Consumption of more cow's milk will reduce crime in India

Consumption of more cow's milk will reduce crime in India February 7, 2018

Back in 2016 Indian nut-job Shankar Lal, above, prompted a great deal of eye-rolling when he advised people to follow his example by smearing their cellphones with fresh cow shit, claiming it would protect them from ‘harmful radiations’.
Well, Lal, 78,a bigwig in a right-wing Hindu organisation – Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) – is back in the news, this time for claiming that a greater consumption of cows’ milk will reduce India’s crime rate.
According to this report, Lal claimed that the crime rate has risen in the country ever since people started consuming milk from buffaloes and jersey cows.

The reason is that milk of buffalo and jersey cow is ‘tamasic’ which triggers anger, a person loses tolerance and that leads to increase in crime. On the other hand, cow milk is ‘sattvic’ that gives peace to people and this leads to decrease in crime.

Lal is connected to an RSS-affiliated outfit called Gauseva which is set to launch a countrywide 15-day Gau Jap Mahayagna at temples across the country from March 31 to make folk aware of eight major benefits of cow products, including their dung.
The senior RSS functionary claimed that in the past eight years, 3,000 women have delivered babies without surgery because they consumed around 40gm of liquid extract of cow dung with five leaves of basil at the time of labour pain. Babies apparently pop out without complications within two hours of their mothers consuming the concoction.
He also claimed that if a pregnant woman consumes curd prepared from cow milk in silver bowl daily for eight months:

The baby will be of fair complexion, intelligent and with sattvic nature.

He intimated that his claims were based on research carried out at the Cow Research Centre in Nagpur.
When Lal was questioned about the the remarkable qualities of gobar (cow dung) vis-a-vis cellphones, he replied:

Cow is our mother. Its excreta and urine are nectar and have power to save humans from any disease. If cow dung can treat cancer, why can’t it save us from a phone’s microwaves? Haven’t you heard that Junagadh scientists (in Gujarat) have found gold in cow’s urine (they found traces of it). I put fresh gobar every week.

Asked whether other members of his organisation do the same, he got four to show their phones; all were beshitted on the back. He said:

All the people in my team, be it children, men or women, have cow dung on their phone. Why won’t they? They know its magical effects.

In May 2017 it was reported here that:

Cow science, or “cowpathy”, as it has been termed by Hindutva ideologues, is in for a new national level makeover. Last month, what was generally regarded as pseudoscience – or at best “fringe science” – was elevated to the status of a major agenda for national level scientific research cutting across many scientific departments and national laboratories.

Hat tip: Gaurav Tyagi

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  • AgentCormac

    What a load of crap.

  • Laura Roberts

    “Haven’t you heard that Junagadh scientists (in Gujarat) have found gold in cow’s urine ”
    Someone should explain to them that’s not the reason people keep taking the piss.

  • Broga

    Bit of a problem with wonderful cow’s milk.
    “Many scientific studies have shown an assortment of detrimental health effects directly linked to milk consumption. And the most surprising link is that not only do we barely absorb the calcium in cow’s milk (especially if pasteurized), but to make matters worse, it actually increases calcium loss from the bones. What an irony this is!”
    You can easily check the science behind this on google. Sorry Lal, this horse won’t run. Or should that be cow.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    It works! Ever since he smeared cow dung on his phone, I haven’t been bothered by cellphone radiation !
    Its a mirkel !

  • Laura Roberts

    I thought “cowpathy” was when a bovine can’t be bothered to care.
    Or a description of a heavily-trodden field.
    I really love that word…!

  • Philby

    Udder tripe. Pull the udder one.

  • Matthew Carr

    Cow dung or bullshit?

  • Rob Andrews

    “It works! Ever since he smeared cow dung on his phone, I haven’t been bothered by cellphone radiation !”.
    I wonder if he’s been bothered by any incoming calls. I mean does the phone still work.

  • L.Long

    And if anything like the USA there are plenty who are lactose intolerant. They must be cursed, needs exorcism!!

  • AgentCormac

    ‘Oh, hello. I bought this iPhone from your shop six months ago and it seems to have stopped working.’
    ‘Right-oh, sir. Let’s have a quick look. Has it been immersed in water by any chance?’
    ‘Have you dropped it at all?’
    ‘Extreme temperatures?’
    ‘Just a minute, what’s all this stuff it’s caked in?’
    ‘Oh, that. That’s radiation-proof cow shit.’
    ‘It brings down the crime rate.’
    ‘Actually, sir, I think you’ll find it raises the crime rate.’
    ‘Huh? Agh! Stop hitting me!’
    ‘Out of my shop, nutter.’
    ‘Right, I’m calling the police. Oh, er…’
    ‘Could I interest you in an iPhone, sir?’

