Evangelist's idiotic flu advice sparks British investigation

Evangelist's idiotic flu advice sparks British investigation February 11, 2018

Last Saturday we reported that deranged televangelist Gloria Copeland dismissed the efficacy of flu jabs, saying that the only protection people need from flu was Jesus.
Now we learn from this report that the UK’s Charity Commission has launched an investigation into Kenneth Copeland Ministries UK, whose headquarters are in Bath, because it posted Copeland’s video on its website, along with the text:

In this video, Gloria Copeland talks about the flu and offers a prayer for the flu. Learn how you can overcome the flu and prevent it from coming on your household. 

In the video, released on January 31 and still on the ministries UK site, Copeland says:

Listen, partners. We don’t have a flu season. We’ve got a duck season, a deer season, but we don’t have a flu season.

A Charity Commission spokeswoman said:

Trustees must ensure that their charity only carries out activities within their charitable objectives and must ensure they protect the reputation of their charity.
The commission will be contacting the Kenneth Copeland Ministries regarding material posted on the charity’s website to determine whether there is a regulatory role for the commission.

According to Public Health England, there have been 215 confirmed deaths from flu in the UK this flu season.
The video has been viewed more than a quarter of a million times on YouTube and Facebook, and has been widely criticised.
One angry Facebook user wrote:

Telling people not to get proper medical care is dangerous and un-Christian. Shame on you, doubly so for doing it in God’s name.

Another commented:

When someone dies from the flu, their blood will be on your hands. Did you ever consider the possibility that God gave us an intellect and knowledge so that we can protect ourselves? Did that thought ever cross your mind?

A third said:

Wow. If this works for the flu, then I guess it would work for cancer too. I sense that a lot of drug companies who make medication for people with cancer are about to go out of business if this secret gets out.

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  • L.Long

    Another LIAR4jesus! She doesn’t really trust jesus or she would not worry about letting go of the steering wheel or crossing the street. And bet she goes to the doctor when ill!

  • Rob Andrews

    This kind of thing reminds me of a story I heard about Mark Twain.
    A Christian fan of Twain’s read an article about Twain, that stated he had recovered from back pain. She wrote to him saying that he should “thank God for his back no longer hurting”.
    So he writes back to her stating that he has a problem with her theological explanation of his back pain removal. He writes. “If god took away my back pain, why does he bring it back upon the simple act of bending over”. “Did I commit a sin by bending over, that I should arise again in such pain”.
    He writes, this is why I can’t accept that theological explanation.” He goes on to thank her for her kind thoughts and then says, “If you think I hurt your feelings, let me tell you to keep this letter because when I die it will be worth some money.”
    And it sold for 5,000 dollars. Typical Mark Twain : ))

  • StephenJP

    Why the f*ck is “Kenneth Copeland Ministries” a charity in the first place? What charitable function do they exercise other than evangelism? It is a serious anachronism that churches and other religious organisations should enjoy the many benefits of charitable status simply because their sole reason for existence is to spread The Word.
    Oxfam are being nailed this weekend (quite rightly) for their crimes and misdemeanors in Haiti. The Government have suggested that they might lose their funding from DfID. What will it take for HMG to take an equally hard line on religious charities, including churches, that abuse their privileged position? No, don’t reply, we all know the answer.

  • barriejohn

    It was news to Kenneth Copeland that K.C. Ministries was a charity, as HE thought they were making money:

  • Johan

    What a horrid woman. A thief,a liar and a cheat. A perfect example of a Christian Evangelical Minister.

  • andym

    The Charity Commission actually doing something about these religious frauds? Now that would be hard to believe.
    ( I just listened to their very inept defence of their failure to regulate Oxfam. It was all, “Oxfam assured us…”)

  • Broga

    andym: The first charge on the big charities are the high salaries for their executives. Apparently they need to attract the best talent. I prefer my money to go to small local charities where I can see where it is being spent.

  • Johan

    I don’t give to charities. I just get personally involved in local activities where I can see the direct positive effects upon the people I am helping. I don’t trust charities for the simple reason that it is impossible to track where the donated money is going. Big salaries to the fat cats at the top, dictators, despots, corrupt politicians,corrupt officials, warlords, terrorist organisations and worst of all the evangelistic proselytisers who hand out a bowl of rice at the end of the prayers and sermons that directly lead to the stupefaction and beggary of the poor recipients in the very first place. Charity begins, and ends in my view, at home. And I for one would stop all the foreign aid this country gives away and use it for the resuscitation and intensive care of the NHS.

  • John the Drunkard