Burning wood will combat pollution. It's a religious thing

Burning wood will combat pollution. It's a religious thing March 19, 2018

In a Hindu religious ceremony scheduled to last nine days around 350 priests yesterday began burning 50,000 kg (55 tons) of mango wood in special firepits – to combat pollution.
According to this report, the ceremony, known as a “mahayagya”, began at in the Meerut district. It was organized by the members of Shri Ayutchandi Mahayagya Samiti to improve air quality, but the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) has said that the ritual will definitely lead to more pollution.
So, why won’t it intervene to stop this madness?
R K Tyagi, regional officer of the UPPCB said:

There is no policy under which a probe can be issued in this matter – so there is little that we can do. It will also be inappropriate for me to comment on the event.

Other reports indicate that the authorities are afraid of ruffling religious feathers. This was one. It reported that the ritual was “related to a particular religion” and:

Wearing saffron robes, members of the Hindu body, some as young as 16, sat around the fire pits even as they suffered watery and bloodshot eyes from the smoke filling up the venue and billowing out.

How exactly does burning vast quantities of wood, plus a bunch of other stuff including cow shit, reduce pollution?
Girish Bansal, the Vice-President of Shri Ayutchandi Mahayagya Samiti, explained:

Our scriptures dictate that a hawan helps purify the air and if we keep doing this, air pollution will reduce considerably. We are doing our bit towards mankind, flora and fauna and the environment.
We planned this in October last year, and read a report by NASA too on the Internet that says the ozone layer above India is the best and we need to preserve it. This mahayagya will help in that.

Bansal also said that apart from 50,000 kg of mango wood, they will also burn 12,000 kg of sesame, 6,000 kg of rice, 2,500 kg of jaggery, 51 tins of desi ghee and three trolleys full of cow dung cakes.
Om Prakash, a priest, added:

The smoke from the hawan is not harmful because of ingredients used — desi ghee has come from desi cows in Karnal. This is not like the smoke from factories, it’s pure. It’s also because of the chanting.

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  • Gaurav Tyagi

    Nothing surprising, all these Hindu religion morons are very active since 2014 when Modi became the Prime Minister of India. He belongs to the right wing Hindu party.
    I would suggest anyone, who wishes to know more about the current mess in India to please read the following article of mine published by a U.S. based publication;

  • Broga

    Gaurav Tyagi : I read the article. Congratulations on a temperate, informative and easy to read description of “the mess.”

  • Igor

    What an incredibly wasteful, stupid and impotent god (again?) who needs burnt wood to rid the world of pollution.
    PS How much more pathetically poor can human immagination get?

  • Angela_K

    What a waste of energy, literally. I’m not certain of the specifics of this wood but an average is 10MJ/kg, which is quite a waste if not being used for heating or cooking.

  • Brian Jordan

    “Pure smoke”? That’s a euphemism I haven’t heard before. 🙂

  • fred tully

    nut, ignorant, loonies, uneducated, bogus bullshit. How can we complain about there culture, with the climate change deniers like the trump. Perhaps we need to concentrate on we humans raising the Co2 level instead. To stop the rise, just stop breathing. Overpopulation is the problem. We are producing above the Co2 capacity of the earth.

  • barriejohn

    Brian Jordan: Don’t forget the chanting!
    What is it with God and smoke? Does heaven need fumigating or something?
    “And thou shalt burn the whole ram upon the altar: it is a burnt offering unto the LORD: it is a sweet savour, an offering made by fire unto the LORD.” (Exodus 29:18)

  • L.Long

    ALL religions are st00pid, and most are evil, well, I think they are all evil actually! This is a st00pid event, but not as st00pid as believing a river can’t be polluted because it is gawd, throwing all your shit into it, then using it to wash clothes and take baths!!!!

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    @Broga thanks. Please check out this one as well. I am sure not many readers are aware of this absurd directive in India;

  • Robster

    Marlboro Country, without the fags?

  • Vanity Unfair

    What a waste!
    The obvious way to cure air pollution, and especially smoke pollution, is to strike a match.
    Using the principles of homoeopathy, like cures like and the more dilute the dose the more efficacious is the treatment. Just remember to shake the matchbox a few times before striking.
    You might object that this is a totally ridiculous theory of the world but I contend that it is no more ridiculous than the given example and deserves just as much consideration.

  • Gaurav Tyagi

    Not related to this write-up but this article written by me would reveal another unknown aspect of India to the readers;