London store 'celebrates sin' with Garden of Eden biscuits

London store 'celebrates sin' with Garden of Eden biscuits January 21, 2018

It didn’t take long for Christian outrage to erupt after news broke that London department store Fortnum & Mason is selling a biscuit collection based on the biblical myth of the Garden of Eden – featuring gay and lesbian couples.
Tim Dieppe, speaking on Premier Radio this week, said that the promotion was:

A celebration of the introduction of sin into this world and that it was glorifying homosexuality.

According to this PinkNews report, the world-famous store, which holds a royal warrant as a supplier of goods to the royal family, started selling  £15.00 circular biscuit tins this week based on the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
In addition to Adam and Eve, customers are able to buy a tin featuring a gay couple, Adam and Steve, as well as a lesbian couple, Eve and Naimh (pronounced Neve).

‘If God took a rib from Adam to make his partner, his genotype would be 44-XY, thus being a MALE!
But the products have been welcomed by some Christians.
Tracey Byrne of OneBodyOneFaith told PinkNews:

Three cheers to Fortnums and their Valentines biscuits – they’ve worked out what we’ve known all along, that love is love, and that God has blessed loving and committed relationships since the beginning of time.
In fact, might we suggest that if Adam and Eve had stuck to the biscuits and kept off the fresh fruit, things might have turned out very different!
If Adam, Eve, Niamh and Steve want to pop round. we’ll have the kettle on in celebration of love, justice and the restorative effects of a good cuppa.

A spokesperson for Fortnum & Mason told PinkNews:

Fortnum’s has always been for everyone, with excellent taste, and we are delighted with the response to this collection. We can’t think of better biscuits to enjoy with a cup of tea this Valentine’s Day.

A description of the range on the Fortnum’s website says:

Whether by grand gift or intimate gesture, Valentine’s Day is the year’s best chance to sweep a loved one off their feet. What better than to give the gift of Fortnum’s?

The description for the biscuits adds:

Delicately hand-iced exclusively for Fortnum’s, these gingerbread biscuits are baked to perfection to make a most memorable and, indeed, delicious gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

During the debate on equal marriage in the House of Commons, DUP MP David Simpson famously insisted:

It’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

And a key member of Australia’s Coalition for Marriage also previously urged people to oppose LGBT equality because:

In the beginning almighty God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • barriejohn

    It’s outrageous – £15 for a box of biscuits!

  • Farmer Giles


  • Maggie

    Ginger…? Hmmm…

  • L.Long

    Well they could have stayed very biblical by using Eve & Lilith (adam’s 1st). Or David and his sex male buddy, Or job and 2 daughters, or Abraham and his wife & housemaid, and list goes on! There is nothing in their ahole buyBull that says gay is a sin and nothing where jesus condemns it, although jesus does FORBID divorce!! A cookie showing a xtian couple in front of a judge!!

  • barriejohn

    L.Long: If it was judge Robison, he’d just say that Gawd told him to forgive them!

  • barriejohn

    Farmer Giles: Very good, but don’t you think that they might be full of cream?

  • remigius

    ‘If God took a rib from Adam to make his partner, his genotype would be 44-XY, thus being a MALE!‘
    Nope. A genotype is a part of the DNA sequence that determines a specific characteristic of an individual – i.e blue eyes, curly hair etc.
    The term that should be used is karyotype – which refers to the number and appearance of chromosomes. A human has 23 pairs of chromosomes, with one of these pairs (the allosomes) being X and Y, or both X, to determine sex. Thus a human male has a 46,XY karyotype, a human female 46,XX.
    If Steve was 44,XY he would probably look very different and have developmental abnormalities.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Is it too much to hope for the store to tell these ninnies to phuque off-we’re selling this?
    Or will they “apologize” for the “insensitivity” of this campaign and cower back into the corner?

  • barriejohn

    CMB: They appear to be standing firm, but the Bishop of Peterborough has now weighed in.
    “Christ on a Bike” Beef Jerky – I love it. We’re not all Christians, you sanctimonious prick!

  • barriejohn

    PS I’ve only just noticed the comments appended to that last article. Apparently, this is all just a sign that we are entering the Tribulation. Christ on a bike!

  • Simeon Hope

    “God has blessed loving and committed relationships since the beginning of time” – according to which translation of their book is that true? Christians, Jews and Muslims of all kinds must acknowledge the stigma and contempt attached to gay people which is endemic to their faiths. Anything else is either delusion or an attempt to hoodwink non-believers.