Secularism is as great a threat to Christianity as terrorism

Secularism is as great a threat to Christianity as terrorism February 18, 2018

Former US House Speaker Newt Gingrich – a Catholic Republican – claimed last night that Western secularism is as great a threat to Christianity as that posed by terrorist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaida.
However he believes that in the current culture war raging between faith-heads and secularists, religion will eventually win.
Addressing about 300 people at the Ave Maria School of Law in Florida, Gingrich, according to this report, said:

Either the radical secularists will succeed in controlling the Government and driving religion out of American life or the people who believe in faith will succeed in controlling government and insist that you cannot impose radical values on American people.

He expressed optimism that the religious side could prevail.

We’re not going to give up on America. We’re not going to give up on God.

Gingrich, who represented a Georgia district in the House for 20 years and ran unsuccessfully for president in 2012, said religious institutions such as the Ave Maria School of Law can serve as “centers of resistance” to the “horrendous wars against Christianity” waged by secular and terrorist organisations.
The secular philosophy dominates universities and is embraced by newspaper editors and Hollywood, Gingrich added. It represents:

A repudiation of everything we’ve learned about the importance of the spiritual world.

Gingrich converted to Catholicism – the religion of his third wife, Callista Gingrich, above – nine years ago. Callista Gingrich serves as US ambassador to the Holy See.
When she was appointed last year, political cartoonist David Macadam, of the Oligarch Kings blog, tore into her with a vengeance:

She has absolutely no particular qualification to be an ambassador anywhere, far less in the factious nest of vipers that is the Vatican … She will sit and look pretty at restaurant tables making small talk. 
It’s just a nice wee sinecure for an oligarch’s wife. Newt’s retired so can sit and bore them all with war stories.  Callista will get a dress allowance too you know.  Guess who pays for that?  Uh-huh that will be you again.

Gingrich is perhaps most widely known for his 1994 “Contract with America” – conservative proposals that led to the first Republican-controlled US House in four decades.
The split between Americans of faith and those who are secular poses “an enormous danger to the country,” he said after the dinner.

They are so fundamentally different about the very nature of life. Eventually, it will be resolved, one way or the other. One side will win, one side will lose.

Gingrich is now a TV commentator and a big supporter and confidante of President Donald Trump. He told guests at the dinner that Trump is bringing the country back in the right direction.

But it’s not possible to have a President of the United States fix everything.

Or in Trump’s case, fix anything!

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  • AgentCormac

    For ‘radical secularists’ read ‘people with open minds’. I do find it incredible that people like good ol’ Newt will stand up and decry thinking as some kind of evil that must be resisted and destroyed. But then, his mate in the Oval Office seems to think that facts should be ridiculed and dismissed at every turn. It’s like they live in some kind of surreal alternative universe where only they can see the nature of reality.

  • Broga

    Dream on Gingrich. You can’t win because faith cannot exist without fantasies and they are often propagated by liars who deceive the believers into accepting what they themselves know is untrue. Christianity is a belief system for slaves who accept a God who has an insatiable demand for flattery.
    Gingrich and his like are now dependent on the God of the gaps and as science advances the gaps keep reducing. He is whining because he is scared that the power over the gullible believers is disappearing. The censorship of the past is no longer possible and the young and the educated know the score.

  • sailor1031

    I hope that secularism is a far greater threat to Christianity than that posed by terrorist groups. I am comforted that this fifth rate academic who has delusions of being a history professor has never actually been right about anything – at least not in public.

  • John the Drunkard

    Doesn’t he realize that the troglodytes he’s wooing would string him up from the nearest lamp post if they ever got the power they think is their due?
    See how ecumenical those deranged snake-handling protestants are when they don’t have a secular target.

  • Henri

    And his wife looks like a waxwork.
    Bring back Spoitting Image … there are no end of fools, cheats and horrors to sned up.

  • Henri

    Atheist will subsume all religions in time.

  • L.Long

    “… “horrendous wars against Christianity” …”And just how many xtians were beheaded by secularists in the uSA!!??!!
    Yes I can see how horrendous it is when secularist convince so many to stop giving you bigots money, as your real gawd, Mammon, will be so sad!

  • Jobrag

    He’s probably thinking that his mates in the IRA didn’t pose a threat to Christians in Boston, and that the UK is a gawdless society.

