Another atheist has a run-in with hosts on Egyptian TV

Another atheist has a run-in with hosts on Egyptian TV March 3, 2018

Last year we reported that Egyptian atheist and human rights activist Ahmed Harqan had stormed out of Rania Mahmoud Yassin’s Al -Assema TV show after the presenter asserted that Egypt ‘unfortunately’ had 866 atheists, and that atheism was spreading ‘like wildfire’ in her country.
We now learn that a second atheist, Mohammad Hashem, above, was summarily booted off another programme by its host last month, with both the anchor and a second guest – a cleric – suggesting that the young man should see a psychiatrist.
Hashem, according to this report, was invited to appear on the privately owned TV network Alhadath Alyoum to present his ideas – but was barely allowed to explain his views.
In the segment, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, Hashem managed to say that:

There is no scientific evidence for the existence of God.

Also that he did not:

Need religion to have moral values or to be a productive member of society.

He was  immediately attacked by host Mahmoud Abd Al-Halim, who asked:

How can you say that? Who created you? Who made you exist as a human being? … How come you exist in this universe?

Hashem then tried to raise the Big Bang theory as one possible origin of existence, but was once again cut off by the host, who dismissed him as:

Confused and unreliable.

Abd Al-Halim then turned to his audience and apologised “for having an Egyptian of this kind on our show.” He claimed – while preventing Hashem from speaking – that:

You have not uttered a single convincing word.

Abd Al-Halim called Hashem’s ideas “heresy,” “inappropriate” and “destructive,” claiming he set:

A very bad example for Egyptian youth.

A second guest, former Deputy Sheikh of Al-Azhar Mahmoud Ashour, suggested Hashem needed “psychiatric treatment”, a notion host Abd Al-Halim seized upon:

Have you seen a psychiatrist? … I advise you to leave the studio and go straight to a psychiatric hospital.

You can watch the host’s hysterical attack on Hashem here.
The host then ended the segment, once again apologising to his viewers as a bewildered Hashem seemed lost for words.

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  • CoastalMaineBird

    Which do they use at the “psychiatric hospital” ? Religion? or science?

  • barriejohn
  • Pocomouse

    Al-halim should go to a psychiatric hospital for wearing an electric blue suit.

  • AgentCormac

    And I advise that Abd Al-Halim should go straight to a good tailor. That jacket and tie combo is an absolute disgrace – an insult to human culture, decency and morality.

  • Henri

    The first response of muslims when they are faced with the uncomfortable truth is to shout and wail and bawl and scream and shreik in hysterical frenzy. The threat of violent death at the hands of mob is just under the thin skin of islamic dogma. All muslims will respond and join in with the mob to kill the “heretic” just to save their own skin. “I’d better join in with the lynch mob bloody quick or I will get beaten into a bloody pulp too”.
    And isn’t arabic the most hideously ugly of all the languages. Sounds just like bloodthirsty orc speak.Very apt too … it is a good match to the excremental dogma of islam.

  • phhht

    It’s people who believe in things that do not exist who belong in mental hospitals.

  • Broga

    phhht: Well said. Amazing isn’t? People who are convinced they are in contact with an imaginary god think rational people are mentally ill. The PM holds such beliefs and her God doesn’t seem to be helping her.

  • Laura Roberts

    @CoastalMaineBird: precisely. I only wish Hashem had had a moment to make that same point.

  • Brummie

    What a brave chap to keep his cool amongst a barrage of hurled insults and ignorance.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    Sometimes, I wish there was a nation only for atheists. No religious people allowed. No churches, temples, mosques etc.

  • 1859

    So there are now 867 atheists in Egypt. Islamic fundies – no sense of humour, no tolerance, no debate, just blind hysteria, blood and death. Great way to live a life…great way to run (ruin) a country.

  • Broga

    1859: 867 in their dreams. Let us compare with the way atheists are forced to stay hidden in the land of the free, home of the brave. I have a relative in the USA who is an atheist when he visits the UK and a Christian when he is in the USA. In his small town he would be ostracised and his business would fail if he was a known atheist. His children would be bullied and denied sporting and educational opportunities.
    In the USA there is now a covert association of pastors who are atheists but dare not say so. They support each other in the stress of preaching what they know is nonsense. The former pastor Dan Barker has done great work on this issue.

  • andym

    On topic, I’ve just noticed this is on Radio 4 tonight:
    ‘Observer columnist and writer Nick Cohen thinks mainstream liberal culture and left-wing politicians are failing to help progressive Muslims who want to fight inequalities endorsed by culture and religion in their communities. He calls this the “racism of the anti-racist”.’
    Cohen has been a consistent, harsh critic of the cultural relativist left-Useful Idiots for Islamism- for many years.

  • andym

    Has anyone else listened? Labour wouldn’t even put up a speaker to defend their record on women’s/LGBT issues in minority communities-the implication was they’re terrified of losing the block vote the elders can still deliver.
    Maryam told of the Goldsmith incident which I think was covered here and makes you wonder at the job security of satirists. Goldsmith Islamic Society protested at her making a speech which, of course , was to promote universal human rights. The Women’s and LGBT Societies rallied quickly to support…the Islamic protests.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    These bloody left wing communists, so called liberals are class 1 hypocrites. They always like to suck up to Muslims, look at that ugly Anglela Merkel who, opened the door of Europe for these Muslims to come and enjoy life in Europe by enjoying the host country’s welfare schemes while shoving their desert cult down the throat of their hosts.

  • Amanda Sheard

    I’m concerned for this guy’s safety. How do we find out if he’s still alive and well, or ideally, offer him asylum outside of Egypt? If that’s not possible, is there some way we can get in touch to offer support from afar? I grew up in the so-called Bible Belt,USA, and it was pretty bad, but not THAT level of scary.

  • stefano

    The rest of the world is in 2018 in Egypt they are still in the middle age if an atheist can’t explain what he think and why. This is a demostration of how a Teocratic country works.You can only believe in god and if you don’t believe you must be close in a psychiatric hospital. That’s why we don’t want muslims in Italy. Islam is not ready to be a democracy and we don’t want to fall under another teocracy. So please muslims go back to your countries .

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    @Stefano correct, Muslims have already destroyed the social fabric of Europe. Look at the mass molestation of women done by Muslims on New Years Eve in Cologne. In Britain, Netherlands, Sweden etc. these Muslim immigrants indulge in systematic grooming of Caucasian girls. A majority of EU politicians choose to bury their heads in the sand rather than confronting this grave issue.

  • Tania

    I support Mohammad Hashem, although I am a catholic from the middle east. But, everyone has the right to a free speach. But i am appalled, not by the reporter nor the sheikh ( that’s all they know, brainwashed and all). But by the superficial comments of the so called “educated” western citizens about dress code and hate messages, etc… you are far away from the values of tolerance?
    Love, humility and humanity he tried to explain even as an atheist. Or that Jesus tried to convey … you are as ignorant as the ones who hosted this courageous young man.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    Tolerance is just about being scared to say the right, logical thing. An atheist has a thinking, logical mind why then he/she should stay quiet about the crap religion(s)

  • barriejohn

    Tania is right. Some of the comments being made on the site these days are well out of order. We’re supposed to be rationalists, but at times you wouldn’t know it.

  • Gary conroy

    If the young man who was interviewed reads this, please get in touch.
    This tv rant was a perfect example of how totalitarianism enshrined within a belief system affects the people.
    Do NOT mention reform within Islam. It doesn’t go down well. Islam requires liberal and moderate Muslims to educate their fellow believers.