dr Iskander has been a member since 1999 and his appointments have come after a series of adverts seeking to fill the role were placed in the local and national press, the most recent being in July 2017. As such Dr Iskander is one member of the Education Resources Committee of 33 members.
The committee does not influence the way that religious and moral education is taught in schools, which is governed by central guidance under the national curriculum for excellence.

The council said Iskander had no comment to make.

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  • Broga

    “In evolution, they think that every thing made itself. ”
    Arrogant twat? So certain on the basis of nonsense. Perhaps he can tell us who or what made God and so on ad infinitum?

  • L.Long

    So the USA aint the only ones appointing dimwitted brain washed idiots to office!

  • andym

    Does anyone else but religious nutters have that rictus grin?He looks like someone’s just shoved a cucumber up his arse. Not beyond the realms of possibility.

  • Broga

    That grin says, “I know best and you are contemptible dim wits who have not recognised the truth as I proclaim it.”

  • Marcus

    Speaking of creationist tits, I’ve just noticed that one needs to register to read the bilge on Stephen “Birdshit” Green Christian Vice’s webshite (

  • Farmer Giles

    I ache for the day that Ken Ham isn’t there any more.

  • Farmer Giles

    There need to be Laws set in place to protect us from idiots who are clearly in denial about things that are proven to be true.
    Anyone who believes the earth is flat, that the earth is at the centre of the solar system, that the earth is 6,000 years old, that god made everything, that global warming is untrue must be disqualified from holding any post in government, education, universities etc. These people are a serious threat to humanity and the planet.

  • Farmer Giles

    OT. Meanwhile the pope eats humble pie. The vatican PR machine people must be working their arses off these days lying for god. And in the link the picture of the pope tells a story of a man who is showing all the signs of going under. I’ll give him three years at most before he caves in and joins Ratzinger in the cloisters.
    Pope Francis sorry for upsetting abuse victims – BBC News

  • barriejohn

    Dr Iskander and his wife Nashwa are the founders of Jam Trust. Note that this organization which exists purely for the indoctrination of children, which is no surprise whatsoever. He’s another interfering religious busybody, who should be told where to get off.
    The purposes of the Trust are the advancement of the Christian Gospel in East Kilbride and its environment. To run a non-denominational Christian club for children and young adults in East Kilbride and its environs without any cost or charge, to run the club to help children under the age of 16 years to understand the basics of the Christian faith, to develop a healthy lifestyle with good moral standards and encourage youngsters to develop good citizenship and participate in the community.

  • AgentCormac

    Iskander only retained this position because no one, absolutely no one, put themselves forward in opposition to him. This despite the fact that his craziness was already widely known. Ergo, we only have ourselves to blame for this lunatic being given free reign to inflict his dangerous ideology on children.
    So I very much hope that the Scottish Greens, the Humanist Fellowship of Scotland, or some other sensible secular body, has the gumption to offer up a more suitable candidate next time around. If I lived in South Lanarkshire I would certainly have stood against this deranged idiot.
    At the end of the day, we can whine on all we want about people like Iskander weedling their way into positions of influence. But if we aren’t prepared to fight them at their own game then, as I say, we can only have ourselves to blame.

  • RussellW

    Your last paragraph sums up the situation.However we’re also constrained by the requirements of religious freedom,free speech and ‘balance’ in the MSM. I never forget that those demented religious wankers wouldn’t allow us the freedoms we allow them.

  • StephenJP

    AgentCormac, I quite agree. Unfortunately the ad for the position states:
    “Any person, or any church or denominational body which has a duly constituted charge or other regular place of worship within South Lanarkshire, is invited to nominate a person who is interested in the promotion of religious and moral education”
    So the whole process is biased from the outset. Little chance of any Green, humanist or other secular individual meeting those criteria!
    Being an optimist, I continue to hope that, sooner or later, one of the political parties might deduce that there might be more votes in opposing religious privilege than in perpetuating it. If they do I think they will clean up.

  • AgentCormac

    Beggars belief, doesn’t it? ‘Moral education’ – like Iskander has the first idea what that means.
    And why those on the South Lanarkshire Council think that candidates for this position can come solely from a religious institution (or in Iskander’s case a religious cult) equally beggars belief. Exclusion for consideration on the grounds of religious belief – or lack thereof – is surely unconstitutional at the very least.

  • Robster

    Jees, gotta respect idiots who are not too embarrassed to actually admit they’re creationists. Talk about gall!

  • Brian Jordan

    The committee does not influence the way that religious and moral education is taught in schools
    Note that it doesn’t say “The committee does not influence the way that science is taught in schools”.
    Tripe peddeled in RE is one thing, promoting anti-scientific nonsense in scecular subjects is another matter altogether.
    As for there being only one candidate, I thought there were several such unelected religious appointees – enough to swing votes, in some cases. I think Iskander must come into the category of “others” beside appointees of mainstream religous sects.

  • Farmer Giles

    Meanwhile. The vultures, sorry pastors, are quick to swoop down the exploit tragedy in order to squeeze their god into the lives of everyone whether they want it or not.
    Germany pupil ‘killed by classmate’ at school near Dortmund – BBC News.
    A pupil at secondary school near the German city of Dortmund has been killed by a fellow classmate, according to police.Reports say a 15-year-old student stabbed a 14-year-old boy. The attack happened at around 0800 local time (0700 GMT) at the Käthe Kollwitz comprehensive school in the town of Lünen. One teenager has been arrested on suspicion of murder. Pastors are at the school to support pupils and parents.

  • Gaurav Tyagi
  • 1859

    Ham and the Islanders of this world do not want to understand the fine details of how evolution works – and it’s not because they lack the intelligence. The know full well that if – as it does – evolution makes perfect, explicable sense, their entire world would come crashing down around their godforsaken ears. So they do what those afflicted with religious belief have always done – bury their heads even deeper in the sands of blind faith. To their dying day they will claim they are in the right. So let them die and their ideas with them. But if they try to make their ideas live on in the minds of young people – like Mr. Iaskander – they must be stopped at every opportunity.