Sweden pledges to impose a ban on religious schools

Sweden pledges to impose a ban on religious schools March 14, 2018

Outlining its education policy ahead of this year’s General Election, Sweden’s governing Social Democrats yesterday pledged to ban religious schools in an effort to combat segregation.
At a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden’s Minister for Public Administration Ardalan Shekarabi, above, said the Swedish education system needs to be based on the values and principals in the Swedish constitution.
Shekarabi, who grew up with gender-segregated religious in Iran, said he will:

Never accept that the oppression that I and many with me have fled from will find its way into the Swedish education system.

The Social Democrats, which leads a minority government with the Greens, said in a statement that Sweden’s school system should be based on knowledge, learning, equality and democratic values where each pupil:

Is free to form their own ideas and future.

Minister for Upper Secondary School and Adult Education and Training Anna Ekström, above, said at the press conference:

In our schools, teachers and principals should make the decisions, not priests or imams.

While Sweden has a long tradition of private schools complementing the public education system, the number of such institutions increased significally after the country, in the early 1990s, required municipalities to provide them with funding.

While most of these schools have a general focus, some are based on a special pedagogy or language while others focus on a religion such as Christianity or Islam. According to the Social Democrats, that has led to greater segregation in the country.

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  • igor

    Yet again we are delighted to say it – and will never tire of saying it – WELL DONE SWEDEN!

  • RussellW

    What marvellous news. Unfortunately pigs will fly before such an enlightened policy is adopted in my homeland.
    It’s not April 1 is it?

  • Broga

    Not likely to happen here with a religious PM and a population that assumes they are Christian without examining and thinking about what they are assumed to believe. Meanwhile, in a ridiculous gesture that now leaves her twisting in the wind Mrs May threatens Putin and gives him an ultimatum.
    In turn Putin must be delighted to be threatened by a weak and confused PM who can do nothing without the support of a Europe which she has rejected at the behest of the Little Englanders in her government. Her remaining option: pray to a non existent God she insists is real.

  • RussellW

    Yes, many people are probably apathetic, while the religiots are loud, always offended and well organised. They use the myth of religious freedom to attack the secular state.
    I’m old enough to remember the 1950s and 60s when Russian spies made complete fools of the British security agencies—- déjà vu. I can understand how angry and frustrated people in the UK must be.
    God is notoriously unreliable, however for the time being, he,she or it appears to be on Putin’s side.

  • 1859

    If this happens ( but first pigs will probably learn to fly jumbo jets) it will be an amazing breakthrough for secular thinking into the political mainstream in Scandinavia. What with a circumcision ban pending in Iceland and now this – why is it these countries can and do act with firm, decent, democratic common sense, whereas countries like France and the UK wallow for decades in trying to find a fudgey consensus and compromise which, in the end, simply allow those with extreme attitudes and practices to keep on with their narrowmindedness? Well done Sweden – Just Do It!

  • Asif Hameed

    That’s great decision, education should not be based on religion’s stupid ideology, children should learn the facts of this beautiful world and they should be free from religion ,

  • Robster

    Could this be a start of a governmental realisation that religious schools are little more than industrial scale indoctrination centres? While some religious schools offer a quality education, their primary focus does seem to be whipping up lots of little (insert religious version here) in the interest of maintaining the belief system(s) in the face of plummeting numbers and increasing disinterest.