  • AgentCormac

    I can’t help feeling that Callista Gingrich should have been a character in The Stepford Wives.

  • Angela_K

    “The Honourable Newt Gingrich”. There is nothing honourable about this odious bigot. What is he afraid of, that people are thinking for themselves and will no longer be obsequious fawning religious sycophants.
    Callista has the same mad expression as Michenello-Williams.

  • L.Long

    “…Western secularism is as great a threat to Christianity…” Gawd I hope so!! And I also agree, thinking and humanitarian ideas, science have all shown themselves very superior to religious BS!

  • RussellW

    “…religion will eventually win”
    He’s deluded. Unfortunately the war will never end.Religion is embedded in human psychology, many people need to believe.

  • 1859

    So as an atheist and a secularist I am now to be described as a terrorist. This idiot is playing with mass psychosis. The word that chills the mass’s blood is ‘terrorism’ – so let’s scare the crap out of them by equating terrorism with secularism. If being open-minded, tolerant, inclusive, questioning and a advocate of scientific and medical progress is being a terrorist, then so be it, I am a terrorist. However, the weapons I use – I promise – will shed not one drop of blood, because secularists and atheists really do believe that the pen is mightier than the sword. I just hope that in today’s world the Internet will prove mightier that the AK47…
    Gingrich’s wife is the scariest thing I’ve seen since Hitchcock’s Psycho. There can’t be many mirrors that can withstand such an insane face. If Newt had refused to convert to catholicism I’ve no doubt he would have woken up one morning to find his wife chewing off his legs.

  • Broga

    One of the greatest threats to civilisation is Christianity. Think of the Christian, Trump revering, bigots who insist that God gave the world and everything in it to them to exploit. And so we have a trashed environment and these fools see no need to show any restraint.
    To my great regret I see no indication that we call pull back – especially with the shameless Trump and his deputy who USA contributors here say is even worse. Even a little investigation would reveal the bible to be dangerous, anachronistic, ridiculous nonsense with passages of admirable literature. It is game over and no sign of the tyrant God.

  • StephenJP

    Another person who doesn’t know what secularism means – or possibly does, but chooses to ignore it or, worse, lie about it. A bit like Baroness Warsi on this side of the pond, who is forever banging on about “militant secularism”.
    They can get away with this crap only because they do actually live in largely secular societies. If either of them lived in a truly religious society, they would pretty soon both find out what persecution really means. Warsi in particular would be in trouble in either a fundamentalist Christian theocracy or a Muslim one.
    As for Gingrich, our American colleagues are better placed than I to comment; but I guess his personal history is unlikely to commend itself to any version of theocracy.

  • barriejohn

    Here are Gingrich’s views on Climate Change:
    Now tell me who is the real danger to human civilization!

  • barriejohn

    The dire impact of future climate change on the US, spelt out in the federal government’s National Climate Assessment report last November, is looking even worse after the completion of further research.

  • AgentCormac

    Here’s a humorous take on religion in America right now. But it is still chillingly on the money.

  • Vanity Unfair

    I don’t know about you, but the phrase Ave Maria School of Law sends a cold shudder down my spine. However, it is a real place and claims on its web site title page,, “Ave Law Ranked One of the Best Law Schools by the Princeton Review”. That sounds good but looking further it seems that it is ranked first for “Most Conservative Students” and eighth for “Most Chosen By Older Students” but is otherwise not noticeable for its academic excellence. Incidentally, “The Princeton Review is not affiliated with Princeton University” I cannot comment on its value further.
    17th. February marked two days after Ave Maria Law School regained its American Bar Association accreditation that had been withheld since October, 2016 due to AMLS’s preference for enlisting students with poor entry qualifications. and This had earlier drawn attention at one of the more delightfully scurrilous blogs (is that the right term?). It would be impolite to draw comparisons.

  • Stuart H.

    Funny enough that they’re holding it in a beach resort, not a university, but with such a Micky Mouse speaker and academic institution, maybe they should be holding this in Disneyland.
    Given the number of NRA supporters and beneficiaries who’ll be present, I wonder what the dress code is. Side-arms only maybe, and semi-automatic weapons to be checked in at the cloakroom?