  • RussellW

    India would benefit from a reduction in the level of dung flung about (particularly human). Deliberately spreading crap is a very bad idea.

  • John the Drunkard

    ‘The baby will be of fair complexion…’
    He doesn’t mean a ‘just’ or honorable complexion. He means that prenatal dung consumption will work as a skin lightener.
    Even the Mormans have censored the more spectacular racist crap like this from their PR materials.

  • RussellW

    John the Drunkard,
    As Indians have explained to me, the preference for fair skins is simply a cultural aspect of Indian society, it’s not racism.
    Only ‘Europeans’ are racist.

  • 1859

    My problem is an absence of cows. However, I do have a cat that craps all over the house. I tried cat shit on the back of my phone and it had an amazing effect. I now enjoy a fantastic amount of solitude – I mean, I teach in a large school and my students won’t even come into my classroom. It’s wonderful and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    To Russell W, if your comment ‘Only Europeans are racist’ is a satire than its fine otherwise, Indians are the biggest racists on the planet. Creams advertising ones complexion to become fairer do Billions worth of business every year. Africans in India are treated like crap just because of their black, dark skin. Kindly read the following write-up of mine to know more about this issue;

  • RussellW

    Gaurav Tyagi,
    Yes, the comment was satirical. I know about the attitudes in India towards Africans.In my experience, Indians are hypocritical about and oblivious to their own racism, however that’s true of other non-Western societies as well.
    I’ll bet that abomination, the Caste system has racially based origins as well.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    Russell, caste system was initiated by the Hindus but now this disease exists in all religions of India. Please check this out;

  • RussellW

    Gaurav Tyagi,
    Thanks for the link.Unbelievable! The caste system must be almost unique in condemning generation after generation of people to the same despised status. Hindus, when they migrate, take the caste system with them.
    I have to say that I’m pessimistic about India’s prospects of development when the country is so influenced by such toxic religious ideology. China will leave the country far behind.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    Russell, my wife is a Chinese national. I am settled in China. As a keen observer of societies, believe me, India doesn’t stand anywhere in comparison to China. To give you just one example majority of the products sold in the Indian market are ‘Made in China’.

  • Philby

    Its not just India that has an well defined under class. I worked with Japanese for several years before I found out about the Burakumin. When I asked a Japanese about this I was given a quizical look and was blanked. I tried several other Japanese with the same question. No response … nothing. I was made to feel as if I was asking a stupid question about something nonexistent. One evening in YokohamaI found myself in a bar with an old colleague who had spent two 3 year tours of duty in Europe. We got on very well. So I asked him. I had to pronounce the word Burakumin in every way I could think of before he eventually told me that to ask that question was considered taboo and a serious breach of etiquette. “Jim san you should not ask such a question”. “How did you find out?”
    But having spent many years working in Europe he realised he recognised my genuine interest. The Burakumin are a stigmatised ghettoised underclass, historically leather processing workers, slaughterhouse workers and latrine tenders. Today in Japan you can buy, on the black market, lists of Burakumin so that you can prevent your daughter from marrying one or employing one. They are shunned and to discuss them, even amongst Japanese, is a serious social gaffe. Its a hang over from fuedal times in Japan. But unlike countries such as India being of the unspeakable under class does not expose you to beatings or worse. Japan really is far too civilised for that.

  • Broga

    Philby: Amazing! My contact with the Japanese has been very limited. A few years ago a bus load of elderly Japanese got stuck. They all decanted with difficulty from the bus and I managed to organise getting the bus freed. They thanked me profusely – much bowing with clasped hands.
    Some weeks later a superbly engraved book of short poems arrived and a laquer box with a satin lining and a gold engraved dragon on the lid. Civilised indeed but ……………?

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    Very valuable information Philby. The most ironical aspect of India is that a huge number of these so called lower caste people are top bureaucrats and politicians themselves due to reservation quotas in the government sector but instead of making the society better by empowering their poor caste brethren, they behave like feudal lords themselves. The following write up of mine is a bit long but would provide anyone, who is a bit interested in knowing more about India, the true picture of the country;

  • Brian Jordan

    If they want to know more about the virtues of cows’ urine, maybe they should pop over to Egypt. They’re doing work there about the medicinal value of camel urine: they could compare notes.

  • zarghaam rizvi

    Mr. Lal should, with immediate effect, make cow milk the only consumable dairy and ask the scientists to conduct an experiment to proof his claim. This will solve the problem of human conflict with such an easy solution. He will for sure receive Nobel if proven right!