Ejaculating onto a Koran is wrong on so many levels

Ejaculating onto a Koran is wrong on so many levels May 27, 2018

Indian Islamic scholar Dr Zakir Naik, above, says masturbation is harmful. He warns that, among other things, its leads to back pain, weakness of memory and eyesight and premature aging. Oh, and it causes legs to shiver.
When Naik issued his warning in last December, it would not have occurred to him that someone might actually masturbate over a Koran. If the thought had crossed his mind he would, no doubt, have shivered all over, and added blasphemy to his list of sins associated with the practice.

So, who would do such a thing? A military cadet in Quebec, that’s who.
CBC News reports that the Canadian military plans to dismiss three cadets from its premier officer training academy – the Royal Military College Saint-Jean  – after a video was shot of a student at the school jackin’ the beanstalk over a copy of the Koran.
Five other cadets have been disciplined.
The video was recorded over the Easter long weekend, defence officials revealed.

Lt-Gen. Charles Lamarre, Chief of Military personnel, above, told CBC News:

We’re absolutely appalled it took place. What they did and what they were involved with has absolutely no place in the Canadian Armed Forces.

An internal investigation has been hampered because the video in question was apparently deleted after it came to the attention of the school’s administration.
Lamarre said the circumstances of who deleted the video – and when – are unclear.

It was destroyed. It was deleted.

As far as military investigators can determine, it was not uploaded or posted anywhere on social media.
One of the cadets performed the sexual act over the Koran while another filmed the scene on March 31, off campus at a chalet in the province’s Montérégie region. The cadets apparently brought the Koran with them to the chalet.
Lamarre said the school’s administration moved quickly, launching an investigation as soon as the existence of the video was brought to their attention by students who had seen it.
The desecration drew a sharp response from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who said:

This is a deplorable situation. We are taking this very seriously. It does not represent our Forces, our beautiful diversity and our Canadian values. We will follow up quite aggressively on this.

Of the three expelled for unsatisfactory conduct, two are appealing the decision. It will take until mid-June to decide their fate. One of the cadets will not appeal.
Five others have been given warnings and black marks on their records. They were granted leniency based upon their degree of involvement and contrition, said an official who was only authorised to provide procedural information and not comment.
Lamarre said his office is looking into the matter and that the desecration of any religious symbol by a member of the Canadian Forces will not be tolerated.

Due process will be applied, and those found to be responsible for this vile act, will be held accountable for their actions. We are a diverse and inclusive force. We reflect the Canadian mosaic; diversity is our strength. We demand the best of those who serve, as Canadians rightly demand the best of us.

The military consulted Hassan Guillet, above, spokesperson for the Quebec Council of Imams, on how to handle the crisis. He said the incident was unacceptable, but it was  better that it came to light before they had graduated and become:

Senior officers with a racist attitude  … lacking respect, lacking sensitivity to the faith of their colleagues. It’s serious.

The imam said the Armed Forces are sending the right message with the punishment issued to those involved.
Naik, by the way, was banned from entering the UK in 2010.

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  • Jobrag


  • Graham Martin-Royle

    You should never wank over any books, religious or not. The paper doesn’t soak up the cum properly.

  • John the Drunkard

    Contempt for the Koran, or intemperate, frat-boy, gestures are NO indication of racism. The Relijun of Peas, and Arab nationalism/racism are supposed to be mutually exclusive, instead of interchangeable.
    And now we know where the Devo fan-club has gone.

  • barriejohn

    I’m so pleased to observe that Mr Guillet has found a use for those unwanted 60s lamp shades.
    Hassan Guillet (Council of Imams) = Shameful, ignominious catcalls,
    or, Infamous, comical, lush genitals.
    (There are more as well!)

  • L.Long

    Love religious dimwits who continually prove I’m right…religion makes you st00pid!! And respect for any religion is almost as bad. frat boy stunt -sure; bigotry maybe but so what?? Since when is isLame so good and innocent!!!

  • Barry

    That Hassan Guillet is a theiving son of a bitch. He’s wearing my great granny’s hat.

  • AgentCormac

    Guillet’s hat is mad – it looks like someone’s halfway through throwing a pot on his head!
    And as for wanking over the Koran, personally, I could think of a lot better material to get off on.

  • tonye


  • andym
  • tonye

    @John the Drunkard,
    I’m surprised anyone can remember Devo!

  • 1859

    I can just make out a few blades of grass and a flower growing from the rim….or is it a food mixer?
    As for wanking over holy books, I bet this was/is a favourite pastime of bible bashers – especially the Song of Solomon with its pomegranate breasts – a real turn on that.

  • Laura Roberts

    Talk about your dishonourable discharge…

  • Brendan

    Indian Islamic scholar Dr Zakir Naik, above, says masturbation is harmful. He warns that, among other things, its leads to back pain, weakness of memory and eyesight and premature aging. Oh, and it causes legs to shiver.
    He should know … seems that his eysight is weak judging by his spex. And I heard that masturbation inhibits beard growth rendering a potential lush heavy beard of an onanist into a wispy malnourished fuzz that a teenager would be embarassed with..

  • gedediah

    @Laura Roberts. I should have seen that coming!