Anglican priest used Internet to share his paedophile fantasies

Anglican priest used Internet to share his paedophile fantasies April 20, 2018

Melbourne priest Philip Murphy, 54, above, found himself in the dock of an Australian court after he said in online chats that he fantasised about raping infant boys.

According to this report, Judge Phillip Coish, presiding at Murphy’s child pornography trial this week, described the priest’s discussions as “grossly offensive and deeply disturbing” but said they related to sexual fantasies and not actual events.
So instead of jailing Murphy, who used the name “Pervert” in his Skype discussions, he handed him a 12 months’ suspended prison sentence, on the condition he is of good behaviour, is supervised by sex offender management for 12 months, and completes a sex offender programme.
The judge said:

I accept there was no actual sexual activity with children, nor were any photos or videos of children involved.

He rated Murphy’s prospects of rehabilitation as good and accepted he was genuinely remorseful.

In a statement, the Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne, Philip Freier, above, said Murphy had been suspended from all church duties until the matter was dealt with by the church’s professional standards board.

I am profoundly saddened to hear of the Rev’d Philip Murphy’s conviction for child pornography offences. By his actions, Mr Murphy has betrayed children and the trust invested in him to work as a priest of the church.

Murphy, who worked in Sunshine in Melbourne’s west, told police he used his position as a priest to gain the trust of the men he was chatting to online, sending them photos of his clerical collar.
Under the name “Pervert”, he used the gay dating app Grindr to find other men who wanted to chat about sexually abusing children.
During one of the chats, a man discussed wanting to sexually abuse his own one-year-old nephew:

bi_1077: sis has a new baby boy should try and sit lol

[sends picture file]

Murphy: F*** mate. Sit the boy. You could visit me then if it was mid week and we could play

How old is he

bi_1077: 1

Murphy: Perfect…

In another of the online discussions, another man boasts about sexually abusing his sons.
Murphy responded:

id love to have slept with them when they were v yng.

He once told one man he was in a “very pedo mood”, and told another he couldn’t play “host” as he lived in a “church house”, but that he could rent a motel room.
Murphy was arrested at Melbourne Airport on his return from a trip to Hong Kong in February 2017.

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  • Gaurav Tyagi

    This bloody pervert priest should have a red hot iron rod inserted up his ass, sick psycho dreaming about corrupting young babies.

  • L.Long

    As disgusting as this is where is “thought crime” a real thing (other than in the buyBull)? I prefer people to be up front and as public as possible with their thoughts and images, that way I know who to be aware of! If this preacher kept all his urges locked up inside his head, would anyone know to be aware??

  • Jobrag

    This is rather worrying, since when has expressing a desire to perform an illegal act equate with actually performing the act? The man who should have been prosecuted is the one who boasted of abusing his sons. A final thought, if the man had not been a priest would this have mad the news?

  • 1859

    I guess the danger is that one day he might put his fantasies into action. I think the judge made the right decision.

  • Robster

    Is there a punishment fitting of this bloke’s disgusting behaviour?

  • L.Long

    disagree 1859, as psycho-studies have shown that the ones that ‘LOOK at dirty books, or pictures or take about it’, generally don’t do anything. Is the ones that bottle it up or pray to gawd that do the acts as the internal pressures build up to the breaking point.