More Catholic schools needed to project children into heaven

More Catholic schools needed to project children into heaven January 27, 2018

Growing secularism in the US has led to an increasing number of Catholic schools closing, but bishop George V Murry, above, of Youngstown, Ohio, imagines the trend can be reversed if parents were made to believe that a Catholic education would fast-track their kids to heaven.
According to this report, he said:

Many parents don’t see particular value in the religious formation that occurs in a Catholic school. So how can we challenge some of those ideas so people come to a better understanding of why it is important to develop the entire person?

Pastors, the chairman of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Catholic Education explained, are diligently working to bring parents into parish schools to see firsthand the advantages a Catholic education has in developing the “whole person”.

Unfortunately, we live in a very secular society. We are blessed that we’re not as secular as many of the countries in Europe. But we are a very secular society, and fewer and fewer people see the value of spiritual development. I think that becomes the task of evangelisation. Just programmes to get people into church are not enough. We have to change hearts.
It’s not simply a matter of an intellectual decision. It’s a realisation that I want the very best for my son or my daughter. And part of the best is that that child is eventually in heaven.

Figures from the National Catholic Educational Association show 1,393 Catholic school closings or consolidations from 2007 to 2017 compared with 287 school openings. During the same period, enrollment declined by 19 percent to less than 1.9 million students. Enrollment peaked in 1965 at more than 5.2 million students.

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  • Gaurav Tyagi

    Bloody Freeloaders, these Pastors and priests exploiting and cheating people by following the ‘carrot and stick’ policy. There is neither any heaven nor any hell. They are just made up concepts to keep people in check so, they don’t question these priests and their politician friends.

  • Broga

    The panic caused by the spread of secularism is eating into desperate priests like Murry. The result is increasingly bizarre claims – threats really – to force parents into believing the incredible. Send your child to a Catholic school and, although they will be in the hands of priests where paedophilia is endemic , we will give them a pass into heaven.

  • barriejohn

    I just HAD to look up Mother Katharine Drexel, as I’d never heard of her before:
    Her cause for beatification was introduced in 1966. Pope John Paul II formally declared Drexel “Venerable” on January 26, 1987, and beatified her on November 20, 1988, after concluding that Robert Gutherman was miraculously cured of deafness in 1974 after his family prayed for Mother Drexel’s intercession. Mother Drexel was canonized on October 1, 2000, one of only a few U.S. born saints and the second natural-born U.S. citizen saint (Elizabeth Ann Seton was the first native-born U.S. citizen canonized, in 1975). Canonization occurred after the Vatican determined that two-year-old Amy Wall had been miraculously healed of nerve deafness in both ears through Katharine Drexel’s intercession in 1994.
    This idiot wants children indoctrinated with bullshit like that, and believes that that is going to better equip them for life in the Twenty-First Century!

  • phhht

    This heap of mouse droppings is a variant of the tired old Christian extortion scam – believe what I say you must or you’ll go to hell.
    It works best when the believers can shake their voodoo rattles at gullible school children.
    Oooga booga, gods gonna getcha!

  • Johan

    Evil shitehawk.

  • 1859

    ‘…so people come to a better understanding of why it is important to develope the entire person’ – this last so benign- sounding phrase really irks me ‘…to develope the entire person’. In a religious school we all know what that means – it means nothing less than sugar-coated indoctrination. These priests are like vampires — they must have access to children in order to sink their teeth into the kid’s minds – and all to save their own fats arses. Because if there were no children to teach, their schools would be forced to shut down and their fat salaries would cease to exist along with their church. Put simply indoctrinating children is big business.

  • AgentCormac

    More mumbo-jumbo from an increasingly irrelevant organisation. Can they really not come up with anything more meaningful than vague threats about children missing out on heaven and, ergo, ending up being burned alive for eternity?

  • Father Moe and Father Lester will help them develop, all right.

  • Craig

    What is the probability that this excremental overblown misfit is a paedophile?
    My informed guess is around 33%.
    What is the probability that this excremental overblown misfit has close relations with a paedophile?
    This is a 100% certainty.
    No parent should leave a child in the charge of a catholic institution. Anyone who does can be regarded as criminally negligent.

  • Philby

    Meanwhile watch this. Evangelical hucksterism, lies, profittering and exploitation with total disregard for the health and welfare of the exploited masses. Watch the shameless sleazy lizard lying on camera.
    God’s giant miracle carrots – BBC News

  • fester60613

    OMG… these poor religious “leaders” cannot see that their problems are self-created. You cannot protect priests who abuse children and not suffer consequences.
    The Catholic church has proved its corrupt nature repeatedly. But “secularism” is the problem?
    I just want to slap the stupid out of these dudes – and then crucify them.

  • Robster

    Perhaps a better sell on the heaven thing would help the potentially deluded? To many, including myself, the idea of spending an alleged eternity boot licking an undesirable deity, shared with a billion hate filled bigots is just not an attractive offer. The “place” would be full of dead clerics, full of the formally god besotted and be decidedly judgemental I’m guessing, specially as it’s a feeble fabrication. Selling the idea of heaven or its slightly less unattractive alternative is not going to cut it in 2018.

  • Maggie

    Worried about running out of victims to abuse? Good.

  • Judy Block-Jones

    Bishop Murry is known for covering up sex crimes against kids. From his beliefs set forth in this article, he is more likely to keep the lid on abuse again.
    A very disturbing way to think.
    Let’s hope that anyone who has been harmed in the Youngstown diocese will have the courage to come forward and contact police. Silence only hurts and children deserve to be safe from harm.
    Judy Jones, SNAP “Survivors Network of those Abuse by Priests”.

  • barriejohn

    Robster: Ideas of heaven are probably well wide of the mark. If “theologians” are correct, it will be absolutely crammed with foetuses!
    Most of the scholarly contribution to this matter comes from Msgr. John F. McCarthy, head of the Roman Theological Forum.
    You’ve got to laugh, haven’t you?